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IWFL Accepting Team Applications



The IWFL is currently accepting new team applications.
“Since the league began back in 2000 we have always taken great care in awarding memberships only to those teams that meet the highest level of ethical standards both on and off the field,” stated IWFL Chief Operating Officer Kezia Disney, “That quality can be found in all markets regardless of size. We welcome new applications from positive organizations."
The IWFL Multi Tier System gives every women’s football team business the opportunity to be their best. The league currently offers two levels of business membership, Affiliate and Major team membership.

Affiliate Team membership is designed to provide newly established, as well as small or isolated teams an opportunity to play the game based on their available resources. Teams have the flexibility to play any style (minimum 6 man to maximum 12 man*) football during the regular season and may play as few or as many games as their resources allow. Each year the two most successful Affiliate teams are invited to participate in Affiliate Bowl Game based on their record and overall performance throughout the season.
Affiliate membership is $950 annually. This fee is set for affiliates the year they join and as long as they are Affiliate members will not increase. Affiliate membership includes a limited services package and right to use the IWFL name and logo in promotions.

Major Team membership is for well established teams that are looking to grow their business and compete for the IWFL World Championship. IWFL Major Team members must either have completed one successful season playing 11 man football as an IWFL Affiliate or be able to show resources adequate to operate as a Major level team.
IWFL Major membership is elite competition level and requires professional business operations. Applicants must provide a current business plan and business formation documents. Major teams should be prepared to travel up to 12 hours (ground) on a regular basis or be able to transport the team by air. Teams that depend entirely on volunteer staff and fundraising rather than owner investment, corporate sponsors and/or established training programs for capitalization, should explore affiliate level or non IWFL membership first.
Major Team membership is currently $1900 annually and includes an increased level of services beyond affiliate membership. Contact the league office for details.

To begin the initial review and learn more about team membership requirements, league philosophy, vision and purpose, please fill out the IWFL general application form (Link at bottom of page).




For more info please fill out our online General Application.