7 Best Roller Rockers for SBC 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Chevy’s SBC engines are considered the best in the market. In order to improve the abilities of these substances, it is essential to search for compatible roller rockers. Roller rockers are responsible for redirecting the motion of the lifter and moving the pushrods in a downward direction.

Furthermore, these objects offer power benefits and lead to an increase in horsepower by decreasing friction. Effortless installation, low scrubbing, and lower oil temperatures are other prominent attributes of these items. This article encompasses the seven best roller rockers for SBC based on friction, stiffness, oil temperature, scrubbing, and horsepower.


Top Roller Rockers for SBC

1. COMP Cams Roller Rocker Set

COMP Cams Roller Rocker Set


COMP Cams Roller Rocker Set is a well-known product available in the market. However, it falls towards the pricier side. COMP cams are famous for manufacturing top-notch equipment that not only guarantee unrivaled performance but also possess an extremely long life.

These outstanding tools display utmost efficiency on the streets and do not disappoint you in any aspect. We loved the aluminum construction and unique outlook of the apparatus, which is associated with enhanced durability and long life.

You can absolutely use them for racing purposes without worrying about damage or quality issues. Despite the use of aluminum in the system and larger than the stock body, the unit is lightweight and can be carried around with ease. This, coupled with the die-cast design, roller tip, and needle-bearing fulcrum, add five stars to the performance of the roller rocker. We also observed that the item was capable of offering an amplified valve lift.

Valve life not only contributed to improvements in the working efficiency but also made it ideal for a wide variety of vehicles, including SBC. The needle-bearing fulcrum is characterized by the reduction in friction generated when wheels drift on the ground.

Furthermore, reduction in friction lowers oil temperature, which results in better vehicular response and horsepower. Last but not least, snap rings are also incorporated into the system and are essential for holding the bearings and keeping them locked in one place.

  • Durable and compact
  • Reduced friction
  • Lower oil temperature
  • Fixed bearings
  • Enhanced vehicular response
  • Expensive


COMP Cams Roller Rocker Set is a performance-oriented high-quality model available throughout the market. The apparatus displays aluminum construction which imparts durability to its surface and protects it against external harm. Moreover, the inclusion of roller tip and needle bearing fulcrum reduces the friction and leads to better vehicular response.

2. PRW 0835005 Rocker Arm

PRW 0835005 Rocker Arm


PRW 0835005 Rocker Arm is yet another remarkable product included in the list of best roller rockers for SBC. These are the best alternative to the stock rollers and are more efficient than them. Hence, they are admired by a wide variety of consumers. The stainless steel body prevents the system from corrosion and getting stained and improves its sturdiness.

Another significant attribute of the roller rocker is its versatile nature which makes it perfect for cross-sectional engines, drag racing, and circle track, etc. To our surprise, the negligible arm flex generated during our trial sessions contributed to the performance of the tool to a great extent. Similarly, the long pivot slot is associated with higher lift and reduction in friction generation. Thus, making it one of the best units available in the market.

Most roller rockers result in scrubbing, which is generated by the pushing of the valve stem and valve guide against each other. But we were delighted to find out the decrease in scrubbing, which is attributed to the extraordinary roller tip integrated into the object. Moreover, reduced friction leads to the provision of better horsepower over the traditional stock roller and makes it our ultimate recommendation.

  • Decreases friction
  • Reduction in scrubbing
  • Versatile
  • Anti-corrosive nature
  • Increased horsepower
  • Difficult to install


PRW 0835005 Rocker Arm is a cost-effective solution to the traditional bearings and stock rollers. The reason for this is the decreased scrubbing and friction produced by the system, which contributes to improved horsepower and working efficiency. The versatile nature of the model makes it ideal for large cross-sectional engines, including SBC, and does not create any hassle for the users. Finally, the powerful steel body possesses anti-corrosive properties and protects it against external damage.

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3. Elgin Stainless Steel Roller Rocker

Elgin Stainless Steel Roller Rocker


Elgin Stainless Steel Roller Rocker, as the name indicates, displays stainless steel construction which is known for its sturdiness and anti-rusting abilities. Specially designed for Chevy Small Block engines, these items are embedded with poly locks. They are available in a set of 16 and are a cost-efficient alternative for those that can not afford high-priced products available out there in the market.

Along with this, the extra-large full need;e bearing incorporated in the system provides full support and offers appropriate friction. The friction is regulated by the outstanding bearings, which lower the oil temperature of the system similar to other units of its kind and help in amplifying the horsepower. The increased horsepower, later on, leads to a better performance rating, especially during rough and rocky terrains.

The extraordinary abilities of the equipment enable it to withstand pressure up to 700 pounds and protect it against damage due to heavy spring pressure. Besides these outstanding characteristics, another noteworthy feature of these roller rockers that I personally admire is the Chrome-moly push rods that make them stand out among the rest of the industrial competitors. Lastly, the tool is cost-efficient and is our ultimate recommendation to those looking for performance-oriented yet budget-friendly roller rockers for SBC.

  • Beras high spring pressure
  • Chrome-moly pushrods
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stainless steel design
  • Large needle bearings
  • Bad packaging


Elgin Stainless Steel Roller Rocker is a stainless steel object that is included with 16 items in one package. The budget-friendliness of these roller rockers is admired by a diverse range of consumers and is the primary reason for its high industrial demand. During installation, we observed that the material was easy to install with a hassle-free process and, thus, is ideal for beginners and experts alike.

4. Proform Aluminum Roller-Rocker

Proform Aluminum Roller-Rocker


Proform Aluminum Roller-Rocker is the most expensive item on the list and is worthy of its high price. The equipment is integrated with some of the best features and is associated with top-notch performance. Manufactured in China, the tool is versatile in nature and can be used with a wide variety of engines, including the SBC, without any difficulty. Its compatibility with such devices makes it perfect for our list.

Furthermore, the customizable vehicle-specific fit allows you to modify the fitting and size of the apparatus depending on the requirement of your vehicle. This offers a suitable alternative to traditional bearings and stock rockers. Apart from this, we love the effortless installation of the system, which is free from all sorts of hassle and can be carried out without any expert guidance.

Hence, if you are a beginner and looking for a trouble-free installable tool, you might want to consider this version of Proform roller rocker. You can just follow the instructions mentioned in the user guide and get the task done. Additionally, the metal construction ensures the durable build of the model and protects it against environmental harm as well as external damage. The lower oil temperatures are attributed to the decreased friction, which increases the horsepower of the system.

  • Trouble-free installation
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Increased horsepower
  • Versatile
  • Low oil temperature
  • Expensive


Proform Aluminum Roller-Rocker is an extraordinary product that offers a hassle-free installation process for beginners. Furthermore, the metal construction imparts sturdiness and strength to the apparatus, which protects it against damage. Besides this, the increased horsepower and reduction in oil temperature improve its performance to a great extent and are the reason for its popularity around the market.

5. COMP Cams 17043-16 Roller Rocker

COMP Cams 17043-16 Roller Rocker


COMP Cams 17043-16 Roller Rocker is another extraordinary product manufactured under the COMP Cams brand name. Offering universal fit to various types of vehicles, these items do not disappoint you in terms of performance and efficiency. Furthermore, their enhanced versatility makes them an ideal choice for SBC engines without imparting extra weight. The reason for the lightweight of the tool is the compact design that makes it highly portable.

These attributes, coupled with the durable and sturdy outlook, prevent the system from getting damaged due to varying environmental conditions. Similarly, we highly recommend these roller rocker arms for street and race usage because of the die-cast body, which features aluminum construction and is not prone to scratches or damage. Apart from this, the inclusion of needle-bearing fulcrum, just like its predecessor, helps in the reduction of friction and is associated with lower oil temperatures.

As mentioned earlier, lower oil temperature helps in maintaining quick vehicular response and also contributes to the increase in horsepower of the substance. During the trial sessions on our SBC, we observed that this version of COMP Cams roller rockers offered improved valve lift without impacting the performance. Thus, making it one of the best units included in the list.

  • Improved valve lift
  • Die-cast body
  • Aluminum construction
  • Versatile and compatible
  • Less friction
  • Requires maintenance


COMP Cams 17043-16 Roller Rocker, similar to its other market counterparts, is characterized by low prediction and oil temperatures. Such features help the system in maintaining quick vehicular response and also lead to amplified horsepower. Moreover, the added valve life offered by the apparatus enhances the performance of the engine to a great extent and is admired by the majority of consumers. Finally, budget-friendliness is another plus point that might guide your choice in this regard.

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6. Elgin SSR-840RS Roller Rocker


Elgin SSR-840RS Roller Rocker is available at an extremely reasonable price range across the market. Its performance-oriented design and lightweight make it ideal for a wide variety of vehicle engines, including Chevy Small Block engines. The durable metal construction is the highlight of the apparatus and safeguards it against external damage that might be due to environmental or other physical factors.

Hence, you do not need to worry about the quality of the materials used in the production. This also prevents you from going through the hassle of replacing the rocker arms again and again due to their poor performance. In addition to this, the inclusion of extra-large needle bearings in the system offers it a great advantage over the traditional ball bearings. It is the reason for its enhanced popularity in the market.

To our surprise, the equipment was capable of withstanding spring pressure around 700 pounds without getting damaged or impacting the performance. The Chrome rods also offer a significant advantage over similar industrial products and offer performance leverage that others might not provide. Last but not least, the cost-effectiveness of the item increases its suitability for the consumer with diverse financial backgrounds.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Withstand high pressure
  • Budget-friendly
  • Large needle bearings
  • Durable
  • Installation concerns


Elgin SSR-840RS Roller Rocker is a lightweight and compact tool that is incorporated with some of the best features. A notable example in this regard includes the incorporation of large needle bearings in the system for maximum performance efficiency. Furthermore, the high durability and metal-based construction ensure that the object can last longer than others of its kind without getting damaged.

7. COMP Cams Magnum Roller Rocker

COMP Cams Magnum Roller Rocker


COMP Cams Magnum Roller Rocker, similar to its predecessors, offers the best working efficiency and is specially designed for SBC engines. They are ideal for street and race use and are associated with the provision of maximum life. Displaying the chrome steel construction, that equipment offers higher stiffness than most other devices available in the market. The chrome steel is a durable and sturdy material and possesses high strength density however is extremely thin in size.

Thus, it makes the unit suitable for a wide variety of applications. Besides these attributes, the model is characterized by superior ratio accuracy and offers a high valve lift that enables you to achieve the best output. Along with this, the highlighting feature of the substance is the roller tip that contributes to the reduction in the friction between bearings and other objects and enhances the horsepower to a great extent.

Another significant characteristic of the model is the ability to withstand spring pressure up to 350 pounds without getting damaged or displaying performance inefficiency. The effortless installation is our favorite aspect of the roller rocker and allows us to assemble and install the unit without any expert guidance. Hence, if you are a beginner and looking for an easily installable device, these roller rockers are my ultimate recommendation.

  • Expensive
  • Here’s first
  • Here’s second
  • Here’s third
  • Here’s fourth
  • Up to N


COMP Cams Magnum Roller Rocker is the last product on the list. However, it does not lag behind its counterparts in terms of performance and quality erection. Similarly, the effortless installation offered by the device coupled with the higher stiffness and ratio accuracy add five stars to its performance and make it worthy of being included in the list of best roller rockers for SBC.

What to Consider While Purchasing the Best Roller Rockers for SBC

The job of a roller rocker is to maintain the upward motion of the lifter while keeping the valves open with the help of pushrods. The roller rocker arms are responsible for redirecting the pushrods in a downward position for opening the valves. There are various types of rocker arms available in the market, depending on their material of construction.

They range from stamped steel and powdered metal to die-cast aluminum. Furthermore, all these substances possess great strength and are not vulnerable to scratches or environmental harm. Based on this, you should consider a variety of factors before purchasing the best unit for yourself, including material of construction, design, stiffness, and price.

Manufacturing Material

Manufacturing material plays a significant role in the performance of an object. It is directly associated with the quality and lifetime of the device and must never be overlooked. Modern roller rockers use a diverse range of materials in this regard. You will find a wide variety of units made up of steel, while others may feature aluminum bodies.

Powdered metal is also very famous in some areas and imparts sturdiness to the system, thereby safeguarding it from harm and scratches. Before choosing the right model for yourself, you should carefully consider your requirements and then make a decision.

Rocker Arm Ratio

Second and another important factor that can greatly impact the abilities of a rocker arm is the arm ratio. An increase in the arm ratio allows you to increase the valve life without having physical contact with the internal components such as the camshaft. Hence, you should look for the models that offer a higher arm ratio as compared to those that are integrated with a limited rocker arm ratio.


Besides the arm ratio, it is also essential to purchase a tool that is stiffer in nature. Stiffness directly contributes to the improvement in performance. You can also manually increase the stiffness of your previous item by using a heavier manufacturing material such as chrome steel. Chrome Steel has a higher strength density and, thus, is a better option than aluminum and other metals for improving stiffness. Apart from this, a rocker’s holding fixture is another method through which you can increase the stiffness of the system.

Roller Tips and Large Bearings

It is also advised to search for tools that are embedded with extraordinary roller tips and large bearings. These substances help in the reduction of friction which is directly associated with lower oil temperatures. Furthermore, low oil temperature contributes to better vehicular response and high horsepower. All these factors combine together to offer the best performance output you could expect from a roller arm.


Last but not least, price is another factor that guides the user’s choice. Despite the remarkable features and high-quality output it generates, if an object is excessive, you might want to think twice before purchasing it. This is a natural human instinct, and there is nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, you have to consider your budget and need to purchase tons of other things as well. Thus, it is recommended to look for cost-effective yet performance-efficient alternatives to high-priced items.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do roller rockers add horsepower?

Yes, roller rocker arms are integrated with roller tips and bearings that are capable of decreasing friction to a great extent and lead to a reduction in oil temperature. Both these factors are directly associated with an increase in horsepower and better vehicular response. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool to increase the horsepower of your vehicular components, a roller rocker is highly recommended.

Are roller tips any good?

Roller tips are an integral part of roller rocker arms and are known for their remarkable benefits. Most notable among which include enhanced accuracy and better roller ratio as compared to the stock stamped rollers. Moreover, they also offer power benefits and do not disappoint you in any aspect.

Are roller rockers worth the money?

Roller rockers are indeed worth the investment because of their extraordinary attributes and high-quality output. Most rockers are known for their abilities to reduce friction and can add power benefits to the system. Furthermore, it is also characterized by decreased oil temperatures and can help improve the vehicular response. Hence, you must try them out.

Wrapping Up

Best roller rockers are capable of decreasing friction and improving vehicular response. These items are embedded with roller tips, large bearings, and display aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome steel construction. Based on these attributes, the following products are the best among their counterparts.

COMP Cams Magnum Roller Rocker for its effortless installation, higher stiffness, chrome steel construction, improved valve life, and better ratio accuracy.

Proform Aluminum Roller-Rocker because of its sturdy and durable design, increased horsepower, versatility, low oil temperature, and low friction.

PRW 0835005 Rocker Arm due to its budget-friendliness, anti-corrosive nature, enhanced horsepower, versatility, decreased friction, and reduction in scrubbing.

Hence, they are highly recommended for those looking for the best roller rockers for SBC.

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