Top 10 Best AFM Disabler 2023 – A Complete Guide To Buy Active Fuel Management Disabler

When you get yourself the best AFM disabler, it saves you time, money, and improves the performance of your engine.

The major differences between just any brand of AFM disabler and the best brands are linked to quality and performance.

If the engine of your truck comes with AFM, such an engine makes use of excess oil due to the type of oil pump they use.

This oil pump is known as a “high-volume oil pump design.”

In summary, active fuel management (AFM) disabler disables the active fuel management system of your vehicle thereby eradicating the need for additional oil.

In addition to this, this device also improves the exhaust sound of your vehicle.

A top AFM disabler allows your vehicle to operate in full mode every time you drive by ensuring that there is no drop in cylinders.

This means your vehicle’s computer is prevented from making a switch over to the 4 cylinder model.

The installation of this device is very easy. All you need to do is connect it to the OBD-II port. This can be found under the dashboard.

When you purchase one of the best AFM disablers that are available on the market, asides from ensuring there is an uninterrupted and sufficient supply of power at every point in time, it also lowers the rate at which those expensive components of the AFM wear off.


Best AFM Disabler Comparison Table of 2023 (Updated)

What Is The Best AFM Disabler on The Market For Your Vehicle?

Some of the top and trusted AFM disabler brands you will find on the market today are Range Technology, DiabloSport, Superchips, DiabloSport, FOXWELL, Jet Performance, and Innovative Performance Chips.

According to our research, Range Technology FBA_RA003 is the best AFM disabler on the market.

If you need a second option, then also we will suggest going on another version of Range Technology Start/Stop Blue disabler.

AFM Disabler From Range Technology – One of The Best Products on The Market

Range Technology managed to produce an AFM disabler that meets all expectations.

This device leaves absolutely no trace behind, as it doesn’t reprogram the factory ECU.

It is a paramount aspect to pay attention to when buying AFM disablers, to avoid vehicle damage in the long run.

The product disables the 4-cylinder mode on all GM AFM vehicles.

It takes just a couple of minutes to install – all you have to do is plug it into the diagnostic port.

It will do all the job on itself. After installation, you’ll get full power for your vehicle, with a visibly increased throttle response.

The power will be evenly distributed across the engine’s power band, helping you in exceptional situations such as towing or driving in snowy or muddy landscapes.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not reprogram the factory ECU
  • Encourages a consistent power delivery
  • Suitable for high-load scenarios
  • Plug-in installation with no tools required


  • Improves oil consumption and gas mileage
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Leads to a smoother idle
  • Removes shudder


  • It may cause parasitic battery drainage on some vehicles
  • It has blinking lights that can be distracting on the dash

Why Range Technology FBA_RA003 is The Best AFM Disabler?

We found three basic reasons to pick as top AFM disabler. The reason behind choosing this disabler as the winner are reasonable budget, optimum performance, and longer lifetime.

Range Technology has captured the AFM disabler market totally due to the higher-performing device, on the other hand, you will not get any other disabler at the same price.

Let’s compare with Superchip, the price is almost double of Range Technology.

How Much Cost To Buy A AFM Disabler?

On average the price of an optimum AFM disabler is around $150-$250 varies from brand by brand.

The price will vary if you go on higher quality material brands or having many features on the device.

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10 Best AFM Disabler Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

01. Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device – Overall Best AFM Disable for Quality & Budget



This is one of the top brands of AFM disabler you will find on the market today. When installed in your truck or vehicle, it ensures your vehicle remains in V8 mode.

Also, if you drive a GM active fuel management vehicle, once you have this product installed, it automatically brings the 4 cylinder mode to a halt.

The installation process is fast and easy, and you do not need any essential tools to complete the installation process.

All you have to do is to connect it to the diagnostic port. This product doesn’t tamper with the factory Engine Control Unit, so there won’t be any reason for reprogramming.

In terms of power, this product guarantees every car owner that has it installed in their vehicle sufficient power at all times (100%), and it as well ensures the throttle response of your vehicle is enhanced.

In summary, power is delivered at a consistent rate all through the whole power band of your vehicle.

If you engage in the movement or carriage of heavy loads, towing, driving at a high speed, or driving in unpleasant weather conditions, this is a great product to look out for. This amazing product ensures your truck moves and operates better.

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Also, your fuel consumption level improves, and the improvement it brings to your vehicle is remarkable.

Although it is a bit expensive, the performance and quality of this product ensure you get full value on your investment.

Highlighted Features

  • Deactivates 4 cylinders mode on every GM AFM vehicles
  • Ensures your vehicle stays in V8 mode
  • Doesn’t tamper with factory engine control unit
  • 100% power is guaranteed
  • The color is blue


  • Easy to install
  • Uninterrupted power delivery
  • Enhances the response of throttle to command
  • Your fuel consumption improves


  • A bit expensive

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02. DiabloSport S1000 Sprint Car Fuel Management Module 2005- Great active fuel management disabler for GM and Chevy


This is another great design of AFM disabler you can have installed in your vehicle.

Without any hesitation, once you install this product in your vehicle, power is enhanced and sufficiently made available. In the end, this allows your vehicle to run smoothly.

Also, there are no worries about the effect of the installation on your battery.

You can decide to leave it plugged in, as it doesn’t drain or run down your battery. Once you turn off the ignition, this product also turns off automatically.

Let’s talk briefly on how it works. There is a red light on this product, and whenever your vehicle comes on this red light flashes. Once it is connected, the red light becomes stable.

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This product ensures your engine stays in V8 mode uninterruptedly, enhances the way the throttle responds to command, and it also ensures there is an improvement in your fuel consumption rate.

In summary, your vehicle responds better and faster than ever before.

This product is a bit expensive, but the benefits attached to it are impressive. In terms of installation, the process involved is easy.

If you are an individual who wants quality and you are ready to pay for it, this is the perfect choice of product for you.

Highlighted Features 

  • Enhanced power
  • The vehicle is sufficiently powered
  • Uninterrupted V8 mode
  • Quality product


  • Improves the throttle response
  • Improves fuel consumption rate
  • Ease of installation
  • Doesn’t drain the battery of your vehicle


  • Expensive

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03. Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner


This product is one of the highly recommended AFM disabler brands among truck owners. Those that have it installed already agree that the results are amazing.

Your truck becomes stable, throttle response becomes incredible, and the whole vehicle operations run smoothly.

This product comes with a screen, a design that is unique when compared to a lot of other products or brands on the market.

Installation is not difficult. All you need to do is to ensure you follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Before you make use of this product for the first time, there is a need to update it.

All you need is to get it connected to the ignition and follow the instructions just as it is being displayed on the screen. This product is not difficult to use.

This product brings about a very fast solution to the calibration of key components of your truck to ensure they are in perfect condition.

Also, it provides a very easy way of achieving speedometer recalibration.

Although a lot of buyers complain that the price is expensive, if you want more power and you are ready to pay for quality and top performance, you can try it out.  

The fuel consumption rate of your vehicle is enhanced, the transmission timing is improved, and you are assured of achieving an increase in gas mileage especially if you drive a truck with bigger tires.

Highlighted Features 

  • Comes with a screen
  • Improved throttle response
  • Brings about stability
  • Your vehicle runs smoothly
  • Comes with an installation and update guide


  • Perfect for trucks with bigger tires
  • Enhances transmission timing
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Improved MPG


  • The product is costly

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04. DiabloSport 8245 inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer


The design of this product is similar to the third product on this list in terms of appearance and build.

This product also comes with a screen. Let’s quickly talk about the exciting features that this product offers.

Before you have it installed in your truck, there is a need for an update. The process of carrying out an update is easy.

To start with, visit the designated website and have the ignition program downloaded on your computer.

Once the program has been downloaded, you can then follow it up by connecting this product to your computer.

Once this product is connected, follow the directions and the updates will be carried out automatically. It is simple and easy to use the product.

When installed, this product provides your vehicle with incredible performance. Ensure updates are carried out when due. Diablo ensures necessary updates are released regularly.

This product improves your fuel consumption rate, and it as well increases your MPG.

Also, the drivability of your vehicle improves, throttle response is enhanced, and you will also experience an improvement in power. Enjoy the maximum fun this product offers while driving.

This product is one of the most expensive AFM disablers on the market. Well, if you can afford it, you will surely enjoy it and get awesome value on your investment.

If you drive a Hybrid or E-Assist vehicle, this product is not for you.

Highlighted Features 

  • Availability of screen
  • Numerous updates
  • Installation guide


  • Throttle response is improved
  • Fuel consumption is improved
  • Enhances the MPG
  • Power is improved


  • Very expensive product
  • If you drive Hybrid or E-Assist vehicle, this product is not for you

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05. Superchips 2845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner


This is the second Superchips product to appear on this list. This indicates that this brand is doing something right.

Making use of this tuner is not difficult. All you have to do is follow the instructions as directed.

Once all the necessary updates have been concluded successfully, all you need to do is connect it to your truck.

To carry out the necessary updates, simply connect this product to your computer to download them.

Once the download is complete, you can now connect it to your truck.

Once connected to your truck, the installation is done in a few minutes. At the end of the installation, you can simply take your truck on a ride.

This product guarantees improved acceleration and performance, uninterrupted shifting, efficient fuel consumption, and improved throttle response. In summary, your driving experience is enhanced.

This product comes with various settings and modes you can try out. The ease of use is impressive, and it ensures that your truck performs optimally without ant issues.

In summary, this product is a bit expensive. The encouragement is that this product ensures you can achieve everything you want when it comes to the improvement of your truck.

Also, make sure you check for compatibility before making a purchase. If you fail to do this, you may have to pay some extra bucks before you can have the programmer updated for your vehicle use.  

Highlighted Features 

  • Great quality product
  • Amazing design
  • Ensures you gain more on MPG
  • Easy to install and use
  • Amazing tech support


  • Uninterrupted shifting
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Improved throttle response
  • Your driving experience is enhanced


  • Very expensive
  • Not compatible for all trucks

06. Range Technology Start/Stop Disable Device Blue- Easy way to disable your truck’s AFM


This is another impressive product from Range Technology. If you drive a 2023 Chevy Traverse and need to disable the automatic start and stop feature, this is a product you can consider.

This product is reliable in terms of performance and does exactly what is been expected to do.

The installation is not difficult, all you have to do is connect it to your truck. Once connected, it is ready for use.

This product doesn’t drain your battery, so you can leave it connected for as long as you want without any negative implications on battery life.

This product is one of the fairly-priced products you will find on the market, and it ensures sufficient power is achieved at all times.

Your fuel consumption rate improves, the throttle response is enhanced, and the overall performance of your vehicle is guaranteed.

We advise that you check if this product is compatible with your truck before you proceed to purchase to avoid making a reckless investment.

Highlighted Features 

  • Amazing quality
  • Improved performance
  • Sufficient distribution of power
  • The color is blue


  • Doesn’t drain the battery
  • Easy to install
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Enhances throttle response


  • Not compatible with all trucks

07. FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner- A device that is more than a code analyzer


This product is an advanced code reader. It is different from the typical code readers you can find around.

The packaging is amazing, and it comes with a well written and thorough manual. Well, without much dependent on the manual, you can easily make use of this product.

If you are looking for a perfect device to analyze any fault with your truck’s engine, this provides you with the support you need.

For example, if your truck displays the “check engine light,” this device can simply diagnose what the problem is.

This device is very easy to use, and it is beautifully designed to easily interface with your vehicle to ensure it successfully identifies any issues. You do not need to connect it to a computer, phone, or Bluetooth before you can make use of it.

To use this product, all you need is to connect it to your vehicle, click and hold firmly on the “read code button,” and the code and the descriptions will be displayed.

To make sure any identified fault is addressed or cleared, the process involved is also easy. All you need to do is a simple click on a button.

When you have this device in your car, you won’t have any reason to drive around in your truck leaving an unknown problem with the engine unattended to. Also, there is no battery required.

For every data generated, you can easily access it whenever you need it. This device doesn’t have any serious downside.

Well, it is important to note that if you fail to address the cause of any identified problem that makes the check engine light to come on, sooner or later, the light will show up on the dashboard again.

So, it is important to address any identified issues as soon as possible. The price is okay considering the functionality of this device.

Highlighted Features 

  • Advanced code reader
  • Comes with a well-written manual
  • Provides needed support
  • Amazing interface
  • Stores data



  • The Check engine light reappears if identified issues are not corrected

08. Jet 15008 Performance Programmer


This amazing device redefines the power of your vehicle. If you drive GM vehicle models between 2007 and 2011, this is an awesome device you can trust when it comes to enhancing the performance of your vehicle.

One major gift this product offers is that it allows you to personally customize your vehicle to meet your driving needs and style.

You can easily adjust the revolution per minute (RPM) and the top speed of your vehicle without any stress.

Fuel consumption rate is enhanced, amazingly tune the transmission shift points of your vehicle, improves the throttle response of your vehicle, and ensures the overall performance of your vehicle gets better.

In summary, if you are looking for a product or device that supports fuel savings, that can improve the horsepower of your vehicle and can enhance the overall operation of the engine to ensure it functions smoother, this is the right pick for you.

This product is pocket-friendly, and you must make sure you check for compatibility before you make a purchase.

This is a product that you will love. For more exciting result, you may have to replace your air filter if it’s bad, you will need to modify your airbox, and you may need to get free-flowing mufflers.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful device
  • Ideal for GM vehicles models between 2007 to 2011
  • Supports the customization of your vehicle
  • Easy to use


  • Supports throttle response improvement
  • Improved the overall performance of your vehicle
  • Supports fuel efficiency
  • Ensures the engine is in good condition
  • Pocket friendly


  • For effective performance, there may be a need for extra investment

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09. Superchips 2060 Dashpaq for GM Gas Vehicle


This product remains one of the most expensive and reliable products you will find on the market.

If you are looking for a device that supports efficient tuning of your vehicle to enhance various aspects of driving such as towing, everyday driving, fuel efficiency, and overall performance of the engine, this is a perfect product for you.

The design is amazing, and it ensures the optimization and improvement of the user’s experience. The installation is not difficult, and it will fit well in any compatible vehicle.

If you drive a GM truck, this product is highly recommended. If you wish to tune the transmission of your truck to achieve different and firmer shift points, this product does that without any struggles.

In summary, this product makes sure that the performance of your vehicle is enhanced, and it doesn’t fail to deliver on expectations.

Although it is expensive, you won’t regret investing in it. Make sure you check for compatibility before making a purchase.

For instance, if you use a 4.3 model of Chevy Silverado, this product is not for you.

Highlighted Features 

  • Reliable product
  • Supports efficient tuning of your vehicle
  • Ensures overall performance of the engine
  • Amazing interface
  • Great design


  • Supports fuel efficiency
  • Ensures great acceleration
  • Installation is easy


  • Not compatible for all vehicles
  • Very expensive

10. Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer


This is the most affordable AFM disabler on our list. This product is specially designed and selected for truck owners who want a top product at an affordable price.

This device is built using advanced technology. If you own a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and wish to improve the fuel economy of your truck, the throttle response, the horsepower, the torque, and the overall engine performance, this is the right product for you.

The installation is easy and fast. In about fifteen minutes, you can complete the installation process without a previous replacement experience.

The kit has an installation guide. This installation guide has all the information and directions you need.

In summary, this product is designed to compete with other top AFM disabler brands in the market at an affordable rate without impacting the quality. This product is durable and it is made of top quality material.

According to various users of this product, it takes a while before a change in MPG becomes noticeable.

So, it is advised you pay attention to how you drive to detect any changes. For many drivers, this may be a difficult thing to do.

Highlighted Features

  • Top-quality material
  • Advanced technology
  • Compatible with Chevrolet Silverado 1500


  • Ease of installation
  • Very affordable
  • Improves throttle response
  • Improved MPG


  • Takes a long time before changes become noticeable

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Buying Considerations of The Best AFM Disabler

If you want to unleash your vehicle’s full power without compromising on other aspects, you might want to consider investing in an AFM disabler.

These disablers will activate all cylinders of your car’s engine, getting rid of the shuddering or drone and providing the car with more power, eventually leading to less oil and fuel consumption. Here is what you should know before investing in an AFM disabler:

What is an AFM disabler?

AFM stands for Active Fuel Management and it is a system trademark by GM (General Motors).

This system was created to deactivate half of the cylinders used by their engines to reduce fuel consumption during contexts that don’t require as much power as exceptional ones.

For instance, the V8 mode would only activate during towing or snowy landscapes.

Some vehicle owners prefer having the full power unleashed at all times, and this is where AFM disablers step in.

The devices simply turn off the Active Fuel Management system, preventing the car from disabling half of the cylinders.

This way, all cylinders will work at full capacity from the moment you start the engine.

Reasons to disable your AFM

There are various benefits of having an AFM disabler installed. The most straightforward one is unleashing the full power of your engine.

This tiny device will keep your car in full power all the time, regardless of the context you’re in. Say goodbye to using V8 mode only when towing.

You can now enjoy the huge power of your GM engine at any given time. What’s even greater about this is that the installation process is super convenient.

You just have to plug it in and AFM will no longer start.

Another huge benefit is that you won’t have to face shuddering or dropping cylinders any longer. And the whole process is perfectly legal!

The device won’t reprogram the factory engine control unit, which means it’s completely safe and this upgrade won’t affect your car’s warranty in any way.

There’s no reflashing, altering, or reprogramming of your car’s powertrain system, involving no risks.

Even though it might seem like driving with full power 100% of the time may lead to higher fuel consumption, it is not applicable in this case.

In fact, an AFM disabler can help you save up to $300 each year on fuel costs, saving plenty of gas gallons.

The same goes with oil consumption, as less oil is splashed through the engine when all the cylinders work at full capacity.

AFM disablers vs AFM delete kits

AFM disablers can be plugged in and out whenever you want to switch between driving modes, whereas AFM delete kits replace the AFM components with standard parts.

These kits are only recommended when AFM lifters fail or when you want to do a full, permanent performance upgrade to your car.

You should know that AFM delete kits involve a lot more work than simply injecting firmware into your console.

You have to change the parts to non-AFM ones because otherwise, the engine system will fail with a misfire code.

The compression levels in the engine change when you go from AFM components to non-AFM ones and the situation can seriously and dangerously backfire if you don’t follow all the steps involved.

You will also need custom tuning and a computer programmer to get things straight, compared to an AFM disabler that does the job on itself and can be removed at any given moment.

As you can tell, AFM disablers are the easy go-to choice when you want to get the maximum power out of your vehicle without all the hassle.

Plus, you can remove it whenever you want, especially if you don’t see the improvements you expected.

In the other case, you’d have to go back to mounting AFM components from scratch, which can be a daunting and lengthy process.

Think twice before making a choice on how to upgrade your car’s power.

Maintenance tips

You won’t have to invest any effort in maintaining your AFM disabler in good condition.

What you can do, though, is constantly checking your car’s parts to make sure no damage is encountered.

Pay special attention to the valvetrain and see how it behaves after disabling the AFM.

Also, you might want to keep a close look at your oil pump and other parts related to oil consumption.

This will help you notice whether the AFM disabler improved or worsened your oil consumption.

If the latter situation occurred, you might want to see a car mechanic and stop using the AFM disabler for a while.

The maintenance process for this upgrade is simply tracking the improvements or changes that happen after starting using an AFM disabler.

Come up with a budget

The purpose of coming up with a budget is to know how much you are willing to spend on a desired product or brand.

This allows you to focus your search around that particular price.


This is very important. AFM disabler comes in various designs and prices.

Some products are designed to be expensive and as well known for their incredible performance, while some are designed to be affordable and as well designed to offer amazing solutions.

Also, it is important to know that some brands are offered at an extremely low price on the market, these brands are not recommended.


Your choice of AFM disabler must be able to promise and deliver on expected solutions.

Make sure you always go for trusted and reliable brands whenever you are searching for a product to buy.

This is why it is advisable to gather your information from trusted sources.


Your choice of a product must be easy to install with or without previous knowledge of the process.

If you are installing an AFM disabler for the first time, make sure you go for a brand that comes with directions and instructions needed to assist with the installation.

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How to install AFM Disabler

There’s no specific installation process for AFM disablers. You don’t need to do anything beforehand or change components like in the case of delete kits.

All you have to do is buy the product, plug it in into the OBD-II port, which is the same one used for diagnosing problems with your vehicle, and that’s it.

The port can be found under the dashboard and a LED light will let you know that the device is connected and working properly.

The device will use firmware to let the car know that there’s no need to switch to the AFM mode.

Instead, the engine will power up at full capacity, with all cylinders functioning.

Whenever you want to go back to using the AFM mode, you simply unplug the device from the port and you’re back.

This is all that you have to do in terms of installation, which makes AFM disablers highly convenient for a quick upgrade.

Important note: use AFM disablers only after running a thorough check of your valvetrain.

If you notice there are issues with your valvetrain, it would be advised to solve these problems before using a disabler device.

Otherwise, further issues might be encountered with the engine’s functions.

Tuner vs AFM Disabler: What’s the difference

Just like in the case of AFM delete kits, tuners are permanent solutions.

Tuning is a permanent fix that completely deactivates Active Fuel Management.

Along with AFM, tuners will also deactivate fault codes, an aspect that might put you and your vehicle in danger.

AFM disablers remain the much safer and easier way to get full power from your GM engine.

FAQs of The Best AFM Disabler

Will my Remote Start function be affected by an AFM disabler?

In some cases, vehicle owners who installed AFM disablers encountered issues with the car’s Remote Start function.

This usually happens because the firmware that some devices use turn off the assisted Start/Stop function.

This is a beneficial aspect, as it helps with improving gas mileage and oil consumption.

Even so, the Remote Start function should work as expected, without any delays, noises, or faults.

Are AFM disablers impacting fuel consumption?

There’s a straightforward answer to this – yes. AFM disablers impact fuel consumption, but not necessarily negative.

Because AFM disabler users reported various changes in fuel consumption after installation, it’s difficult to determine what will happen in your case.

This will be heavily influenced by your driving style, especially when getting maximum power from your vehicle.

Driving conditions can also impact fuel consumption, with the mileage being visibly hurt during winter.

This happens because even the formulation of the fuel changes, to cope with cold winter engine starting.

Overall, people saw changes ranging from +2 mpg to -2 mpg, depending on the influencing external factors.

What happens with oil consumption when you add an AFM disabler?

If your vehicle consumes a lot of oil without an apparent reason, an AFM disabler might help.

Many reports and reviews from users show that AFM disablers can greatly lessen oil consumption.

The cause of massive oil consumption oftentimes refers to your vehicle functioning in V4.

When moving to V8, the oil will no longer get into the PCV system. Oil splashing will be dramatically reduced when in V8, also helping the engine burn off deposits.

Of course, you need to make sure that the increased oil consumption in your vehicle is not caused by other mechanical issues.

To track the improvement, double-check your oil rings, valve guides, and PCV system. If these look fine, the AFM disabler should do the job.

Why is it recommended to disable the AFM?

Many vehicles come with limited power from the factory. This happens because of a multitude of reasons, from efficiency to safety.

Some vehicle owners want to unlock that hidden power and an AFM disabler is capable of doing just that.

Another popular reason for going into V8 instead of V4 is that the four-cylinder sound can be quite unpleasant.

Activating more cylinders leads to changes in the fuel efficiency level and in the oil consumption level.

An AFM disable is capable of doing so by minimizing the pumping losses. Plus, it will only improve performance, without compromises.

What type of engine is required to install an AFM disabler?

AFM is normally found on GM engines. You need an engine that is at least V6 to install an AFM disabler.

For V6 vehicles, the cylinders will go from 3 to 6, and for V8 ones they will go from 4 to 8. The AFM technology was trademarked by General Motors.

GM launched various generations of AFM systems throughout the years, but AFM disablers are constantly updated to fit the displacement.

Are there other ways to disable the AFM?

Buying an AFM disabler is the simplest, most straightforward way of doing this. It’s just a plug-in device that goes into the diagnosis port, right under your vehicle’s dashboard.

The device will then inject firmware into your car’s computer, preventing it from sending the vehicle into the AFM mode (fewer cylinders functioning).

You can also use delete kits and non-AFM components in case your lifters fail after using an AFM disabler.

Disablers remain the simplest, most viable option though. The alternatives require professional installation, and they can be rather risky in the long run.

Is an AFM disabler permanent?

No, AFM disablers are not permanent solutions. You can remove the disabler at any given time and your engine will go back to using Active Fuel Management.

This is the most convenient part about this device, you get to decide when you want full power, and when you want to go back to the usual functioning system of your vehicle.

Where can I find an AFM disabler?

You can find them in all shops that are specialized in such parts. AFM disablers are not by any means illegal.

They are just parts that lead to an upgrade for your vehicle. You can buy them online and install them yourself by plugging them into the diagnosis port.

There are plenty of types of AFM disablers online, so you can choose the one that fits your vehicle and your needs the best. The installation process is the same for all.


Your choice of AFM disabler must be able to regulate the overall performance of your engine.

That is while it is important to go for any of the top brands that are available on the market.

In this article, we have been able to identify the 10 top AFM disable you can go for.

Our identified brands ensure you get the best in terms of performance, quality, appearance, and price. No matter what your budget is, we have a top-quality product for you.

For every change you make using an AMF disabler, such changes can be easily reversed.

All you need is to turn off the ignition and disconnect the AMF disabler. Before you make use of the AMF disabler, make sure the valvetrain is working perfectly.