Top 7 Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Do you want to learn about the best intake manifold for Chevy 350? The Chevrolet “Chevy” 350 is a small-sized V8 engine with a range of displacement between 262 cu in (4.3 L) to 400 cu in (6.6 L).

The intake manifold, what is this about? 

As the word “manifold” implies, it’s a lump of metal (many folds) consisting of several channels for inputs and outputs.

It was designed to allow air and fuel to get into the cylinders situated in the engine block.

Intake manifolds can be designed as a simple flow controller or a more sophisticated controller with several parts.

Manifolds are in two forms, which include flat head and V shape. It’s important to understand this major difference before purchasing your intake manifold.

This article will review the seven best intake manifold to understand the best choice for you better.


A Comparison Table of 7 Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350 of 2023

Which Product Is The Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350?

The award for “Best Chevy 350 intake manifold goes to Edelbrock 2701. It consists of a sturdy dual-plane aluminum mold designed to work perfectly with the carbureted motor.

It works effectively to enhance the efficiency of your Chevy 350 with minimal stress to its internals.

For maximum effect, ensure that the right intake gasket is used alongside larger intake ports. These intakes are Dyno tested and come with a remarkable 5bhp and 9ft-lbs of torque.

Why Is Edelbrock The Best Intake Manifold Brand For Chevy 350?

Since 1938, Edelbrock has been an industry leader in induction technology. Edelbrock spent several hours designing and manufacturing intake manifold for a variety of vehicles, chevy 350 inclusive.

Their intake manifold for chevy 350 reeks of quality, precision, and durability. Edelbrock manufactures its intake manifold with the most advanced machine technology, which stands out from its competitors.

They also offer excellent customer support and great value for every Edelbrock product you purchase.

Also, they offer lots of products within the Edelbrock brand for customers to choose their desired product. Whatever type of vehicle you possess, you will find an intake manifold from Edelbrock that suits your need.

7 Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350 Review & Buying Guide

01. Edelbrock 2701 Intake Manifold



  • Made of cast aluminum alloy and a natural finish
  • RPM ranges from idle or off to 5500 RPM
  • Dual plane design
  • Single carburetor with no EGR
  • Designed for square bore carburetors

The Edelbrock 2701 is the best intake manifold on our list for obvious reasons, which will be discussed briefly.

It delivers superb performance when used alongside square-bore carburetors.

The horsepower can increase from a state of rest to 5500 RPM when used alongside square-bore carburetors or Thunder Series AVS carburetors.

The Edelbrock 2701 intake manifold is designed for the 1986 model of 350 small block engines and earlier 262-400 cubic-inch Chevys.

It looks great and works perfectly with a firing order of 180-degree, which vastly enhances torque over an extended rpm range for great throttle response.

The Edelbrock 2701 peak torque is set at 3500 rpm on a 350-inch engine, making it possible to power from an idle state to 5500 rpm.

This intake manifold is Ideal for slight OEM performance improvements; it also passes for an excellent stock type replacement component.

It comes with a Dyno tested torque increase of 5 hp and 9 ft-lbs. The maximum height of the carb pad, front, and rear is 4.27, 3.74, and 4.8 inchesrespectively.

The Edelbrock 2701 intake manifold model is recommended to be paired with Performer Series 500-650 cfm carburetor or Edelbrock AVS2.


  • Very inexpensive model
  • Great value for money
  • Delivers superb performance
  • It fits well with 350 models from 1955 to 1985


02. Edelbrock 27013 Intake Manifold



  • 3500 rpm peak torque
  • Idle-5500 RPM Range
  • Non-EGR
  • Dual Plane
  • Black Coated finish

The Edelbrock 27013 Intake Manifold is designed to work with Thunder Series AVS carbs or Edelbrock square-bore Performer Series to provide excellent performance.

Its peak torque for a 350-inch engine is 3500 rpm while it powers up to 5500 rpm from off or idle state.

It comes with a Dyno tested torque increase of 5 hp and 9 ft-lbs. The maximum height of the front, center, and rear is 3.7, .27, and 4.8 inches, respectively.

This product’s performance feature is similar to the Edelbrock 2701 mentioned as the best intake manifold in this review.

It comes with a mix of a front-mounted oil fill tube and modern runner design for vintage lovers. It is also important to note that this product won’t fit under the stock Corvette hood.

This product is optimized for maximum performance, and it delivers from 3000 to 4500 rpm. This increases the average of more than 5 ft-lbs. of torque, which does not disappoint when you need it.

This excellent intake manifold for Chevy 350 features a runner design primed for 3500 rpm peak torque on a 350-inch engine.

You can also install the Breather and Oil Fill Tube separately as Edelbrock 4803. It also matches with a square-bore carburetor from Edelbrock to maximize performance gains.

The Edelbrock 27013 is also obtainable in four finishes that allow users to choose their desired finish.


  • High quality
  • Perfect fit
  • Nice black color


  • Not delivered with plugs to cap off holes

03. Edelbrock 2116 Intake Manifold



  • Non-EGR
  • External water bypass
  • Allows spread-bore and square-bore carbs
  • Dual-plane
  • The wide range of torque is up to 5500 RPM

The Edelbrock 2116 is made for square bore flange and expected to take over from the OEM unit.

This product is made of aluminum and designed among the popular Performer Series, which has generated amazing reviews.

One of this design’s unique features is its dual-plane ability to fit Vortec heads of engines from 1996 through 1998.

As most Edelbrock products already reviewed, this product produces power from off/idle state to 5 500 RPM. It accepts model blocks from 1995 and earlier, as well as Vortex blocks.

This product does not fit beneath the stock Corvette hood, allowing a late model alternator, water neck, air conditioning, and HEI.

This model is a dual-plane intake manifold designed for street rod use and works with square or spread bore carburetors.

There is a space external water bypass, which works great with 1995 and earlier small blocks or Vortex blocks. However, it has a downside which is its lack of exhaust-heated choke.


  • Great value for money
  • Excellent finish and fit
  • Versatile


  • Exhaust-heated chokes are not included.

04. Edelbrock 7501 Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold



  • Dual-Plane Design with Air-Gap
  • Designed for square bore carburetors
  • Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • cooler, more power, and denser charge
  • RPM ranges from idle or off to 5500 RPM

The Edelbrock 7501 intake manifold is specifically designed for the Chevy 350 1955-86 models. It features a dual-plane intake air gap style which adds to its uniqueness.

Also, the design comes with an open space separating runners from the compartments where oil is stored. This cools the engine, enhances performance, and increases power.

The maximum height of the carb pad, front, and rear is 4.27, 4.20, and 5.20 inches, respectively, with a port exit dimension of 1.14 by 1.95 inches.

Kindly note that this model is designed for square bore carburetors with a horsepower increment from an idle state to 5500 RPM and up to 1, 500-6, 500 RPM.

The Edelbrock 7501 Performer is made from aluminum to give it a lighter weight and a natural finish. Its runners are primed to move the power band 1000 RPM higher and feature rear water outlets, nitrous bosses, and two distributor clamps.


  • Offers great value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth handle


  • No exhaust heated chokes
  • More expensive than Edelbrock 2701

05. Edelbrock 3704 Intake Manifold



  • Dual-Plane
  • Accepts OEM equipment
  • RPM from idle to 5, 500 RPM
  • Made from aluminum
  • Throttle Body Injection
  • 180-degree firing order

The Edelbrock 3704 is a dual-plane that comprises 180-degree firing order and runner design. It is manufactured from aluminum and comes with a natural finish.

The torque is vastly improved within a wide range of RPM for great throttle response. The Edelbrock 3704 intake manifold allows air or a mixture of air and fuel mixture from the throttle body to the cylinder head.

This performer is great for trucks, passenger cars, and RVs. Users will also enjoy increased torque and excellent throttle response.

The Edelbrock 3704 intake manifold produces power from an off/idle state to 5500 RPM. It is important to note that this product is not compatible with Buick or Caprice and Cadillac “B” bodies.

It is imperative to use this product with the right and recommended carburetor to achieve the best result.


  • Fit perfectly
  • Excellent throttle response
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive
  • More expensive than Edelbrock 2701

06. Edelbrock 2101 Intake Manifold



  • Made of aluminum
  • Dual plane
  • RPM from idle to about 5500 RPM
  • 180-degree firing order
  • Intake is 50-state street legal

The Edelbrock 2101 intake manifold is specifically designed for Chevy 350 1955-86 small-block 350 applications.

This model features a patented Dual-plane and low-rise design with 180-degree firing order, which improves the horsepower from a state of rest to 5500 RPM.

The maximum height of the carb pad, front, and rear is 4.05, 3.50, and 4.6 inches, respectively.

The Edelbrock 2101 is compatible with OEM 4-Bbl as it comes recommended.

It has port exit dimensions of 1.14″ by 1.88″, which is well suited to the intake gasket of Edelbrock 7201.

This superb intake manifold belongs to the performance brand, which works with a vast range of small blocks such as trucks, passenger cars, towing, 4x4s, and RVs.

This product allows a late model alternator, water neck, air conditioning, and Heat Energy Ignition (HEI). The Edelbrock 2101 is designed to direct the air/air-fuel mixture through the throttle to the cylinder head’s opening ports.


  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Excellent throttle response
  • Fits perfectly


  • Installation could be difficult for new users

07. Dart 42811000 Intake Manifold



  • Made from aluminum alloy
  • Ideal for 215cc and smaller intake ports
  • Dual-plane
  • Power from idle to about 6,000 rpm
  • Dual distributor hold-downs

The Dart Intake Manifold is ideal for Chevy 350 blocks within the 1955 to 1986 models. The Dart intake manifolds use wet flow technology, which resulted from extensive research made from drag racing vehicles and oval track.

The Dart intake manifold has a height of 4.27 inches, with its parts well optimized to give a superb performance. This model features a dual-plane style with enhanced intake and extended separated runners for power.

It features a single, square-bore 4-barrel, which powers up to 6000 rpm from off or idle state. Your Chevy 350 will also benefit from a runner design that allows high-rpm horsepower. It fits perfectly with the square carburetors 4150 model.


  • Excellent rpm ratings
  • Optimized for performance
  • wet flow technology


  • Expensive
  • It does not come with plugs and gaskets

Buying Considerations of Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350

Intake Manifold For Chevy 350

As discussed earlier in the product review, dual-plane intake manifolds, such as Edelbrock 2701, deliver excellent power from idle through the 5,500 rpm range.

You need a buying guide to help you make an informed decision on your intake manifold choice.

What are other considerations to make while buying intake manifolds?

These three steps will guide you to make the right choice today:

01. Choose your choice (Dual-Plane, Single-Plane, or Others)

You’ll find intake manifolds in various styles such as dual-plane, single-plane, tunnel ram, and so on. The choice is yours, but you should make the right choice based on your vehicle’s intake style and proposed rpm operating range.

Dual-plane intake manifolds come in two separate openings, which allow air or fuel from the carburetor. Each of the openings flows into four cylinders on a V8 engine.

This sectionalized design ensures that each cylinder sees every other firing pulse, reducing the chance of overlap between induction pulses which further results in a much smoother induction pulse, notably at low rpm.

Also, they typically possess extended intake runners, which makes them a great option for low and medium-range power production.

Here are the following reasons to choose a dual-plane manifold:

  • Low rpm response and power within the range of 1,500-6,500 rpm
  • Impressive idle quality
  • For mild racing and street performance.

Among our reviewed products, the Edelbrock Performer is one of the best dual-plane intake manifold options.

One of the major differences between a dual-plane and single-plane intake manifold is the number of open plenum. While the former has two openings, the latter has one opening, which supplies all eight cylinders on a V8 engine.

Unlike the dual-plane, which has a smooth induction pulse in low range rpm, it generally allows better and equally distributed flow between cylinders.

Likewise, it has shorter and more-direct runners, which allows it to move a large volume of air from the carburetor to the heads.

Here are the following reasons to choose a single-plane manifold:

  • High rpm response and power within the range of 8000 rpm
  • Ideal for racing events

Check out these single-plane intakes:

Although most of the products reviewed are dual-plane, the single-plane intake manifold options are also common.

As mentioned earlier, we have other intake styles aside from the dual-plane and single-plane, which are the commonest.

Other options include Air-Gap intake manifolds and the Tunnel ram intake manifold. Some of our reviewed products also fall into these categories.

02. Find the Right fit

Once you have made your choice of intake manifold style, your next task is to choose the manifold that fits rightly with your application.

Here are some considerations to make while shopping for your ideal intake manifold:

  • Hood clearance
  • Cylinder head port design
  • Carburetor body mounting

Hood clearance is one aspect to consider, especially for street applications.

If you intend to retain your hood, measure your stock manifold height and look for a similar intake manifold measurement.

A higher intake manifold can be accommodated through a hood scoop, air cleaner, or other means. Note that all these will take more time and you will also spend more money.

It is also imperative to take note of cylinder head port design. There are big block Chevy heads with several port designs, including oval, rectangular, and nut-shaped.

Always ensure the ports for intake runners are a perfect match with your cylinder heads.

Similarly, you should ensure your new intake manifold works perfectly well with your carb mounting pad configuration.

For instance, four-barrel carbs come with three basic mounting pads, namely:

Spread bore, square bore, and Dominator style. Check for the type of mounting pad used by your carburetor and ensure the intake purchased is in tandem with it.

If you choose to buy a fuel injection manifold, ensure you check the throttle body inlet to ascertain that it fits your throttle body size perfectly.

03. Fine Tune Your Choice

Now you have made your choice on the intake style you want. All is verified and in perfect shape and condition.

But, here is the final step to take before you get the much desired green light.

If you reside in an area with special emissions regulations—here is a must for you to read. Consult a certified intake manifold professional to help check out your intake manifold for adherence to regulations.

You can also make a comparison of port cross-section, plenum volume, and check the length of the runner to throttle down your choice.

We hope these three points will help you make the right consideration regarding your intake manifold choice.

The Common FAQs of Best Intake Manifold For Chevy 350

Intake Manifold For Chevy

How to choose my desired intake manifold?

Intake manifolds aim to allow more air and fuel passage from the carburetor into the cylinder heads.

If you want your Chevy 350 to perform optimally, you should choose a dual-plane manifold with two chambers to receive the mixture of air and fuel from the carburetor.

The air-fuel mixture from each chamber is delivered to each four-cylinder row in a V8 motor.

How much HP does an Edelbrock intake manifold add?

According to the product specifications, the Edelbrock Performer intake manifold could add between 5 to 10 HP.

Is it possible for a 305 intake manifold to fit into a 350?

You cannot differentiate between the 305 and 350 intake manifold except the sticker placed on the cover because it’s the same block.

The holes for the 305 and 350 are identical. So, ensure you pay attention to both before mounting.

How to Get More HP from My Chevy 350?

It’s quite easy to add more horsepower to the Chevy 350 motor. Here are a few steps to get more horsepower out of your Chevy 350 motor:

Step 1

Change and adjust your air intake. You can achieve this in various ways, like installing a K & N air filter or an entire cold-air-intake system.

The latter comes at a higher price but gives better results in terms of horsepower gain.

The amount of horsepower generated depends on the amount of cool air your motor can take in. It would be a wise decision to modify your air intake based on your desired horsepower gain.

Step 2

Adjust your exhaust. After successfully adjusting and increasing air intake, that air must find a place to leave the engine.

There are a few exhaust options available such as dual exhaust, headers, and pipe diameter increase of about 3 inches.

Headers allow your motor to exhale as it is designed to produce a back pressure for your motor, invariably increasing horsepower. However, a dual exhaust does a better job in horsepower gain.

Step 3

Replace your valve train and camshafts. It is inexpensive to increase horsepower by modifying the valve train.

Step 4

Get a new cylinder head or polish the existing one. Some companies configure cylinder heads to improve performance and increase horsepower.

Through this configuration, fuel and airflow are improved using bigger valves with intake and exhaust ports.

Do you need to torque your intake manifold?

The idea is not to make the bolts too tight till it cracks or goes out of sequence. The intake manifold doesn’t need that much torque.

How can I Detect Intake Manifold Leaks?

There are two major ways leakage could occur with the intake manifold. The coolant leaks out, or external air leaks into the manifold without passing through the designated passageway.

Engine performance can be affected through air leaks, while engine failure can occur from coolant leaks.

Step 1

Check intake manifold side where tubes are attached to the engine. Check for coolant leak signs in the form of wet spots.

You could note the severity of the leak from the amount of wetness observed.

Step 2

Put coolant leak test dye in your radiator cap. Change the cap, and ignite the engine till it completely warms up.

After, please switch off the engine to allow it to cool off before working on the engine. Wear protective goggles and flash UV light around the areas where the leak is detected earlier.

You will see a bright green color wherever a leak is detected, representing the dye in the coolant.

To detect a leak in the intake manifold gasket, start the engine and spray the carburetor cleaner through its nozzle.

Wait a while to observe changes in the engine speed; if it speeds off or changes the way it runs, it implies that you leak.

What are the noticeable signs of a faulty intake manifold gasket?

The intake manifold gasket usually shows few signs when it gets bad or faulty, which indicates a need for replacement.

1. Decreased acceleration, power, and fuel economy coupled with an engine misfire

When the intake manifold gasket becomes bad, one of the noticeable signs is engine performance. Wear and tear occur to the intake manifold gasket as your vehicle increase mileage, thereby causing performance issues.

2. Coolant leaks

Leakage of coolants is another sign of bad intake manifold gasket which needs to be addressed as soon as noticed.

3. Engine overheating

The overheating of the engine overheating is another sign of faulty intake manifold gaskets.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you should consult a professional technician for assistance.

How much torque does a 350 have?

The Chevy 350 has a rating of about 380 lb per ft of torque which is superb for towing; however, it consumes more fuel which may necessitate the need for premium fuel depending on its compression ratio.

The Chevy 350 is GM’s best-known small-block V8 engine and considered one of the world’s best engines.

It is very durable, reliable, versatile, and offers great performance wherever it’s used. It has a torque rating of about 380 lb-ft, which is ideal for towing.

However, depending on the compression ratio, it has a low fuel economy, and you might need to use premium fuel.


Your search for the best intake manifold for Chevy 350 is over as we have narrowed your choice to seven amazing products, with the Edelbrock 2701 topping our list.

We hope you will be able to make an informed purchase decision from our carefully reviewed product description.

Aside from the comprehensive product review, there are also buying considerations while answering potential buyers’ pertinent questions.

Read up and learn from this highly informative review and buying guide. We love to hear from you; kindly drop your review and feedback in the comment section below.