10 Best Group 65 Battery 2023 – A Comprehensive Review of Top Rated Automotive Battery

If you are looking for the best group 65 battery for your vehicle, finding the ideal one in the market can be a daunting task.

You may end up with an inferior quality battery from the many brands on offer. Worry no more, since this review will be handy in your search.


A Table of Top Group 65 Batteries on The Market 2023 (Updated)

What is the best group 65 battery?

Currently, Odyssey 65-PC1750T is the battery to beat when it comes to group 65 batteries.

Why Odyssey is the best brand for group 65 battery?

The battery has an extended service life and recharges faster. For more options in decision making, the top six batteries have been reviewed for you as follows.

What is a group 65 battery?

Group 65 refers to a particular battery size that is set out by Battery Council International or simply BCI. The battery has a specific measurement of 11.85 inches X 7.30 inches X 7.40 inches.

The battery is a direct fit for cars manufactured to fit the battery type. The power of the battery ranges from 56 to 69 Ah. It packs a CCA (cold-cranking power) of 700 to 930.

The battery is also designed to have a reserve capacity ranging from 120 to 150 minutes.

The naming of group 65 battery

The group size for each battery is assigned letters and numbers by the Battery Council International. Primarily, a specific group size, such as group 65, is based on the make of a vehicle, the type of the engine, and the model of the car.

There are instances where some cars can fit a battery from different group sizes. However, it is essential to stick to the approved group size for optimal performance.

Advantages of group 65 battery

  1. With the A.G.M. technology, there are no spillages of its contents. The liquid electrolyte won’t pour out even when accidentally placed in an upside-down position.
  2. The battery is maintenance-free and easy to live with. There is no checking and topping up of its contents with A.G.M. technology.
  3. The battery is safe to use as it does not release gases like hydrogen during charging.
  4. The battery is resistant to vibration, which prolongs its useful life.
  5. The battery will still perform under low temperatures due to its CCA It does not freeze under cold temperatures.

Disadvantages of group 65 battery

  1. The battery is comparatively expensive when compared to conventional batteries.
  2. Group 65 A.G.M. batteries with deep cycle can take the discharge of up to 50 % maximum. In comparison, other batteries can take up to 80% discharge. With a single charge, the group 65 battery will not run your appliances for longer.
  3. Accidentally overcharging the battery reduces its lifespan.

Usage area

In as much as group 65 batteries can fit in a variety of vehicles, optimal performance can be realized in specific vehicle models.

Notably, superior performance will be experienced in Dodge, Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. The models gel well with group 65 batteries.

Difference between other batteries with group 65

Other batteries have different size dimensions from group 65 battery; they are bigger or smaller. Each battery group has specific dimensions as prescribed by Battery Council International.

Additionally, other batteries have a different power rating in terms of CCA and CA. they may be higher or lower than the group 65 battery. Besides, the reserve capacity and terminal position vary from group 65 to other batteries.

Maintenance tips of group 65 batteries

Battery maintenance contributes significantly to its lifespan; well-maintained batteries outdo poorly maintained ones. Below are useful tips for maintaining group 65 batteries.

  1. Avoid placing any metallic objects on the battery, especially the terminals as it can lead to shorting
  2. Disconnect the battery when the vehicle is not in use for longer durations. The action will avoid loss of power used to a car’s clock and other background electrical items.
  3. Always start with the negative terminal when disconnecting the battery
  4. Keep the battery terminal clean by using a wire brush to remove any interruptions to the power supply.
  5. Keep the battery in good shape by starting up and driving occasionally. Doing that twice in a week for 20 minutes should be enough. The essence is to get the battery charged.

The 6 Best Group 65 Battery Review &  Buying Guide

01. Odyssey 65-PC1750T – Overall Best Group 65 Battery


Highlighted Features

  • 950 cold crank amp
  • Reserve Capacity: 145 minutes
  • 3 to 10 years’ service life
  • Full recharge: 4 to 6 hours

Among things that impress a vehicle owner is the reliability of a vehicle battery. The Odyssey brand doesn’t disappoint; it offers between three to ten years of service life for its flagship brand.

The manufacturer takes cognizance of all-weather seasons as the battery comes with a high cold crank amp. Battery failure during cold seasons will be a thing of the past with Odyssey 65-PC1750T.

The battery comes with high reserve capacity, meaning that it will still hold its charge even under high load. The battery life cycle is more prolonged, offering you up to 70% new useful life, which saves you time and money.

The battery efficiency also extends to its recharge time. In a few hours, the battery gets fully charged. The recharge time beats that of any lead battery you can find in the market.

Additionally, the battery’s design enables it to withstand shock from high impact. It is resistant to vibration, a common occurrence in vehicles known for killing batteries.

Besides, the battery will survive during extreme temperatures as it can withstand 40 degrees Celsius on the higher side and negative 40 degrees Celsius on the lower side.

Earning the best group 65 battery medal is no mean feat, it is easy to mount, and its design does not cause spillage.


  • Long-lasting
  • Performs in extreme weather


  • Below par customer service
  • Cumbersome replacement process

02. ACDelco 65AMGHR


Highlighted Features

  • 120 minutes of reserve capacity
  • 750 cold crank amp

The starting power of your vehicle does not get better than with the ACDelco battery. You can use the battery for different applications like an industrial, automotive, and marine.

The maintenance-free battery comes with A.G.M. technology, meaning that you won’t need refills or experience spills. There is a reason why the battery brand has made a name for itself; it supplies its batteries for the production of G.M.

vehicles. ACDelco has a strong reputation as its parts are used in over two million G.M. vehicles annually. The battery is engineered to meet original equipment expectations for different applications.

For your comfort, the batteries are lab tested and exposed to field use to ensure they are of a high standard. The battery is receptive to charge and an ideal fit for applications with frequent start and stop.

For instance, if you have a vehicle mounted with a lot of electronics such as parking assist, a navigation system, and heated seats, the ACDelco brand is your ideal choice.

The recharge capability of the battery is better and offers you more starts. For every cycle of recharge, you get more power.

You have found one in this battery if you are looking for a quality alternative to unbranded aftermarket options. Its vibration resistance is simply outstanding, adding to its general long-lasting ability.


  • Long-lasting
  • Safer and durable
  • Tolerant to extreme heat and cold
  • Fits OEM wraps


  • Durability not consistent

03. X.S. Power Battery D6500 Series – Ideal for vehicles with massive sound systems


Highlighted Features

  • M6 Terminal components
  • 150 minutes of reserve capacity
  • 3900 max amps

A reliable battery for racing applications does not come better than this brand. You can choose from 12 volts, 14 volts and 16 volts depending on your need.

Additionally, the battery comes in different weights ranging from 12 pounds to 30 pounds. The battery is subjected to tests such as high speeds of over 300 MPH, boat racing, drag racing, and dirt tracks for assured performance.

The energy density of high levels is applied in the battery, which makes it ideal for car audio competition. Besides, you can mount the battery just in any position, making it versatile.

Owing to the speeds that can be hit in racing, the battery is resistant to vibration courtesy of its minimal internal resistance design. Besides, the battery has valves for regulation and comes sealed, eliminating the chances of any spills.

The battery brand has established its name by dominating the audio competition in vehicle categories since its inception. Records and titles have been awarded to that effect in recognition of superior performance.

Besides, the battery produces a high output instantly, minimizing the loss of voltage to music amplifiers and dimming of lights. The brand comfortably earns its spot among the top-quality group 65 batteries.


  • Versatile
  • M6 terminal components
  • Durable build


  • Terminal fitment not standard
  • A bit pricey

04. NORTHSTAR Brand – Perfect fit for luxury vehicles and S.U.V.s


Highlighted Features

  • Non-hazardous
  • CCA: 930 aH
  • Reserve Capacity: 135 minutes

Some batteries can be a disappointment in quality right from the manufacturer. Other battery manufacturers guarantee you many years of operating without a worry; NorthStar is one of them.

If you are looking for superior performance that comes with prolonged useful life, you will not go wrong with NorthStar.

You get exceptional cold crank figures and more than adequate reserve capacity to clear any worries you may have.

The battery is made in a modern plant in the U.S.A. making use of advanced A.G.M. technology.

Gone are the days of checking battery water levels or cleaning terminals. With an impressive reserve capacity, the NorthStar battery will deliver quick starts when putting to use.

Besides, the durability of the battery is guaranteed through the use of advanced plastics, which also double up for heat resistance.

Advanced manufacturer technology also delivers faster charging times for the battery in comparison to conventional batteries.

Besides, the design and shape of the battery make it a comfortable fit for most OEM slots on vehicles with no modifications required.

When you think of quality, the battery delivers it as a standard since it is built to meet BCI standards.

The battery has approval for non-hazardous cargo in the sea, air, and ground transport owing to its advanced technology employed at the point of manufacture.


  • OEM fitment
  • Durable performance
  • Meets BCI standards


  • Fitment issues in some vehicles

05. Deka 9A65 – Best fit for off-road and tuner cars


Highlighted Features

  • CCA: 750 Amps
  • 150 minutes of reserve capacity
  • Spill-proof
  • Faster recharge

The battery electrolytes come in an enhanced suspension system for better performance.

Besides, the battery’s performance is delivered constantly as there are safeguards to protect it against vibration.

The battery provides more power to your electronics for more extended periods as it employs a faster charging system.

Versatility is a vital component of the battery as it can power any electronics once plugged in and switched on.

You get twice the life cycle with the Deka brand and extended service courtesy of its endurance.

If you are operating in the harshest conditions and still require battery power, Deka is yours to the go-to brand.

Moreover, the battery will continuously deliver power even to the most intensive demands of electrical units.

If you are into tuning cars, you know the essence of constant battery power; that is what Deka brand delivers.

Besides, you can go off-roading with the battery on harsh terrains as it is designed to absorb high impact.

Primarily, you can fit the battery in vans, trucks, SUVs, Lincoln, Dodge, and Ford models. The negative and positive plates are customized for powerful performance to withstand extreme service applications.

For broader applicability, the battery comes in an efficient and easy to fit design for ease of installation.


  • Advanced durable design
  • Fortified welds and straps
  • Vibration resistant
  • Maximum current transfer


  • Poor customer service

06. Delphi BU9065 Model MaxStart


Highlighted Features

  • 750 CCA
  • 150 minutes of reserve capacity

If you are searching for a premium group 65 battery that delivers excellent value for money, the Delphi brand is your choice.

Today’s cars come with a myriad of electronics that need a reliable power source, and Delphi does just that.

The battery will deliver superior performance to your delight from powering vehicle heated seats to power windows and DVDs in your car.

For a stable performance, the battery offers enough reserve capacity duration and adequate power for cold cranking.

Besides, the battery makes use of A.G.M. technology for extended cycle life and quick recharging times.

Users of the battery are therefore saved time and resources.

Delphi fits perfectly for OEM battery replacements and comes with straps, welds, and fortified posts.

The extended battery life comes courtesy of superior resistance to corrosion and vibration for full power delivery.

Resistance to corrosion is further enhanced with a sealed housing for the battery and a venting system made of manifolds.

Every recharge gives you more cranking power than the previous one making it reliable over the conventional battery.

With demanding electronics in modern cars, you need to get a battery that is equal to the task.

Conventional batteries have proven to be unreliable on that front. Delphi BU9065 steps up to that challenge and will not disappoint.


  • Direct fit for OEM replacements
  • Extended cycle life
  • Faster recharging
  • Reliable
  • Vibration resistant


  • Reliability not constant in all batteries
  • Poor packaging when delivering

Buying Considerations for Group 65 Battery

Buying the wrong battery for your car and other power needs can be a waste of money and also damage your car electronics.

There are critical factors to consider before settling on the ideal make. You need to look out for the following in your purchase.

Battery Freshness

Just as you would go buying groceries at your favorite store, the same case applies to batteries. Battery freshness refers to how old the battery is from the date of manufacture.

The freshness of a battery is depicted by a code that comes inscribed on it. The code comes in the form of a number and a letter. Knowing how to read and understand the code is useful.

A code may be written as C/4. The figure depicts the year it was manufactured while the letter represents the month in that year.

In this case, the battery was made in March, the year 2014. As a rule of thumb, do not purchase a battery that is more than six months from the manufacturing date.

Size of the Battery

To a layman, a car battery is just that, a car battery. That’s not the case for an experienced person. Car batteries come in different group sizes that indicate the battery’s length, height, and width.

Check the owner’s manual to determine the size of the battery ideal for your power needs.

An informed mechanic can also be handy if you can’t find the owner’s manual.

The correct battery size will fit comfortably in the battery tray without the need for any modifications.

A perfect size fit is comfortable to secure and avoid any damage arising from vehicle vibrations.

Battery Reserve Capacity

Batteries come with different reserve capacities. A good battery should be able to run for long on its power without charging from the engine before it goes flat.

The Reserve capacity of a battery is measured in the form of minutes, with some batteries having a capacity of up to 150 minutes. The higher the reserve capacity of a battery, the better for your car needs.

Such a capability will come in handy on a rainy day. For instance, you may experience a faulty alternator that stops charging the battery, a defective engine or forget to switch off your vehicle lights.

The reserve capacity will determine how you get out of such a situation.

Power Needs

Climatic conditions influence different power requirements. A good battery should pack sufficient power for cold cranking (CCA) and cranking amps (CA).

Under severe climatic conditions, a battery with a higher potential for cold cranking is ideal. Ostensibly, the battery power should be able to crank at zero degrees Fahrenheit for cold areas.

Under slightly warmer climatic conditions, a critical deciding factor is the cranking amps.

An excellent choice would be a battery with higher cranking amps as opposed to CCA The battery should comfortably crank your car with temperatures over thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind the power needs.

Position and Type of Terminals

Batteries come with different terminal locations and types. A vehicle’s polarity is determined by the location of the essential terminal to watch out- the positive one.

When the positive terminal is in the wrong position in your vehicle, shorting becomes an imminent risk when the terminal makes contact with the car’s body.

A key determinant in getting the ideal battery is the location of the positive terminal. The location is not standard in all vehicles.

Check whether it is located on the left or right side of the battery position. Purchasing one with the wrong location will be a waste of money and hectic to fit.

Type of Maintenance Required

Traditionally, batteries have been manufactured with the maintenance effort required by the owner. The common one is topping up battery water whenever it falls below the required levels.

Thanks to technological advancement, there is an option of maintenance-free batteries in the market. The battery is sealed and has liquid electrolytes, which sustains it during its useful life without replacement.

The choice of the battery type will entirely depend on your preference. However, there is an increasing buying trend towards maintenance-free batteries.

After all, they are less of hustle during ownership with no need to check on its contents.

FAQ’s About Group 65 Battery

Can a group 65 battery be used during cold seasons?

Yes, the group 65 battery is ideal for cold climatic conditions. To serve you better, go for a battery with a high CCA rating.

Can a group 65 battery fit in my car?

A group 65 battery has specific dimensions, as stipulated by Battery Council International.

The battery measures 11.85 inches X 7.30 inches X 7.40 inches. Check your user manual to determine the recommended battery size.

How old should a battery be at the time of purchase?

Batteries come with codes depicting the year and month of manufacture. Ideally, a good battery should not be over six months old from the date of manufacture.

What is the reserve capacity of a group 65 battery?

The battery reserve capacity ranges from 120 minutes to 150 minutes.

How do I disconnect a group 65 battery when not in use?

As a rule of thumb, always start with the negative terminal when disconnecting the battery.

Do group 65 batteries spill?

A group 65 battery with A.G.M. technology does not cause spills even when accidentally placed upside down. The battery is sealed, and the liquid electrolyte won’t come out.

Which is the country of origin for odyssey batteries?

The battery is manufactured in the U.S.A. primarily, with a few ones coming out of Europe.

What is the CCA rating for group 65 batteries?

The cold-cranking power for group 65 batteries ranges from 750 to 950.

How heavy are group 65 batteries?

Group 65 batteries range from 45 to 55 pounds. They can be carried by an adult using its handles.

Will a group 65 battery polarity fit in my car?

The location of the positive terminal determines the polarity of a car. Check your car’s polarity position and order a matching group 65 battery.

Can group 65 batteries fit outside the recommended range of vehicles?

The battery will fit in other cars outside the recommended range. However, it is advisable to stick to the recommended size for your vehicle.

Is a group 65 battery ideal for a vehicle with a lot of electric demands?

A group 65 battery will not disappoint. It is used to comfortably power vehicle electronics like heated seats, power windows, DVDs, and other massive audio systems.

Do I have to worry about vibration with a group 65 battery?

Most of the group 65 batteries have taken the vibration risk in their design. The design minimizes direct shock to the battery through improved material for vibration resistance.

Besides, most of the batteries are a straight fit with straps and bolt-on clips to reduce the level of vibration.

Where can I buy a group 65 battery?

Once you have identified the battery brand, you can buy the battery by placing an order online on the manufacturer’s website.

Keying in the vehicle details will also help determine if the selected one is ideal for your vehicle.

Free delivery is available for most group 65 battery brands. Additionally, the battery can be bought from other licensed retailers near you. Manufacturers have a list of their licensed retailers for different brands.


The best group 65 battery is now within reach of the information in this review. Gone are the days of experimenting from one battery to another in search of an ideal one for your power needs.

You can choose from the top six ranges provided as they have a proven record in performance.

Be sure to assess your needs in terms of CCA, CA, and reserve capacity when coming up with a purchase decision.

The best group 65 battery will offer extended service life with reliability as a constant.

We hope this review will help you settle on an ideal choice when it is time to replace your current battery. You will not regret from our reviewed favorites.