Top 11 Best Mud Flaps For Ram 1500/2500 2023 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

As with any other truck, Ram 1500 cars will need mud flaps to protect the fenders. Here in this review, you will find the best mud flaps for Ram 1500.

From the material to the design and installation, all information is presented here in detail. Also, the specific features of each product are mentioned to give the best comprehensive review.


Best Mud Flaps For Ram 1500/2500 Comparison Table [Updated 2023]

What are the best mud flaps for ram 1500?

The top mud flaps here are Husky Liners 58186. Actually, Husky Liners has many high-quality mud flaps for Ram 1500. However, this one is the best at all for different features.

They come in a set of four flaps for all the front and rear car wheels. Also, they have a durable rubber material to withstand different conditions.

Why Husky Liners is the best brand for ram 1500 mud flaps?

Husky Liners 58186 has many features that qualified it to be the top product on this list. First, the quality it offers and the relatively good size and weight.

Further, the pre-drilled holes are exactly the same fit for Ram 1500. Also, the color and design blend perfectly with the fenders.

Finally, the added feature of the protectant tape. This will protect the fenders from scratch as well as protecting them from rocks and other dirt.

11 Best Mud Flaps For Ram 1500 Reviews 2023

01. Husky Liners 58186 – Best Mud Flaps For Ram 2500 & 1500


Highlighted Features

  • Set of 4 mudguards
  • Custom-fit to Ram 1500
  • Thermoplastic material
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Weather-resistance
  • Black color

Starting off with the best mud flaps for Ram 1500 from Husky Liners. These mud flaps will perfectly fit the vehicle and look great as well.

In contrary to many mud flaps, they can be installed with the fender flares on. When buying these flaps, you get a set of two front and two rear mudguards.

Made of thermoplastic material, they provide the best weather resistance at all. Moreover, they come in black color which fits other OEM parts of Ram 1500 to provide a factory look.

Moving to another advantage of Husky Liners’ product, the material is very durable. Since mud flaps are originally designed to protect the car, they should withstand different dirt and debris.

That’s why they have this sturdy material. Regarding installation, they need no drilling as they are already a custom fit to this specific vehicle.

Not to forget the ideal width of the flaps which covers the whole tire. So, they provide the best protection for Ram 1500.


  • No drilling for installation
  • Cover the whole wheels
  • Very durable material


  • 3M paint protector is not cut properly

02. Husky Liners – 58146  – [Best for protecting the fender]


Highlighted Features

  • Set of 4 mudguards
  • Custom-fit with or without flares
  • Thermoplastic material
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Black color

Another product from Husky Liners with nearly the same quality features. Here, Ram 1500 owners have the option to choose between with or without flares option.

So, check the car model first before purchasing this set of mud flares. Generally, any type will fit perfectly as they are custom-fit to the car.

Similar to the previous product, they come in black color to suit the fenders. The sleek design they have will give the car a nice look at the end.

For installation, they need no drilling or any difficult processes. Just use the screws and simple hardware to install.

Also, there is a paint protectant tape that protects the paint of the car fender from scratching. As the car moves the mud flaps may friction with the fenders removing part of the paint.

Thus, this protectant tape is an important part of mudguards. Further, the package has all the necessary kit for installing the flaps including mounting brackets.

Therefore, buying these ones means nothing else is needed.


  • Has a protectant tape
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Cover the whole wheels


  • Leave a gap between fender flare and flaps

03. WeatherTech 120026  – [Best for easy installation]


Highlighted Features

  • Rear mud flaps
  • Custom-fit
  • Solid modeling process
  • Impact-resistant
  • Pre-drilled holes

Next comes WeatherTech mud flaps with one of the easiest installation processes ever. These flaps will protect the car’s fenders to the maximum with no need for extra hardware to install.

Even more, installation doesn’t require removing the wheels or the tires nor drilling any extra holes. It will just take minutes to put the flaps in their place and go off the road.

WeatherTech mud flaps will provide impact-resistant guards that last forever.

For creating these mud flares, WeatheTech follows a solid modeling process to create a 3D visualization of the car fenders.

Thus, they are able to create mud flaps that exactly match this part. In general, WeatherTech mud flaps are a very good recommendation to use for Ram 1500.

However, the set contains two rear flaps only. So, you should get two pairs separately to cover the four wheels.


  • The package includes all hardware
  • Very easy installation


  • May need some adjustment for some models

04. Husky Liners Rubber Rear Mud Flaps  – [Best universal fit]


Highlighted Features

  • Rear mud flaps
  • Universal fit
  • 12-inch width
  • Impact and weather resistance
  • Rubber material
  • Stainless steel and black matte options

With a 12 inch width, these rubber mud flaps will ensure complete coverage for the whole tires to fully protect them. Also, they will fit on almost any truck as they are universal fit.

However, this means they may require some drilling for installation. Typically, the kit comes with 4 screws for each flap.

Yet, some people may need to use more as they feature a heavy-weight mud flap. Being a heavyweight doesn’t decrease flexibility but increases durability.

Adding to the above features, the mud flaps are impact-resistant and weatherproof. Further, they come at an affordable price considering all these features.

Yet, they are sold in sets of two only. Finally, Husky Liners provide two options for this model. The first is a stainless steel finish with shiny silver color.

Whereas the second is a matte black finish to fit the fenders.


  • Heavyweight but flexible
  • Two-color options
  • Affordable price


  • May need more screws for holding

05. Husky Liners Rubber Front Mud Flaps


Highlighted Features

  • Front mud flaps
  • Universal fit
  • 12-inch width
  • Impact and weather resistance
  • Rubber material
  • Stainless steel and black matte options

In terms of mud flaps, Husky Liners sweeps the floor among other brands for quality products.

Considering this one, it nearly resembles the previous product in everything except that it is for front wheels.

Husky Liners rubber front mud flaps offer great protection for the front wheels thanks to the wideness of the flaps.

Also, the design of the flaps themselves enhances the overall look of the car fenders.

They have a narrow end at the top which blends very well with the fenders but may complicate installation a little bit.

People driving in hard weather conditions as snow will find these mud flaps very useful.

They not only protect against mud but also can withstand snow and other dirt.

Since they are rubber mud flaps, they should have a cheaper price than other metal flaps.

Yet, they are not very cheap but affordable considering the quality one will get in the end.

Overall, the best thing about these flaps is the durability and rigidness they offer. Husky Liners flaps are meant to last.


  • Heavyweight but flexible
  • Two-color options
  • Great quality


  • The top end is narrow

06. WeatherTech 120011


Highlighted Features

  • 4 mud flaps
  • Custom-fit
  • Stainless steel material
  • Quickturn fastening system
  • Rust-resistance

Next, WeatherTech is the second option on this list. These mug flaps are custom-fit to give an exact fit to the fenders for the best protection.

Speaking of protection, the width of the mud flaps is suitable. So, they will kick off any rocks or debris trying to hit the wheel.

To mount these on the fenders, there use quickturn fastening system. This should allow for a minute mounting process with no drilling.

Moving on to the design and appearance. WeatherTech flaps are stainless steel ones. Hence, they are rust-resistant and can bear rainy weather conditions.

Further, they give an elegant appearance with the shiny silver color of stainless steel. More importantly, they don’t move rigorously when the car is moving fast.

This is because they are very stiff and not too flexible. While some flexibility for flaps is needed, stiffness ensures they will not scratch the fenders’ paint.


  • Full wheel coverage
  • Don’t scratch the fender
  • Have an elegant appearance


  • Not very flexible

07. Dee Zee DZ1808 Brite-Tread Universal Mud Flaps


Highlighted Features

  • 4 mud flaps
  • Universal fit
  • Aluminum material
  • Pre-drilled holes

If you are a bit of a classic person and not into black mud flaps, here is a traditional aluminum one.

Being of the classic style of mud flaps doesn’t mean it is not as perfect as other mud flaps on this list.

Instead, it is a different design offering the same full protection to the car wheels. Also, Dee Zee mud flaps are universal indicating that they have the holes already drilled. So, they can fit any truck.

Additionally, the mud flaps stand out among other products for the price. They come at a cheaper price than rubber and stainless steel products.

Yet, they offer good protection from road debris and rocks. Since they are universal-fit, they may need to drill some holes for specific truck models. In all cases, they will cover the whole tire of any truck providing total protection.


  • Full wheel coverage
  • Cheap price
  • Good quality


  • Lightweight
  • May need drilling holes

08. Husky Liners – 17101 Kick Back Mud Flaps


Highlighted Features

  • Set of 4 flaps
  • Universal fit
  • 12-inch width
  • Grooved anti-spray material
  • Black texture finish

Again with another product from Husky Liners. Proceeding from their trusted brand name, they manufactured different mud flaps to suit all needs.

This one with a 12-inch width is one of them. The set of mud flaps fit many truck models. Also, it comes with mounting brackets for larger tires.

So, the flaps fasten tightly to the fenders and don’t loosen at high speeds. Not only does it comes with the brackets but also with everything else for installation.

For a touch of elegance, the flaps have a black finish on a grooved anti-spray material. This is certainly better than the OEM plastic ones.

In addition to the final look, the black finish also protects the flaps and gives them extra durability. So, the end is good quality and a better-looking product.

Nevertheless, they are stiff and will fix in their place once installed.


  • Full wheel coverage
  • Come with a complete kit
  • Fits large tires


  • May rust
  • Expensive

09. DNA Motoring WFMK-006


Highlighted Features

  • Four flaps
  • Custom-fit for Ram 1500
  • Injection-molded ABS plastic
  • Raised lips design
  • Pre-drilled holes

DNA Motoring mud flaps take a place on this list for several reasons. First, they feature a high-quality product made of injection-molded ABS Plastic.

This offers sturdy and durable quality flaps. Second, they have a matte finish which gives further protection and a better look.

Also, the thickness is pretty good for the flaps to be flexible and at the same time not very light.

Coming to the design, they have raised lips that are functional and aesthetical at the same time.

From a usability point of view, they aid in fixing the flaps to the fender. On the other hand, they offer a great look for the flaps blended with the fenders.

Finally, these flaps are compatible with the 2009 to 2018 Ram 1500. They come in sets of 4 which are perfectly designed to fit those specific models.

From the matching color with the fender and the aligned mounting holes, all are exactly the same fit for Ram 1500.


  • Good looking design
  • Suitable thickness
  • Very good quality


  • No installation instructions

10. Luverne Truck Equipment 251443


Highlighted Features

  • Two front or rear flaps
  • Custom or universal fit
  • Recycled rubber material
  • Scratch-resistance texture
  • Rust and corrosion-resistance
  • Pre-drilled holes

Luverne mud flaps deserve their ranking on this list for the heavy-duty material they have. Luverne flaps are made of recycled rubber.

Rubber is a common material for mud flaps as it protects against road debris and other weather conditions.

In addition, it is has a moderate weight not too heavy to prevent flapping, and not too light to flap too much.

At the bottom of these flaps, there exist stainless steel guard plates. Those are responsible for extra protection and adding to the lifetime of the mud flaps. Further, they are polished giving more style.

As for the texture of the flaps themselves, they have a final texture that will not scratch or corrode over time.

They are also rust-resistance with all the installation kits of the same resistance features. Installation is very easy and all the hardware comes with the kit.

Finally, these mud flaps are customized to Ram 1500 models. However, there are universal models that fit any car.


  • Come with guard plates
  • All hardware is included
  • Suitable weight


  • May need extra holes

11. Caterpillar Heavy Duty Splash Guards Pro Mud Flaps Fenders


Highlighted Features

  • Four pieces set
  • Universal fit
  • Rubber material
  • 11-inch width
  • Metallic mirror reflectors

Lastly, with the final product from CAT. Who does not know this brand name with all the high-quality products it offers? For mud flaps, CAT offers a four-piece set for front and rear tires of Ram 1500 and other trucks.

These mud flaps are rubber ones featuring a strong rigid material instead of cheap plastic. The more the material is stronger, the more protection it offers.

In addition, the dimensions of the flaps are good enough to protect the whole wheel. However, they are thicker than usual making drilling more difficult.

One unique feature for these mud flaps is the metallic mirror reflectors in each flap. These allow for better visibility at night as reflectors reflect any light behind the truck.

Additionally, the kit comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. For installing CAT’s mud flaps, you need to drill few holes according to the truck model. After that, the installation will be a breeze.


  • Comes with all hardware
  • Very good quality material
  • Better vision at night


  • Thick for drilling

The Buying Considerations of Best Mud Flaps For Ram 1500

mud flaps for ram 1500

Mudflaps are intended to protect the fenders of the car from road rocks and debris. So, truck owners should consider getting those as fenders are so precious.

Here in this guide, you will find the best mud flaps for Ram 1500. Moreover, the following are the most important items to look for when buying a set of mud flaps for Ram 1500.


Since mud flaps will protect the wheels and tires, they should have a very durable material. Common materials for mud flaps include rubber, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Rubber is generally the best material as it can withstand different weather conditions. Also, it has a considerably good weight to allow flapping to kick out rocks and other debris.

Stainless steel is a good material as well. It doesn’t rust and give a shiny final look to the fenders.

In addition, it reflects sunlight, so, it doesn’t get hot quickly. As for aluminum, it is the traditional material used for mud flaps. It is not a bad one but rubber and stainless are much better.


This refers to the wideness and thickness of the flaps. Flaps should have a good width to cover the whole wheel. If they are not wide enough, they won’t serve the purpose of protecting the wheels.

Also, thickness is important as it reflects durability. However, they shouldn’t be too thick that they prevent drilling more holes. In many cases, mud flaps will need more holes to tightly attach to the fenders.

Number of flaps

Mudflaps come in a set of two or four flaps. When buying a set of those, one should compare the price with the number of items one will get.

Also, the front flaps and different from the rear flaps. So, when buying a set of two flaps, take a look at the description to get the right product.

Drilled holes

Typically, mud flaps come with pre-drilled holes. This ease the installation process which should take minutes. Before buying any mud flaps, ask about the number of drilled holes.

Also, check their place to make sure they will fit into your Ram 1500. One other final point is to ensure drilling is applicable and easy.


There are two options for mud flaps in terms of fit. They are either universal or custom fit. Universal fit means they will fit any truck whereas custom means they are designed for specific car models.

While custom-fit is better in the case of Ram 1500, some universal models are also very good. In the case of custom-fit, ensure the flaps are the exact right model for the truck.


Finally, the installation process of the flaps. As mentioned before, it should take minutes for each flap. Since they already have the holes pre-drilled, it is just a matter of mounting brackets and screws.

Mudflaps with a complete kit including everything else necessary for installation are better. If they are not available, you can get them from any car accessories store but ensure they are what is needed.

Other features

Some mud flaps will come with other extra features as protectant tape or stainless steel plates. Each of these features has a different purpose.

Although they are not a must, they can add to the functionality of the flaps. For example, the protectant tapes are important to prevent scratching the fenders.

Also, the metallic reflectors will offer better visibility at low light conditions.


The best mud flaps for Ram 1500 will provide the best protection for mud flaps. There are different features and advantages to consider when buying those flaps.

It is not likely to find a product with all the features available, so, everyone should choose what best suits him.

In the end, it is a matter of balancing the pros and cons. Hence, choosing the best suit for Ram 1500 model.