10 Best Aftermarket Headlights For Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500 2023 – Reviews

Without a good pair of headlights, a simple task such as driving can be difficult and may also be fatal especially in the dark.

That’s why it is important to invest in a good pair of headlights once the original headlights have been burned out.

Aftermarket headlights can also be used to enhance the look of the car.

Choosing aftermarket headlights that fit the specifications of your car can be a difficult task as there is a huge number of options available in the market, all with different variations and specifications.

A gorgeous-looking car as dodge ram deserves a pair of headlight which is of the best quality and enhances the already spectacular look of the car.

Thorough and extensive research has helped us to come to the conclusion that Amerilite Jet Black Projector headlights are the best headlights for Dodge Ram.

These headlights are the best because all of its users swear by them. It is very difficult to find headlights that fit all the variants of Dodge Ram but these headlights tick all the boxes.


Comparison Table of Best Aftermarket Headlights For Dodge Ram

What Is The Best Aftermarket Headlights For Dodge Ram?

The answer to this question is AmeriLite Jet Black Projector headlights. We recommend the best products there are on the market and this one tops our list as the best. These headlights give an all-out best performance based on consumer reviews.

Why AmeriLite is The Best Aftermarket Headlights For Dodge Ram?

First of all the AmeriLite JET BLACK PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS top the list of the best headlights for the Dodge Ram and apart from being heavy-duty these headlights give a sleek look to the vehicle which is what one asks in an aftermarket product.

Top 10 Best Aftermarket Headlights For Dodge Ram Reviews

01. AmeriLite Jet Black Projector Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Dual Function LED Bar DRL
  • Compatible with all variants
  • LED Parking and Turn Signal
  • Easy Installation

With over 30 years of experience in Automotive Lighting, AmiriLite Company is known for its sturdiness, quality, and innovation.

AmiriLite makes many products but they are popular due to their projector headlights.

The AmiriLite Jet Black Projector Headlights are the top of the line choice for any aftermarket buyer looking for Durability, Reliability, and High performance.

These headlights will change the front look of the vehicle and will give a sleek design to your car.

The Headlights go through various tests in its manufacturing process.

  • Temperature and Humidity Test
  • Dust Test
  • Salt Test
  • Moisture test

The headlights come with LED Single projector with parking and turn signals and fit all variants of the Dodge Ram models from 2009 to 2018.

The lights are compatible with both Dual and Quad factory projector headlights.

It also has a UV and Abrasive coating, which gives it a long life and protects it from harmful sunlight.


  • High Stability
  • Improves visibility
  • Tested with various safety tests
  • Plug N play
  • Gives a sleek look to the vehicle


  • Comes with no instructions

02. Morimoto XB Plug & Play LED Headlight


Highlighted Features

  • Clear Visibility
  • The high-Quality material used in manufacturing
  • Well defined beam pattern
  • Plug N Play installation
  • Powered by Osram 5000k LED’s

Morimoto is a well-known brand in the making of Automotive parts, especially their headlights.

They have a great variety of Headlights, but the Best Aftermarket Headlights for the Dodge Ram is the Morimoto XB LED headlights.

The products at Morimoto are a little expensive if compared with other aftermarket brands but it’s their motto that ‘you get what you pay for’.

Morimoto is committed to providing the best product to its customers and although other brands don’t consider how their headlights perform in real-time.

Morimoto runs its headlights through various trials and tests to compare its product with other companies and fulfill the customer’s needs.

If you are looking for some great Aftermarket Headlights to upgrade your old OEM Headlights.

The Morimoto XB LED Headlights will fulfill all your needs and will look great with your car.

These well-built headlights have a significant lifespan. These headlights surely out-perform many alternatives there are in the market.

The Double Bi-Led setup in the XB LED Headlights to produce a well-defined beam pattern with a significant amount of light.

“These Headlights can be a little expensive than other aftermarket headlights on the market.”


  • Great Built Quality
  • Multiple real-time tests are conducted
  • Robust
  • Plug N Play
  • UV coated Polycarbonate Lens is used
  • Amazing Looks


  • Expensive as compared to other products

03. AKKON Tube Projector LED Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Excellent Quality
  • Fits every Variant
  • Gives Maximum Output for increased visibility
  • Enhanced Performance on Roads
  • Simple and Easy to install
  • Compatible with every model

At AKKON the company considers it as their top priority to provide the best product to their customers who are looking for great aftermarket products for their vehicles.

They take great interest and devotion in their work and always provide the best product. It is the company’s primary goal to improve its product range.

The tube Projector LED Headlights are a great replacement for your OEM headlights. Most people use aftermarket headlights after their original lights are not usable or get too foggy.

But these projector headlights can be used even if you want to give a fresh look to your vehicle and get better visibility.

Projector headlights are proven to give off a more even light, which will increase the driver’s viewpoint and will not disturb the oncoming traffic preventing collisions.

These headlights are made in a round shape like a magnifying glass, and the idea is to concentrate the source of light directly on the road.

“No installation guide is included with the package professional installation is required. The lights are a little difficult to adjust.”


  • Tube projector which gives high visibility and a straight light path
  • Looks great on the car
  • UV coated to protect against sunlight
  • Hard-wearing
  • Waterproof and Dustproof


  • Not a Plug N Play device
  • Can be difficult to adjust

04. ModifyStreet DRL/Signal Let Dual Projector Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Signal Lights Bar
  • Improved appearance
  • Turn signal and parking lights

Modifystreet is focused on improvement and superiority in the market they design aftermarket accessories to help people get better.

And the improved product to fulfill their needs and is one reason that ModifyStreet has a lot of happy and satisfied customers.

The DRL/Signal Led Dual projector headlights are the perfect replacement for your original OEM Headlights as they provide the vehicle enough light and visibility that is required for a smooth and improved drive.

These Headlights are dual projector which is adjustable according to your need. It will give your vehicle a new style and an overall improved look on the road.

These Headlights fit all variants of the Dodge Ram from 2009 to 2018, which have Dual or Quad headlights.

The color scheme on the Headlights is chrome, which will give your car a sleek and unique look.

These headlights come with daytime light which is visible in the daytime, and they also come with turn signals and parking lights.

“Comes with Halogens which can be converted into LED’s buyers must consider their need before buying.”


  • Easy to install
  • Can be converted to LED’s
  • Long-lasting
  • Unique look
  • Dual projector
  • 24/7 Tech support


  • The blinkers blink faster than normal blinkers

05. Headlightsdepot Chrome Housing Halogen


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality headlight lamps
  • Affordable as compared to other products
  • Every light has been tested under different weather conditions
  • Headlights in original equipment style
  • Halogen Bulbs

Headlightsdepot is a family-owned business that has worked in the industry for a long time it’s their utmost goal to provide high-quality products to their customers and has set their standards for service and convenience for their customers.

Headlightsdepot care more about its customers and are constantly seeking ways to improve their business operations

The HeadlightsDepot chrome Housing Halogen Headlights rare more than just headlights there are many high-quality products.

In the market but these are considered as one of the best products on the aftermarket.

These headlights have been tested with various tests and trials under different conditions.

These headlights are compatible with the Dodge Ram models from 1994 to 2002 and are compatible with models that are without the sports package.

The headlights are high-quality halogen type headlights that meet all safety requirements.

As the older model headlights are worn out after some years, these Headlights are the best options for aftermarket buyers.

“The headlights can get faded after some time according to many user reviews.”


  • Economical
  • High-quality
  • Aftermarket Headlights in the original equipment style
  • Safer Driving
  • Increases driver’s response time


  • Headlights can get faded after some time

06. DNA Motoring HL-OH-DR02-BL-CL1 Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Direct OE Fitment
  • Easily Replaceable
  • Brings a different appearance to the vehicle
  • Requires No modification or drilling
  • Affordable if compared to other aftermarket products

Among the leading retailers and distributors of aftermarket, the headlight is DNA motoring.

They are working for decades in the automotive market and are well known for producing affordable and reliable products

The DNA motoring headlights come with drivers and passenger sides’ headlights these headlights use 9007 high and Low beam bulbs.

They do not require any additional drilling or adjustments.

Although it’s easy to install these headlights still professional installation is recommended.

It is important to maintain your vehicle’s headlights as they are one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle and must be in the best working conditions.

These headlights can be adjusted according to the driver’s need, but it is recommended to adjust them once a year as the position of the lamps can change due to many factors.

Everyone is switching to aftermarket headlights, and these are the best choice for drivers.

“The 9007 bulbs are not included. Professional installation is recommended. Some users reported that turn signal’s plastic melted.”


  • Reasonably priced
  • Plug N play
  • Durable
  • Tested to provide great output


  • 9007 Bulbs are not included with the package
  • Turn signal plastic melts if used for longer intervals

07. Auto dynasty Chrome housing Clear Corner Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Complete set of driver and passenger side headlights
  • Simple look
  • Direct Bolt-on OE fitment
  • Clear Lens
  • OE Style Headlights

Auto Dynasty came about a decade ago in the automotive market, with only one thing in mind to provide the best options to their customers and fulfill all the customers’ needs.

As the automotive industry is developing with time, the most purchased item is the headlights as they completely change the look of the car.

The headlights lamp is directly attached at the front side of the vehicle to light the road ahead, which will improve the driving and visibility.

Using these headlights will steadily improve how you drive and the overall productivity of the driver on road and also the oncoming traffic

As most of the accidents that occur on the roads nowadays are due to bad lighting or distractions caused by the lights of oncoming vehicles.

These headlights are Plug N play operated and are very easy to install, although expert installation is always recommended anyone can install the headlights themselves at home.

These headlights use 9007 bulbs which HIGH/Low beams. It is compatible with all variants from 2002-2005.


  • Plug N Play
  • Excellent light output
  • Sporty look
  • Clear lenses increase the output
  • Also available Tinted


  • Tinted Lens can cause low light output
  • The design is not too appealing to everyone

08. DWVO Headlights Amber reflectors


Highlighted Features

  • Made by OEM approved manufacturers
  • Easy installation
  • Increases visibility at roads
  • Weather-Sealed
  • Safety compliant

As dim, yellowed, and damaged headlights are not suitable for driving the DWVO provides a vast variety of headlights the Amber reflector headlights are specially designed to meet today’s requirements.

The headlights have a High/low beam output and are compatible with the Dodge Ram models from 2008 to 2010.

These headlights are easy to install, and you will feel the difference in the feel and visibility when you drive.

These headlights will give you a great untiring driving experience.

These headlights were tested through various tests to ensure that the quality of the lights is up to mark.

These headlights are specially designed for you to see farther, clearer, and smarter. Their simple design goes with any color

“H13 bulbs are not included in the package and must be bought separately.”


  • Plug N Play
  • Simple look
  • Goes with any color
  • Moisture-proof
  • Excellent customer service


  • H13 bulbs are not included with the package

09. VIPMOTOZ Premium OLED Tube Chrome Projector


Highlighted Features

  • Low/High beam
  • Parking lights
  • Direct plug n play
  • Sterling chrome edition
  • Triple Layer protection
  • German Made projectors
  • IP66 weatherproofing

For nearly 10 years VipMotoZ is providing its customers with great products and this is one of them.

The Premium OLED tube chrome projector headlights are the perfect product for anyone looking for newer technology headlights for tier vehicles.

The dynamic OLED design and plug and play wiring give ease to the user.

These headlights come with a sterling chrome edition crystal clear lens and a clean housing with triple layer protection to the headlights.

These German-made projectors are brighter with a crisp cut-off line on the road, which will provide the driver with a wide and clear point of view.

These headlights are compatible with the dodge ram models from 2009 to 2018 and they have widely improved their headlights as time has passed.

The headlights are compatible with both dual and quad beam. Anyone who’s looking for new technology must give these headlights a try.

“Only Low beam and parking signals are included in the package. High beam bulbs must be bought separately.”


  • Newer OLED technology
  • German Made
  • Triple protected coating
  • Plug n Play
  • Clear Glass


  • High Beam bulbs are not included

10. Auto Dynasty Chrome Housing Amber Corner Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • OE style headlights
  • Easy to install
  • Customer satisfaction
  • No additional adjustments required
  • High-Quality Material

Last but not least is the Auto Dynasty Chrome Housing Corner Headlights which will stand out when compared to other Aftermarket headlights these headlights have a very simple design and are very simple to install and adjust with the vehicle.

Their chrome housing will go very well with the vehicle and give it a good look.

These headlights are compatible with all the variants of the Dodge Ram from 2006 to 2009 and when it’s time to replace your old OEM headlights.

These headlights are the best choice out there considering their affordability and mobility.

These headlights are halogen powered, and they have the Low/High beam function with parking and turning Lights.

These headlights are front-mounted and their position can be adjusted according to your need.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Heavy-duty
  • No adjusting needed
  • Enhance the appearance of your car
  • Plug N Play


  • H13 bulbs are not included with the headlights

Buying Considerations of Best Aftermarket Headlights For Dodge Ram

Headlights For Dodge Ram

Driving during the night can be life-threatening for the driver and others on the road if the car does not have a good pair of headlights.

Often the original or the built-in headlights can dim out quickly, and the best option is to get aftermarket headlights.

Service Life

Whenever you buy new headlights, it is best to inquire about its service life. Lights that come with a higher lifespan require less maintenance and repairs.

These headlights help save money as well as they don’t have to be replaced as soon as possible and also reduce maintenance and repair costs.

This makes them very cost-effective, and you don’t have to worry about them getting off soon.

Quality of Light

The quality of light provided by a headlight highly depends on its voltage and wattage. A headlight with a high voltage will provide more stable lighting.

Wattage affects the luminance of the headlight. The higher the wattage, the higher the luminance of your headlight.

It is crucial to find a headlight that gives us both a high luminance which is stable as well and consumes less power.


Headlights generate high temperatures when they are working. A high temperature can cause the filament of the bulb to burn out quickly and before its time.

To save on replacement costs, it is better to invest in headlights that have a lower temperature. LED headlights are more suitable for this than Halogen lights as they operate at a lower temperature.

Energy Consumption

Headlights use the car’s battery. Therefore, before buying a headlight it is important to check its energy consumption, as that will directly affect the battery of your car.

If a headlight consumes a lot of energy, then it can completely drain your battery if these headlights are left running for too long.

Water Resistance

Water can enter the headlight and can damage the bulb which would compromise the operating functionality of the headlight.

A waterproof headlight keeps this from happening. Water can gather in form of droplets in the headlight’s housing, this can greatly affect the visibility and luminance during bad weather when lighting is highly required.

Waterproof headlights can serve for a long time as water does not damage them and they can also provide better lighting to you.

Ease of Installation

The best quality of a good headlight which is produced by a good manufacturer would be that it is extremely easy to install. They can be installed and ready to be used within minutes.

Headlight Styles and Designs

As manufacturers are becoming more and more aware of the demands of their customers, the headlights produced now are more compatible with vehicles and you can match the appearance of your car with the finish and look of the headlights.

For example, chrome headlights can give your car a polished and sleek look which will make it stand out.

But if you’re looking for a more aggressive look, then there are smoky headlights as well as headlights with acrylic covers that serve the purpose.

FAQ’s of Best Headlights For Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500

Headlights For Dodge Ram 1500

What are the Benefits of Aftermarket Headlights?

The built-in headlights can get worn out over time and ad aftermarket headlights solve this problem as they are just as efficient as new ones.

Aftermarket headlights are produced at the highest standards of quality. These headlights can be found in many different and unique styles which can give your car a new look.

Difference between Crystal vs Projector headlights?

Crystal headlights are more common than projector headlights and they give an OEM look to the car, but if they are of a low quality they can pose a threat during nighttime driving as they are too reflective.

Projector headlights provide better visibility due to the uniformity of its beams, and it is not too reflective, which helps other drivers by not blinding them.

The lighting which is used in headlights is either CCCFL or LED.

Reasons which lead to headlights to failures?

Usually, the culprit is the weak filament inside an incandescent bulb or the halo bulb. It gets brittle over time because of the high temperature at which it operates.

This causes it to break, eventually. Vibrations caused by driving on rough roads can also cause the filament to break before its time. Sometimes the electric workings fail and can prevent the headlight to work properly.

Difference between OEM and Aftermarket Headlights?

Headlights are available in the aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. OEM headlights are produced and distributed by the car manufacturer. The benefit of buying these is that high quality is guaranteed.

Aftermarket headlights are products of third-party manufacturers. These are more cost-effective and are used to enhance the look of the car and also to boost the visibility of headlights.

One of the best ways to enhance the look of your car and make it more appealing is to invest in new headlights, as this method is cheap and the fastest.

Do headlights dim over time?

The bulb dims by 10 percent over the course of its life. The dimming is usually caused by Tungsten particles.

Because of the high temperatures, the evaporated particles of the filament form a coating over the covering of the headlight which causes the visibility to dim over time.

Is it wise to replace both headlights at the same time if one has burned out?

As both of the headlights usually have the same life span, it is wise to replace them at the same time. If one of the headlights has burned out, it means that the other is near the end of its life and should be replaced.

 Are projector headlights legal?

Yes, projector headlights are legal even though they are brighter than reflector headlights. If they are installed properly, there is less chance of them disturbing the ongoing traffic.

Their angle is also such that it does not affect the other drivers. These factors make projector headlights an even safer and a better choice.

LED or HID; Which is better?

Upgrading your halogen lights to HIDs is best if you have projector headlights in the car. LED bulbs will not work satisfactorily.

HIDs are a better option for cars with projector headlights. Although LED bulbs will fit and work with your car, they may not always give satisfactory results.

Qualities of a good Aftermarket Headlight?

Headlight Housing Quality: Poor quality housing can cause the beam to scatter hence it is important that the housing is suitable for the bulb. This is even more crucial if the car is being driven in harsh environments.

Should I  purchase aftermarket headlight assembly brands over the web?

As the demand for these products is increasing, we can now buy them online. Most sellers prefer to directly sell to their customers.

All you have to do is select a reliable online store and you can get these at your doorstep.


Above are some Best Aftermarket headlights that Dodge Ram owners can use on their vehicle

No doubt this is an era of new technology and everyone has to look out for different content available on the internet.

Use the above reviews while shopping for aftermarket headlights so you already know what to look for on the market and decide.