4 Tips on AMP Research Power Step Problems & Get The Proper Solution – 2023 Guide

Curious to know the common Amp research power step problems, this in-depth guide will educate you on its solution as well.

Amp Research is the manufacturer of power steps. And these power steps come with valuable features that are unavailable in traditional running board models.

Amp research power step problems can happen at any time. Therefore, it is better to know the measures to take to solve the issue.

These Power steps are electric-powered and automatic running boards. Meanwhile, they instantly extend when you open the door and retract when someone is out of sight.

From there, the door closes for aerodynamics, appearance, and improved ground clearance.

Most importantly, these power steps feature an all-weather performance, sleek design, and legendary reliability.

All those features set the industry standard. Thanks to its precision stainless steel pivot pins and die-cast aluminum alloy components to ensure maximum stability.

Now, let’s find out the possible problems you may encounter when using this unit.


How much does it cost to buy the amp research power step?

Entering your truck shouldn’t be a problem after all. Thus, the amp research power step is here to make you get into your vehicle at ease.

With its unique features, you won’t even bother about the price. For those who want to know, do not panic. These power steps do not cost a fortune. Fees range from $1,175 to $1799.

Amp research power step buying tips

One of the problems with traditional running boards is that it doesn’t consider ground clearance. If you mount the board exceptionally high, it may not be helpful.

And if you install it low, there’s a risk of scraping things that the vehicle can bypass easily.

With amp research power steps, there won’t be an issue. That is because they only deploy when the vehicle’s door is open.

Below are the things amp research buying tips:

1. Automatic power deploy

Know that the running boards will extend down and out when you open the door.

2. Automatic stop

If anything obstructs the running board during operation, it will stop automatically. To reset, get rid of any hindrance, pen and close the door to continue the process.

3. Automatic power stow

When you close the doors, the running boards will go back to the stowed position.

4. Set in the deployed (OUT) position manually to enable access to the roof

Set in the running boards manually in the deployed position by holding the step down firmly. But, use your foot while closing the door at the same time.

The Common Problems of AMP Research Power Steps: AMP Research Power Step Troubleshooting

AMP Research PowerStep Step Bars

  • Steps make noise during operation
  • Intermittent operation
  • Steps deploy when doors close
  • The random function of the steps
  • Steps shake during operation
  • Steps go up halfway and stop

Necessary tools to use and solve some Amp research power step problems

Below are some of the tools needed to use and solve some power step problems:

  • Measuring tape
  • 13mm socket
  • Safety goggles
  • Ratchet wrench and extension
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wire crimpers
  • Silicone caulking
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • 4mm hex key
  • 8mm socket
  • Wirecutter
  • 3/16″ hex key

How to solve some Amp research power step problems?

Amp research power step problems

  • Steps making noise during operation

If your steps make noise during operation, it could result from the accumulation of salt, mud, and dirt. Some adverse conditions can trap them in the running board mechanism.

Thus, the unit might start making unwanted noise. If that happens, set the running boards manually to the deployed position.

After that, flush the front and back hinge arms using a high-pressure car wash.

Do not spray the motors directly. When you finish washing, use silicone lubricant and disseminate to the hinge pivot points.

Avoid applying silicone, protectants, or wax to the stepping surface of the running board.

Some other ways to stop the noise are:

a) Tighten each wedge bolt

b) Loosen the lower mount bolts and bring out the step extrusion from the lower mount.

c) Re-install the step extrusion to the lower support and tighten it.

  • Intermittent operation

Sometimes the connector between the controller and wire harness can make intermittent contact.

However, that happens if the terminals are not in the proper position with the white rubber connector.

To correct it, check each wire by drawing it. From there, you will know whether it pulls out of the rear of the white rubber connector.

If you observe that the wire pulls out freely, maybe it did not make secure contact.

Fix the wire properly by re-inserting it into the white rubber connector. Ensure that the metal terminal prongs enter the rubber ideally and prevent it from shooting out.

  • Steps deploy when doors close

Steps can sometimes deploy due to shutting the doors or hood. And that usually happens in vehicles equipped with a security system that uses a shock sensor.

So, to correct the problem, you have to lower the sensitivity of the shock sensor.

  • Random operation of the steps

Random operation of the AMP steps

At times, this issue occurs as a result of faulty or reverse polarity-connected diodes. And sometimes, the connections might not be secure.

To solve the problem, check the vehicle’s electrical system to ensure that it is not connected to the wrong wire.

Sometimes, insecure battery connections can cause the system to malfunction. If that happens, you will hear a clicking sound that comes from the controller.

So, ensure that you have a strong battery connection for the steps to function correctly.

  • Steps shake during operation

If the steps shake during operation, it could happen as a result of bad ground. In that case, there’s no cause for alarm. Also, check your connections to ensure they’re secure.

  • Steps go up halfway and stop

However, the body of some vehicles is sometimes not straight. Thus, it can make the steps bind.

All you need is to open the door and insert the steps downwards. You’ll see two 3/16″ socket head bolts underneath the stage, which help hold the linkage’s degree.

Unscrew the bolts and remove the step from the link by clicking the bottom of the step. But you need to use a soft face mallet as if you wanted to remove it.

Endeavor to disengage the step from the linkage. If not, the connections won’t align properly.

Just remove the socket head bolts from the front or backlink. From there, insert the step upwards and re-install it on the linkage. And re-install the 3/16″ socket bolts and tighten.

Finally, it will help the connections align and eradicate the binding, which causes the step to pause halfway.

Pros and Cons of amp research power step

Pros of amp research power steps

Besides adding style to vehicles, power steps are essential, especially if you have elderly passengers or small children.

They act as steps to aid shakier or shorter passengers enter the car at ease. Without them, it might be challenging to get into trucks or SUVs.

Another pro of power steps is that they protect vehicles from debris on the road. While driving, the car’s wheels trap different kinds of waste, including rocks, nails, and dirt.

However, these things can destroy the car’s side panel, windows, or doors when in contact. Power steps help obstruct debris and protect the vehicle from damage.

Also, Amp research Power steps help keep the interior part of vehicles clean. And they somehow act as doormats and enable passengers to wipe their feet well from dirt before entering the car.

Cons of amp research power steps

With power steps, one can find it hard to crawl under a vehicle if you want to check something. Also, for a DIYer, changing your oil or performing other vehicle maintenance might be challenging.

Another disadvantage is that power steps have low weight limits. But it depends on the material you’re using. And this applies to molded plastics since they lack any baseboard underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power steps provide a sort of elevation to you and your passengers while also improving its outer style. As with other automobile units, some questions might arise.

Below are a collection of possible questions and answers to help you make a decision.

What are Amp Research power steps?

Amp research power steps are among the most convenient running boards available in the market.

Plus, they have helpful features that one may not find on traditional running boards. They drop down automatically when the vehicle’s door opens, providing a tremendous drop.

Besides, immediately you step up or down and shut the door, it retracts below your car. Therefore, it will prevent it from interfering with your truck’s ground clearance.

These amp steps provide a 7-inch wide step area. Also, it has a vast 600lb weight rating. Thus, it can hold more weight like some running boards and nerf bars.

These amp steps can easily fold up under the vehicle if you’re not using them. As such, the steps will not affect your vehicle clearance.

Further, these amp steps come with a pair of LED lights that you can use in dark places.

How far can Amp power steps drop?

AMP Research PowerSteps.... 4 Years Later review

Amp power steps provide a significantly lower drop than traditional running board types. While some steps drop about 2-3 inches below the pinch weld when deployed, power steps can drop almost 6-7 inches.

What are the types of amp research power steps?

Based in California, Amp research is well-known for making power steps. You will find the product in the following configurations:

Power step:

Amp research original power steps drop down 6-7 inches of the truck’s pinch weld. And when deployed, they can hold up to 600 pounds.

Most importantly, it comes with an integrated LED light, making it easy to use in the dark. Also available with an optional plug-and-play kit or a standard wiring kit to reduce installation time.

Power step XL:

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to enter or exit a truck equipped with a lift kit. Thus, the Power step XL builds on the usual power step board.

And it offers three extra inches of drop for people who need the lowest drop distance possible.

Power step Xtreme:

These power steps are ideal for vehicles that experience harsh conditions, including mud and snow.

Therefore, the power step Xtreme was made to combat these elements. Also, it comes with additional traction textured material and is loaded with dual motors.

With these features, it can go through mud and snow, giving you the comfort you desire.

Will my amp research power steps scrape the ground while driving?

Amp research power steps clearance will likely depend on your car’s ground clearance.

However, if your vehicle dimension is low, you may face some problems with your power steps scraping the ground.

In some cases, it might go over a speed bump. To avert the situation, endeavor to take precise measurements of your car’s alterations and dimensions.

Thus, you may avoid some unforeseen circumstances.

Is it hard to install Amp power steps?

AMP Research POWERSTEP Unbox, Install, and Review

Installing Amp research power steps is pretty simple. Sometimes, you may like to call on someone to assist you.

That is because extra hands can be beneficial, especially if your power steps are heavy.

Meanwhile, installation instructions come with these power steps. Most vehicles have factory-drilled mounting points for mounting power steps.

So, the only thing is to fix them at the right place and fasten them down together with the hardware.

Further, if your vehicle lacks pre-drilled holes, you might have to drill them on your own.

But it is better to get a professional if the holes were not pre-drilled. And it might help you not to compromise your vehicle’s frame.

Follow the instructions that come with your power steps dutifully for installation details. Besides, you can check online for YouTube videos and learn how to install your power steps properly.

Are Amp power steps universal?

Amp power steps are universal. You need a few brackets to mount them. Also, it is possible to cut it to a length that is easy enough. And the frames can slide into any position.


Amp research power step problems could occur due to some factors. But when you know the suspect, it is easy to address the issue.

Amp research power steps play the role of ladders. Thus, it is crucial to keep them clean and dry to avoid slipping, leading to severe accidents.

Wearing and tearing might occur on the gripping surface, so keep an eye on it. When the power step is in operation, keep your hands away.