Top 10 Best Exhaust For Dodge Challenger RT 2023 Reviews | Aggressive Sound, Maximum Performance

You need to get the best exhaust for dodge challenger RT installed if you want to make the beautiful sound that comes from the engine of your Dodge Challenger RT more pronounced.

The Dodge Challenger RT comes with an amazing V8 engine installed in it. The sound produced by V8 engines is wonderful, and the right exhaust makes it sound better.

Having the right exhaust system installed in your Dodge Challenger RT gives it an intimidating and monstrous sound whenever you rev up the incredible and excellently charged engine.

There are many top choices of exhaust you can choose from on the market. Based on your budget, you can get a top brand of exhaust for your Dodge Challenger RT.

This helps you to achieve the best result in terms of sound and ride quality.


A Comparison Table of Best Exhaust For Dodge Challenger RT 2023

With the right exhaust, you will experience an improvement in sound, performance, and feel.

If you purchase and install any of the top exhausts we have in this guide, it becomes extremely easy to attain more than 60 mph in about 4 seconds.

What is The Best Exhaust For Dodge Ram Challenger RT?

Some of the top brands of Exhaust for Dodge Challenger RT that you will find on the market are Flowmaster, Borla, MagnaFlow Exhaust Products, and Solo Performance.

10 Best Exhaust For Dodge Challenger RT Reviews

01. Flowmaster 817508 Cat-back System 409S – Best Overall Exhaust For Challenger RT


This amazing exhaust from Flowmaster is known for the Aggressive sound it gives your Dodge Challenger.

Apart from giving your vehicle the sound that calls for attention, it as well enhances the horsepower and the fuel mileage.

The various components of this product are made from high-quality material. The pipes and mufflers are well constructed, have a touch of quality. The appearance is really impressive.

For a top-quality product like this one, the price is reasonable enough. Also, the installation process is easy.

Well, during installation, it is advised you have someone around who can assist with the stock system. The stock system is a bit heavy.

It is designed to fit your Dodge Challenger RT perfectly. The pipes align with the hangers perfectly.

In summary, the exhaust is greatly built, and it produces a fairly loud sound.

While installing, make sure you pay good attention to the position of the mufflers to where the driveshaft bolts are facing.

Since the driveshaft bolts and the mufflers sit very close to each other, if you fail to leave a little allowance, let’s say about one inch, these two parts may collide which could result in a loud bang. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Fairly loud sound
  • Great design and appearance
  • Made from top quality material
  • Fits well & strong built


  • Easy to install
  • Great price, durable
  • Impressive performance


  • Heavy stock system
  • Requires extreme caution during installation

02. BORLA 140650 Cat-Back Exhaust System – Best Affordable Exhaust For Dodge RT


Let us tell you about one funny thing a buyer of this exhaust says. “I have never heard a sound like this before.

This exhaust sounds like it is from heaven.” Well, we had to agree with this comment after we researched further about this amazing product.

Borla is well-built, and the various components speak quality. Asides from the sound it produced, it as well improves the overall performance of your V8 engine.

It brings a lot of attention which will make a lot of people fall in love with the kind of magic that this exhaust produces.

Here is a little secret. When you install this exhaust on a V6 engine, the transformation is massive.

Borla 140650 gives your V6 engine the sound, feel, and performance of a V8 engine.

The installation is easy and it fits perfectly. Also, the price is pocket-friendly. Whatever amount you spend on the purchase of this beast, it worth the price.

If you are looking for an exhaust that guarantees great sound, here is a top choice for you. Redefine your driving experience with this monster.

We are not saying it has no limitations, we just didn’t find one to connect to it.

Highlighted Features

  • Aggressive sound
  • Great build
  • Amazing quality
  • Perfect upgrade for a V6 engine
  • Fits well


  • Improvement in fuel economy
  • Easy to install & Affordable
  • Amazing performance


  • We couldn’t find one

03. MagnaFlow 11225 Exhaust Muffler


Let us start with this statement. If you know you are a lover of aggressive exhaust sound, Magnaflow is not for you.

Although the exhaust is not too quiet, the sound cannot be compared to the first two products on this list.

The sound that comes out from this exhaust can be perfectly described as “deep and low.” The sound it produces is in a class of its own.

The design is great, and the build is of great quality. This exhaust is made from high-quality stainless steel.

In terms of performance and quality of sound, the price is really affordable and very hard to beat.

The installation process is easy, and the weight is bearable. So, you can be assured that your vehicle won’t look too heavy after installation. This is a product that you will love.

Once again, remember that Magnaflow may not be a great choice for lovers of aggressive sound.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from top quality stainless steel
  • Known for great performance
  • Not heavy
  • Amazing design
  • Reliable product


  • Can be installed with ease
  • Affordable
  • Amazing sound
  • Great fit


  • Not for an aggressive sound lover

04. BORLA 140384 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust


Creating awareness with the sound of your vehicle gives a great feeling. You do not need an introduction especially if the sound is unique.

This monster gives your vehicle a unique sound that differentiates it from other vehicles in your neighborhood.

The exhaust is made from high-quality stainless steel. The performance is great, and the improvement it gives your engine is worth the hype.

Installation is easy and fast, and it worth the investment. If you are a lover of loud and aggressive sounds, this exhaust is for you.

After purchase, if you like the experience, which we are so convinced you will, do not forget to tell other people about your discovery.

As far as performance improvement in your engine is concerned, you can rely on this product out.

There are no major issues with Borla just that the weight is a bit heavy.

Highlighted Features 

  • Amazing performance
  • Aggressive sound
  • Made from top-quality steel
  • Improves your engine


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Redefines your vehicle’s sound


  • Heavy

05. Flowmaster 817716 409S


Flowmaster designs are known to deliver on their promises in terms of quality and performance.

Talking about this exhaust design, Flowmaster is built to deliver on that loud and aggressive sound owner of Dodge challenger RT will love.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes its appearance appealing and as well guarantees the durability of the product.

Installing the exhaust t in your vehicle is not difficult, and the sound it produces after installation is spot on.

The price is worth the delivery in terms of performance and sound, you are assured of having great value for your money.

Have this amazing product installed on your Dodge on your next exhaust replacement and experience an improved feel in ride quality and sound.

In terms of quality and performance, Flowmaster has no turn-off. This product is a bit heavy.

Highlighted Features 

  • Made of top quality stainless steel
  • Very aggressive sound
  • Reliable and known for performance delivery
  • Perfect fit for Dodge Challenger RT
  • Well-packaged


  • Great value
  • Easy to install
  • Amazing sound


  • It is heavy

06. BORLA 140627


Another model from Borla delivers on exceptional sound and performance owners of Dodge Challenger RT seek for.

The amazing sound and performance of this product make it unbeatable and very remarkable. Also, the quality of the exhaust is impressive and undeniable.

If you are a driver who desires an exhaust that guarantees amazing performance and puts you in a great position while competing in races, this is the right pick for you.

The exhaust offers more than a showoff, it is a product for winners.

Asides from the remarkable sound it gives, it as well improves the performance of your engine. Installation is simple and the price is amazing.

It comes well-packaged, and each tip of this product is designed to allow ease of alignment and support a perfect fit.

If you have a lift, consider using it for installation instead of using a jack. Although there is nothing wrong with the use of a jack, a lift is better.

If you are looking for an exhaust for show-off, this may not be the design of exhaust for you.

Highlighted Features 

  • A perfect fit for Dodge Challenger
  • Well-packaged
  • Admirable appearance and build
  • Made from top-quality material
  • Made for winners


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Supports engine improvement
  • You save more on fuel


  • Not the typical product for show off

07. Flowmaster 817645 Exhaust System


Again Flowmaster is known for its aggressive sound and maximum performance.

As it stands, it is one of the most affordable top-quality exhaust systems you will find on the market today.

In case you don’t have a huge budget for a replacement, this is a perfect product for you.

Asides from its aggressive sound, the appearance is incredible. Also, the quality of material used for production is remarkable.

Flowmaster is made from top-quality stainless steel, which makes it very durable.

Installation is not difficult, although you may have to go through a series of adjustments before you get it right.

Once the installation is done rightly, it fits your Dodge Challenger greatly.

The package or box contains all the components and parts that are necessary for a successful installation.

Highlighted Features 

  • Top Stainless steel
  • Nicely packaged
  • Very durable
  • Aggressive sound


  • Enhances engine performance
  • Affordable, Easy to install


  • Successful installation takes a lot of adjustments

08. Borla 140306 Cat-Back Exhaust System


Another Borla gives users that distinct sound. Once installed, the sound you experience when you are in the car is louder when compared to what is perceived while driving on the highway.

This is simple. When you start the engine, the sound is louder and when you start driving, it sounds cool and calm.

The exhaust is made of great material, which is evident in its appearance and feel.

It is well packaged, and it comes with all the components you need for a successful installation.

The installation is super easy, in about 90 minutes, you are done.

It fit well after installation, and it gives your vehicle that amazing feel in terms of sound and overall engine performance.

It is affordable, you won’t have to break the bank. Also, the weight is not too heavy.

This may not be a good choice for lovers of aggressive loud sounds.

Highlighted Features 

  • Sound settles well on the highway
  • Great quality
  • Amazing appearance and feel
  • Great performance


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Improves the engine performance


  • The sound is not aggressive
  • A bit heavy

09. 991165 Cat-Back Exhaust Kit

Exhaust For Dodge Challenger RT


This exhaust is particularly designed for owners of 2009 to 2014 models of Dodge Challenger V6 who desire to improve the sound of their exhaust.

It is made from top-quality stainless steel, and it guarantees excellent performance.

The kit comes with all the necessary components and parts needed for installation, and the process involved in the installation is simple and easy.

This product is not expensive, and it makes an incredible impact on the performance, sound, and feel of your vehicles.

In summary, if you own a V6 engine and what to experience the feel of a V8 engine, this exhaust is the right upgrade that you need. This exhaust gives your vehicle an incredible sound you will love.

The exhaust is very heavy, it is one of the heaviest exhaust designs we have on our list.

Highlighted Features

  • Made for Dodge Challenger V6 engines
  • Well packaged
  • Comes with all the needed components and parts
  • Aggressive sound


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Heavyweight

10. Borla Challenger RT ’15 5.7L


Borla remains one of the top exhaust brands you can find on the market. Just like every exhaust design from this brand, Borla is also known for its amazing quality and performance.

The packaging is nice, and all the needed components and hardware needed for installation are present in the kit, and they are well arranged. Installation is easy, and the price is not expensive.

While driving on the highway, the sound is fairly deep. When you tap on the throttle, the sound explodes.

Whenever that aggressive sound comes on, it alerts people that are nearby, thereby gaining you some amazing compliments. The sound is pleasing to the ears. Anybody that hears it will love it.

To start with, note that this design is not compatible with all vehicles. So, before you make a purchase, make sure you check for compatibility to prevent a waste of time and resources. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Made from top quality stainless steel
  • Well-packaged
  • Comes with the necessary parts and components
  • Top performance


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Amazing sound


  • Made for selected vehicles

Conclusion – Exhaust of Dodge Challenger RT

If you want your Dodge Challenger RT to give you that unique sound that sweeps everyone off their feet, you need to pick from one of the best available exhausts on the market.

Asides from the amazing sound the best exhaust for Dodge Challenger RT produces, they as well improve the overall performance of your vehicle.