10 Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Looking for the best brake pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We know how hard it can be to find the ideal pad for your vehicle. A Dodge Ram is not an easy vehicle to maintain, even less so finding spare parts when needed.

But it is not as hard as you think either. With the right research and taking into consideration several factors, you can always pick the perfect product for your vehicle’s need. And when it comes to brake pads – it is even easier.


A Comparison Table of Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500

Here, we want you to learn all about the highest-quality models available for your Dodge Ram 1500 or 2500.

Then, you will learn more about them with depth, and possibly find out a few other exciting things.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Then head-first into this article for more!

What ist The Best Brake Pads For Dodge RAM 1500 & 2500?

Answer: Undoubtedly Power Stop K2164 is the best brake pad for Dodge RAM 1500 and 2500 trucks.

The perfect brake pads would be those with quality construction that improves stop performance, reduces noise, and keeps noise low.

Luckily, most of the models on this list fit those requirements so you may have it difficult when picking.

Yet, we can say with total certainty that the Power Stop K2164 Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Kit is the best brake pad set in the list.

They come with everything you need for a fantastic experience – from the installation to the last moment of use.

Why Power Stop K2164 is The Best Brake Pads For Dodge RAM 1500, 2500?

Answer: Power Stop K2164 comes with a package of brake pads and rotors kit. The complete package is reasonable to budget, the most important fact for choosing as the winner for this kits is the brake pads last longer than any other brands on the market.

People have good faith due to the highest quality material and longer service life of the brake pads kits.

Top 10 Best Brake Pads For Dodge RAM 1500 & 2500 Reviews

We wanted to show as many brake pads as we could. But we had to stick with 10 only. And sure enough, these are the best of their kind – so you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

01. Power Stop K2164 Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Drilled & slotted rotors
  • Rubberized shims
  • Low-dust ceramic
  • Carbon-fiber build
  • Front & rear kit

The K2164 kit from PowerStop comes directly from the Z23 Evolution Sport array. These brake pads are super effective, quiet, and produce little to no dust.

Apart from that, the brake pads come with everything you need to get them on a Dodge Ram in little time. You get the drilled & slotted rotors, ready to be mounted in minutes.

And with the ceramic brake pads with carbon-fiber, you won’t have any problem setting the whole system up.

“While the installation can take a few minutes if you’re experienced, it often does not. You may end up wasting entire hours installing this kit due to the number of pieces & size of them.

Overall, the set is still easier to install than many others – but it could be better.”

With this construction, you can also expect superb durability. The rotors are designed to withstand super-high of temperature and bring them down while working. This means less wear over time.

And with the Silver-Zinc Dichromate plating, then you’re likely to never experience corrosion or rust with them.

Last but not least, you get high-temperature rubberized shims that prevent them from making too much noise. When you brake, you will barely hear the wheels doing so.


  • The pre-slotted & driller rotors make the installation a piece of cake
  • Excellent build in both pads & rotors for extra durability
  • The complete kit provides additional convenience and ease of use
  • Rubberized shims will keep braking noise super low
  • Silver Zinc Dichromate plating ensures less corrosion


  • Feels ultra-expensive despite the quality
  • Installation may take a lot of time

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02. Detroit Axle S-5300 Drilled and Slotted Disc Brake Kit Rotors


Highlighted Features

  • Drilled & slotted rotors
  • Zinc DiChromate plating
  • Ceramic construction
  • Alloy rotor build
  • Brake cleaner spray

Then we meet the Detroit Axle Drilled & Slotted S-5300 set. Also both and rear brake rotors, they offer fantastic performance and unsurpassed durability.

The first thing you’ll notice is the quality construction of the rotors, coming mainly from the grade alloy cast build.

This fits perfectly with the Zinc Dichromate plating, offering the extra layer of protection to stay rust-free for long.

But there’s a lot more to consider – including the OE spec design that fits perfectly with Dodge Rams. And it still manages to reduce vibration.

Along with the excellent ceramic construction, they’re designed to improve braking performance exponentially.

The set still comes with the drilled & slotted rotors so you can install them with ease. And to make the kit even better, you can use the brake cleaner spray. This will make it a piece of cake to clean before installing it.

Overall, this set is designed to surpass expectations in every way. Despite that, it still manages to be well-priced for the quality.


  • Effortless installation with slotted & drilled rotors design
  • Superb construction with Zinc plating for rust-free results
  • Outstanding ceramic construction improve braking performance
  • OE spec design from rotors reduce vibration exponentially
  • The kit comes with all the installation hardware for fast setup


  • The pads may produce a lot more sound than expected
  • Not as wear-resistance as expected

03. Power Stop Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Pads


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon-infused
  • Slotted design
  • Stainless steel shims
  • Ceramic construction
  • Powder-coated plates

Coming back to Power Stop, they come with the Z36 model. This is a set of front brake pads for trucks and towing vehicles. So you can guess they’re super durable.

With a carbon-fiber infused ceramic build, these brake pads are perfect for improving durability and overall results. You won’t have any problem braking suddenly or enjoying a long-lasting set of pads.

Still, they come with a unique infusion with the carbon-fiber, adding a thermal-scorched surface that improves brake speed and reduces noise.

You can brake suddenly and receive exceptional results while still enjoying little to no noise.

“The performance is amazing, but they won’t work too well on Dodge Ram 1500 models. This happens due to the slightly larger & thicker design, specifically designed for the 2500 series.”

This gets even better with the chamfered & slotted design. Along with the stainless steel shims, you will barely hear the brakes when stopping your vehicle.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you get powder-coated backing plates. This enhances braking performance and prevents rust & corrosion like nothing else.


  • Superb carbon-fiber infused construction ensures maximum durability
  • Ceramic build improves performance and overall longevity
  • Stainless steel shims reduce noise exponentially
  • Unique Z36 compound reduces total dust production
  • Comes with necessary hardware & grease


  • Could be challenging to install in some Dodge Ram models
  • Don’t work too well with Dodge Ram 1500 – only 2500

04. Bosch BC1399 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad


Highlighted Features

  • Chemical protective layer
  • Rubber shims
  • Semi-metallic build
  • Slotted & chamfered design
  • Copper-free

Few brands are as reliable as Bosch is, and few offer the quality in brake pads as the QuietCast series. The BC1399 model, for example, will go over all your expectations with ease.

One of the main factors that set this set of pads apart from the competition is the unique set of materials.

You get an aluminum-based alloy (semi-metallic) build that improves durability and overall performance. Braking with these pads is a total pleasure.

This goes well with a chemical formula that creates a protective layer on the pads. It makes the entire set much more durable than other sets out there.

Still, you can expect the pads to function amazingly well without a single unwanted noise. Boasting rubber shims, you won’t have any problem enjoying maximum brake performance without cringing every time you stop.

And finally, you can’t dismiss the entire hardware kit that comes with the set. This makes them super easy to install and way more convenient in the long run.


  • Quality semi-metallic construction ensures superb performance
  • Extra chemical layer reduces wear and prevents unwanted friction
  • Exceptional rubber shims keep the brakes noise-free
  • Boasts a complete hardware kit for easy setup
  • Additional synthetic lubricant for complete installation


  • Only compatible with Dodge Ram models from 2009 and 2010
  • Not as durable as ceramic pads

05. Power Stop K2163 Front Brake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • 1-Click installation
  • Zinc-plated rotors
  • Drilled & slotted rotor design
  • Rubberized shims
  • Carbon-fiber infused

We already went over the Z23 brake kit – but we didn’t go over the Daily-Driver version. This is a 1-click front pad that makes installation an extraordinarily easy deed.

The drilled & slotted rotor design makes it easy to enjoy a fast installation without taking too much time or effort. Yet, this also helps with cooling and keeping the pads wear-free for long.

You will also find the rotors to be zinc-plated, ensuring a lifespan free of rust. But it is the carbon-fiber infused construction of the ceramic pads that stand out the most – preventing rust entirely but also improve performance overall.

“This construction and an extra layer of protection make the pads super expensive. If you are on a short budget, you will find it too pricey for your demands.”

The pads are also low-dust, so you won’t have to worry about it. And with the dual-layer rubberized shims, you can enjoy not only the low-dust performance but also a noise-free experience. Even in the strongest of stops – the brakes will respond quietly.

Last but not least, you will get the extra hardware kit that makes the set up even more straightforward.


  • The carbon-fiber infusion makes the pads super long-lasting
  • The ceramic construction ensures maximum stop performance
  • Excellent low-dust build prevents too much wear
  • Rubberized shims keep noise exponentially low
  • Well-made rotors improve installation & durability


  • Way more expensive than competitors
  • Won’t fit models newer than 2014

06. Callahan CDS02156


Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Heat-dissipation system
  • Slotted steel rotors
  • Dust-free formula
  • Complete hardware kit

There are only a few models as practical and well-made as the Callahan CDS02156 kit. It surpasses expectations in almost every way – and it still manages to come at a premium cost.

The brakes are made of ceramic. That’s something you won’t regret having because ceramic provides the best performance.

It also delivers a quieter experience. And if all that wasn’t enough, it reduces dust production exponentially.

Then, you can consider the unique design of these brake pads. They come with an exceptional heat-dissipation system that reduces overall wear. This makes the pads much more durable and increases their performance slightly.

There’s still more, like the superb stainless steel rotors you get. They perform amazingly well and make installation effortless.

Along with the extra setup hardware and all the quality you get with the kit – this is something you don’t want to dismiss.


  • Excellent ceramic construction with a unique formula for durability
  • Prevents dust production which keeps them clean for long
  • Heat-dissipation system prevents wear and increases the lifespan
  • Stainless steel rotors fit perfectly with the pads
  • Easy & fast installation with a full hardware kit


  • Tend to produce a lot of dust if used with other rotors
  • Installation can be tricky with incompatible rotors

07. Bosch BC1084 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set


Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic friction formula
  • Semi-metallic mix
  • Protective transfer layer
  • Slots & chamfers
  • Rubber-core shims

Coming back to Bosch QuietCast, it is time for the BC1084 model to stand out. As a premium set, it delivers exceptional results – and even better construction.

It all starts with a ceramic friction formula. This formula combines the best of ceramic pads with the best of semi-metallic pads.

You will get top-notch durability while still enjoying the overall quietness and dust-free performance.

There’s something unique about this brake pad, though. The protective transfer layer, for example, is specially designed to provide an outstanding lifespan.

You won’t have any problem enjoying several years of use from this pad.

“Even though the kit is super durable, it is not the most convenient. Lacking the hardware for installation – you may end up feeling disappointed by its lack of convenience.”

Still, you get rubber core shim, ideal for preventing noise when using. And to make it even better, this shim also provides extra corrosion resistance, so the pad lasts a lot more time than usual.

Apart from all that, the pads come with slots and chamfers. These design quirks improve the durability & quality, yet they help to make the whole set even easier to install.

And sure enough, the extra hardware and the lubricant – you won’t have any problem setting the pads up on your Dodge Ram.


  • Superb rubber-core shims ensure quietness & less corrosion
  • Top-notch ceramic pads with semi-metallic friction mix for durability
  • Extra lifespan with a protective transfer layer
  • Slots & chamfers for easy installation
  • Amazingly affordable for the overall quality


  • Tend to produce a lot of dust
  • Does not come with installation kit

08. Power Stop K2203 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Carbon-fiber infusion
  • Ceramic formula
  • Stainless steel shims
  • Slotted & drilled rotors
  • Bolt-on design

As you may know already, we love Power Stop models – and it is not a secret why. The K2203 set of brake pads from the Z36 series is a perfect example of why this is such a great brand.

Coming from the Z36 models for Truck & Tow, this performance kit will bring your stopping power to a whole new level of results.

Thanks to a carbon-fiber infused ceramic formula, you can expect top-notch results when towing, lifting, and mountaineering with the truck or just hauling – with no drawbacks.

The brakes are simply made to provide exceptional performance with your Dodge Ram, without a fault.

This gets better when you consider how quiet they are, especially with the stainless steel shims that reduce heat exponentially, giving them extra power and durability.

Finally, you get drilled & slotted rotors still. This ensures you can mount the pads with no extra effort.

Yet, these slots and drills actually help to keep the brakes fresh – which decreases wear and noise. And with the hardware kit, the installation becomes a piece of cake.


  • Excellent stopping power with carbon-fiber ceramic formula
  • Low-dust & wear-resistant construction for durability
  • Quiet design with stainless steel shims
  • Heat-dissipation system ensures a longer lifespan
  • Superb slotted & drilled rotors for extra results


  • Expensive for being only for the front
  • Fit Dodge Ram 2500 better than 1500 models

09. Detroit Axle Front Drilled and Slotted Disc Brake Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic build
  • Slotted & drilled rotors
  • Zinc DiChromate plating
  • Coated & polished
  • Complete hardware kit

If you want to get your Dodge Ram 2500 set up with some fantastic brake pads, then this is your best bet from the article.

While you will only get front brake pads, that’s enough to enjoy maximum performance from them. They come with a ceramic construction that improves overall performance.

And with the durability they offer, you can expect a genuinely long lifespan that increases your enjoyment.

“You won’t have to replace these pads after a few months of use. But they may still start squeaking, which could be discouraging. While they will still work well, you may feel like they’re not.”

The pads come with drilled & slotted rotors. They ensure maximum convenience when installing.

Yet, it is the coated & polished design that stands out the most. Along with a Zinc DiChromate layer, you won’t ever experience rust with the piece.

Perfect for Dodge Ram 2500 models, this set of pads is designed with the sole purpose of increasing your brake power & convenience. And with the quiet yet low-dust performance – then they get even better.

You also get the entire array of hardware items so you can set the pads up with ease and little time.


  • Ceramic construction ensures maximum stopping power with extra durability
  • Low-dust performance delivers a maintenance-free experience for long
  • Slotted & drilled rotors provide extra resilience & ease of use
  • Zinc DiChromate plating prevents rust & corrosion
  • Comes with a practical hardware kit for easy installation


  • Only compatible with 2500 Dodge Ram models
  • May start squeaking after a few hundred miles

10. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 Disc Pad Set


Highlighted Features

  • IMI Technology
  • Ceramic build
  • Low-copper construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Heat-dissipation design

There’s something about thermal-efficient brake pads that we just can’t ignore. And that’s precisely what the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC965 offers – a superb thermos resilient build.

Boasting a ceramic set with a low-copper construction, they’re designed to surpass expectations in terms of durability.

It dissipates heat like no other and reduces friction exponentially, keeping wear pretty low.

The pads are still super quiet. You won’t have to cringe everything you stop.

Instead, you will get them to perform quietly, but also producing little to no dust. Cleaning your wheels are using the car will be a thing of the past.

The installation is also a piece of cake. You get stainless steel hardware for the setup. And with the IMI technology, you can set them up with ease even in the most challenging situations.

When it comes to durability & performance, few models will perform as well as this one. And it is still one of the most affordable you can get for your Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500.


  • Super quiet performance ensures more pleasant stops
  • Straightforward installation saves time & effort
  • High-quality ceramic build provides superb performance
  • Ensures years of lifespan with its thermos-resistant build
  • Unbeatable price for the quality you’re getting


  • Lacks shim plates which produce more wear & noise
  • Don’t fit most Dodge Ram models under 2010

Consider Before Buying The Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500

Brake Pads for Dodge Ram

While checking the best brake pads for dodge ram 2500, you’ll find that there are many different things to consider that you may not know about. If that’s the case, then you’ll probably get confused and/or ignore the feature.

But that doesn’t work if you want to get the ideal model for your Dodge Ram. That’s why we want to help you out with a straightforward and super helpful guide.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider before making your last choice:

01. Construction & Longevity

First and foremost: make sure the brake pads are made with the right material. You won’t enjoy a deficient set that wears down in less than a year. For that, make sure it comes with a long-lasting build.

Here, you will find several materials worth considering. But two are the most common – so we’re focusing on them.

The first would be semi-metallic. That’s a standard brake pad build that often delivers exceptional results. And they’re also super cheap. However, they don’t provide much durability – or not the same as ceramic pads.

The second ones are usually better overall. Yet, it is common to find them way more expensive.

A set of ceramic pads can often be twice as expensive as a semi-metallic one – so that’s something to think about before buying.

Apart from the main build, you may also consider infusions and coatings. Carbon-fiber infused pads and Zinc Dichromate layers, for example, usually increase the durability and performance of pads. So they’re worth considering as well.

If you want an excellent set of pads, however, make sure they offer designs that cool down automatically. Those will prevent wear and last the most time.

02. Braking Performance

Choosing by considering braking performance is somewhat tricky. You usually don’t know how well the pads will perform until you use them.

But still, it is possible to discern by considering the construction as well. Like we said before, semi-metallic pads are often cheaper than ceramic ones – but they’re way noisier & less effective.

That’s why it is safe to say that if you want excellent braking performance – then go for ceramic pads. The best experience usually comes from those with extra coatings & layers that increase overall stopping power.

03. Dust Prevention

A set of brake pads from a Dodge Ram 1500 or 2500 needs to be clean as well. And for that, there’s nothing more important than dust prevention.

Here, you will also find that the pads material has a significant say on how much dust they produce. Ceramic pads, once again, win the race by a huge advantage because they provide little to no dust.

In contrast, semi-metallic models tend to produce a lot of dust because of the metal-by-metal contact of the pads with the rotors.

But you can still prevent dust by choosing different layers and/or infusions. Those pads, either ceramic or semi-metallic, with unique constructions, may eventually reduce dust exponentially. So go for those if you don’t want to be continually doing upkeep to the brakes because of dust.

04. Noise Reduction

Yet another factor that differentiates ceramic pads and semi-metallic ones: the noise they produce.

Again, ceramic pads are the quietest. Thanks to the ceramic construction, they have the upper hand when it comes to reducing noise.

The material does not make the same kind of contact with the rotors, so it doesn’t cause as much friction, which translates into annoying noise.

Semi-metallic pads are not necessarily noisy. But they are not as quiet as ceramic pads are. That’s why you will probably find more semi-metallic models making noise than ceramic pads doing so.

This factor, however, is not only about the overall construction of the pads. It is also about the shims.

The shims refer to a layer of material between the pad and the rotor. This part ensures that the pads can have direct contact with the rotor without creating much friction – which often causes extra noises.

For the best experience, we recommend rubberized shims that reduce noise exponentially when compared to metallic ones.

05. Ease of Installation

The overall time & effort it takes to install a set of brake pads is also super important. That’s why we recommend models that are easy to install over those that are not.

This is difficult to know, though. But you can always figure it by just considering the hardware added in the brake pad kit and the overall design of the piece.

Those models that come with no hardware items and that don’t provide a standard design are often more challenging to install than all others. Sometimes, you may even need to modify them before installing them so they can fit.

To make sure that the brake pads you’re choosing can be installed in no time, we recommend going for the most complete kit possible. That will make it easier to ensure a fast installation process. And don’t overlook the design either – it should be as similar to the original pads as possible.

06. Compatibility

Another critical factor to consider is the compatibility of the brake pads with your Dodge Ram.

While most of the brake pads that fit a Dodge Ram may also fit all others, it is frequently not the case. You may still find some brake pads that are not truly compatible with your truck depending on the year and exact model.

So be sure of choosing the one that truly fits well with your Dodge Ram, focusing on the year and series. Otherwise, you may end up with a supposedly Dodge Ram model that doesn’t truly fit your specific model & year.

07. Accessories & Extras

Finally, consider all those brake pad kits that come with extra accessories and features.

Brake rotors are the best type of accessories you can get with some brake pads. That will make the whole kit much more valuable, as you won’t have to install the rotors later and spend extra money on them.

Apart from that, consider those with hardware kits installation. Something that helps you get the brake pads on the truck without getting anything else will be ideal.

And sure enough, don’t overlook those with lubricants and/or extra fluids. These fluids can be used for cleaning or simply lubricate the pads before installing them. And that can both help you get more of the brake pads but also enjoy them for longer.

How to Install Brake Pads in a Dodge RAM

Even if you get the best brake pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500 – you won’t do a single thing with them unless you learn how to install them. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of time at the mechanic to do the job for you – and surely you don’t want that.

That’s why we’re helping you out with a comprehensive yet brief guide. You will learn exactly what you need to get the brake pads on your Dodge Ram with ease and all by yourself.

Follow these steps:

Prepare the Car

Start by raising the car from its normal position. You don’t need to lift too much – just enough so you can get the wheel & caliper out.

This is a piece of cake to do, you just need to place the jack underneath and clamp it to the protruding part of metal below. Then, you can start pushing the lever to elevate the jack and thus the car with it.

Once the car is close to a foot in elevation, you can start loosening up the lugs/bolts on the wheel. If you want to feel safer before doing this, you can use bricks to keep the car up. Also, get some plastic stoppers on the rest of the wheels, so you can prevent it from moving.

This will let you get the wheel off eventually. And once you get the wheel out, then you can proceed with the caliper.

Clean & Remove Caliper

The caliper is usually easy to remove. But we recommend doing this only after removing the wheel and cleaning everything from brake dust. This will let you slide the caliper out more easily.

To clean, use a degreaser or car-cleaning solvent. This will get rid of the dust and the rest of the dirt/debris on the wheel. You will have a cleaner space to get the caliper out.

Most calipers have bolts to keep the attached. Remove these bolts and then try removing the caliper by sliding it out. Otherwise, you may always use a pry bar, screwdriver, or something similar to pull it out.

The caliper will not get off from the car like the wheel. So you will have to place it on the suspension or hang it using zip ties or a bungee. Make sure it doesn’t hang from the brake line, as you may end up breaking it. And that can be costly.

Then, proceed to remove the caliper carrier. It usually sticks firmly, so you may need to use a mallet or something similar. Make sure to do it safely, nonetheless, without harming other parts. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to take off the rotor.

Remove Old Rotor / Place New One

After removing the caliper, then you have free access to the rotor. This is a pretty easy part of getting it out, just use a hammer and whack it. The piece should get out with a few soft whacks.

Some rotors are attached using a screw. If you have an old Dodge Ram, this is probably the one you’ll find. Make sure to have a screwdriver close to get that screw out. If there’s some rust on the screw, then you can always use a rust eater.

You’ll see some parts filled with dust and/or debris and dirt. Get rid of all those with some cleaner or something similar. Then, once cleaned, you can pour some WD-40 or similar lubricant. This will also prevent corrosion over time.

Finish up by placing the new rotor like the old one, secure it with a wrench or screwdriver, and then get rid of the oil residues. That will let the rotor stick more firmly.

Reassemble the Caliper

You will need to reassemble the caliper now. There are some bolts you may need to replace. Tight them down as much as you can. It is usually recommended to do it with an impact gun, breaker bar, or a similar electric tool instead of by hand.

Now you can use a C-Clamp plus one of the old brake pads to compress the caliper piston. This will let the piston to stay flush on the caliper housing and make it easier to reassemble completely.

When doing this, it is super important that the brake reservoir has the cap off. Otherwise, you may end up breaking a brake line. And that can be both costly and annoying to fix.

Install Pads & Caliper

Now that you have the rotors, pads, and caliper ready – then you need to set them up on the vehicle.

We usually recommend spreading some grease on the pad so you can ensure a better performance. This will also reduce noise.

Then you can mount the caliper with its bolts and tighten it up. The caliper should fit firmly but still move without binding. That means it should do its job correctly without getting out of its rail.

Once you’ve checked that everything is on its place, now you can proceed to tighten everything.

Put On Wheels & Test Brakes

Finish up by putting on the wheels and making sure they fit tightly on the vehicle.

For the best results, place the lugs on their holes when the car is elevated from the floor. And then proceed to tighten the down ultimately once you bring it down.

Once the wheels are installed, you can then proceed to pump the brake pedal to test. Get the car out of the garage and check it.

You may hear some squeaking on your Dodge Ram for a few miles. But after several miles of travel and braking, you may not hear anything at all.

If the brakes don’t work too well or they sound weird, then you may need to go back at them to fix. Otherwise, you’ve successfully installed a new set of brake pads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Best Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500

Brake Pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500

So, are you ready to get the best brake pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500? Then you need to learn the specifics. Here are some questions that may help you out with that:

Q: Are ceramic brake pads better than semi-metallic ones?

A: Like we said before, yes. Ceramic brake pads are slightly better pretty much in every important factor – durability, dust production, and noise.

But that comes with a price – so you’re likely to find ceramic pads to be amazing yet too expensive for your needs.

That’s why semi-metallic pads, despite being slightly worse in almost all categories, still manage to perform amazingly well and deliver exceptional results if needed. Even a low-quality semi-metallic model can perform well enough for most people.

Q: How long does a brake pad for a Dodge RAM 1500 last?

A: It depends heavily on the type of use and location. In high-temperature areas, a brake pad can last about 25,000 miles. But in colder climates, a brake pad lasts around 65,000 miles.

For people who use their car every day, all day, the pads are more likely to wear down faster.

So, people who don’t use their brakes too much may eventually get up to 80,000 miles of total brake lifespan.

Q: How do I know my brake pads need replacing?

A: The most common sign that a brake pad needs to be replaced is the squeaking sound.

This usually happens when the hardest part of the pad build starts making contact with the rotor. Thus, the car will make a hard-to-miss squeaking sound.

Some Dodge Ram models have brake sensors that will alert you when the brake is wearing off and needs replacement. And as the last sign, you can check whether the brake fluid is draining too fast.

This could be because the pads are worn off and traveling more to stop the car – wearing down brake fluid more than average.

Q: Is it possible to replace the brake pads and not the rotors?

A: Yes, rotors can always be used even if they’re old as long as they don’t have grooves.

If the brakes perform well without vibration or squeaking more than usual, then you can always keep using the old rotors.

In fact, old rotors usually develop a small layer of pad material on their surface. This eventually helps to improve brake performance. And when you install new brake pads, then this performance gets even better.

But don’t worry. If you install new pads on old rotors, the worst thing that could happen is that the pads will wear out faster than average.

Q: Can I replace the brake pads on only one side of my Dodge RAM 1500?

A: Yes, you may install only one brake pad set if needed. But this will probably leave the other side with the problem.

So even if you can successfully replace old brake pads with ease on one side, the other will fail soon – so it is not recommended. Change them all at once if possible.

Q: Is it expensive to get a brake job in a Dodge RAM 1500?

A: Yes, and no. It depends heavily on what you need. Some Dodge Ram models may require extra work so they may be more expensive than normal.

Others can be decently affordable, which ends up saving you a lot of time in the process. The average price, though? It is about $450.

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Now that you’re aware of the best brake pads for Dodge Ram 1500 & 2500 – what is taking you so long to pick the right one?

Time’s ticking and your car need a new set of brake pads. So don’t waste more of your time and get the right one with this list.

There’s enough variety to pick from – so you shouldn’t have a problem with choosing the right one. Use our advice and your recommendations, and you won’t regret your final choice.