10 Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 2023 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Shocks are the most critical part of rugged and heavy-duty vehicles, and GMC Sierra is also no exception. Because of their exceptional strength, power, and sheer size, GMC Sierra trucks are best for heavy-duty applications like towing and hauling heavy loads.

Therefore, GMC Sierra trucks need the best suited and most reliable set of shocks to deliver stability, comfort and enhance the vehicle’s service life. The shocks reduce the vehicle movements, offer precise handling, and improve the tire-road contact making your rides smooth and fade-free.

However, finding the best-quality aftermarket shock could be challenging, as they are often calibrated to meet the specification of OEM. If you own a GMC Sierra 150, you are lucky enough to find plenty of shocks on the market. We have reviewed the seven best shocks for GMC Sierra, which you can buy in 2023.


Top Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

1. KYB 349068 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 349068 Excel-G Gas Shock


KYB is the world-famous brand that manufactures and supplies struts, shocks, and other automotive parts to vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket dealers. Excel G-shocks by KYB are designed for promising stability and responsiveness during the ride, stopping, taking turns, and changing the lanes. The feature that impressed us most is the performance of this shocks struts set.

The shocks come equipped with in-house valve damping giving you 40% more damping than regular shocks. After pairing these shocks with the GMC Sierra 1500 model, we noticed a significant improvement in steering response, tire contact, body movement, and stopping distance. The shocks use the industry’s leading-quality materials, making them one of the most rugged shocks for GMC Sierra.

The shocks feature a strong body coupled with a triple lip fluid seal that prevents fuel leakage and adds exceptional stability to the whole suspension system. Additionally, that zinc-plated piston and chrome-plated piston seal slows down the wear and tear in seal rings, giving you a long-term performance. It comes with a rubber boot in the shaft that keeps the dirt and debris away and prolongs the life of tires and the whole suspension system.

It also shows the universal compatibility with the electronic safety systems of all the suspension systems. We found it extremely natural with the electronic safety system of the GMC Sierra. This is one of the thickest shock and strut systems we ever used. Although the maximum thickness reduces flex and adds stability, it cuts down the space for fuel storage, which results in quick warming. Therefore we do not recommend these shocks for regular off-roading.

  • 40% more dampening
  • Best construction quality
  • Tripe lip fluid seal to prevent leakage
  • Not ideal for regular off-roading


KYB Excel-G nitrogen gas-charged struts and shocks help you restore that original handling and control of the vehicle. The shocks offer premium construction and exceptional stability at a competitive price.

2. Detroit Axle – Front Struts Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement

Detroit Axle - Front Struts Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement


This 4-piece set by Detroit Axle comes with two front Struts and two Rear Shocks that are designed according to the OE specification and offer the best compatibility for GMC Sierra 1500. This set of shocks and struts is one of the most expensive yet reliable aftermarket replacements for the GMC Sierra you can buy in 2023. What sets this set of shocks and struts apart from its counterparts is all weather fluid.

All-weather fluid delivers exceptional performance as it quickly responds to the changing temperatures, making your suspension system impressively smooth and stable. Also, this feature lets you explore different regions with full confidence. What we found most valuable in this set of shocks and struts are the ADS technology.

The adaptive Damping system is an innovative technology that promises the automatic adjustment of suspension of shock-system according to the changing road conditions. It results in reduced frictions, improved steering response, better road-tire contact, and smooth rides, making the shocks ideal for off-road and challenging conditions.

Finally, the overall construction quality is rugged, preventing fuel leakage, minimizing flex, and providing unmatched stability and comfort even on long jumps and bumpy terrains. The fluon piston seal minimizes the seal wear making the shocks long-lasting and reliable.

  • Ideal for off-roading
  • Adaptive damping system
  • All-weather fuel
  • Expensive


If you are looking for the most reliable OE shock replacement for the GMC sierra 1500 models, this is the best option you can have. It shows compatibility with 2007-2013 variants of the GMC Sierra 1500 and promises exceptional control, natural handling, and stability for heavy-duty applications.

3. Skyjacker B8517 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot

Skyjacker B8517 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot


Skyjacker B8517 is a competitively priced shock absorber for GMC sierra 1500. The shocks are designed to improve the road-tire contact and provide stability on regular on-road conditions. It is a gas-charged twin-tube style shock. The most standout feature of Skyjacker B8517 is the foam cell technology. The foam cell technology offers more surface area and fuel storage capacity.

Also, the foam insert occupies less space than the gas resulting in quick cooling. In short, these shocks reduce the aeration and enhance the oil expansion, making the rides exceptionally smooth. What we loved most about Skyjacker shock is the quality construction. The shock features a sintered iron body, chrome-plated shaft, heavy-duty compression head, and DOM tube.

The sintered iron is the purest form of heat-treated iron with the best technical characteristics. Plus, the chrome-plated exterior resists corrosion increasing the service life of the vehicle’s suspension system. The shocks come with 360-degree arc end mounts and 180-degree directional mounts for reliable and long-term performance.

The shocks come with a black boot that keeps the dust and debris away, making the tyres and whole suspension system smooth and clean for a long-time. The 360-arc mount and 180-degree directions mounts make the installation hassle-free. However, if you have no prior experience in this field, we recommend getting the best professional installation service. The skyjacker shocks are sold individually, but it is recommended to replace the pair to get the best performance.

  • Durable construction quality
  • Foam-cell technology
  • Competitive price
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty applications


Skyjacker B8517 shock absorber with foam-cell technology and heavy-duty construction is the best deal for GMC Sierra 1500. Its heavy-duty compression head and DOM tube reduce internal wear while a chrome-plated exterior resists corrosion increasing the service life.

4. Rancho Quicklift Leveling Struts + Rear RS9000XL Shocks Kit

Rancho Quicklift Leveling Struts + Rear RS9000XL Shocks Kit


Rancho Quicklift leveling kit includes two front struts with springs and two rear shocks. This is one of the most expensive OEM shock replacement options across the market for GMC Sierra. With many adjustable features and exceptional construction quality, this is an all-around leveling kit that takes your riding experience to simply new heights.

What makes the shocks best of all is their 9 compression settings. This feature lets you adjust the shocks to nine different compression levels to get the best responses in different situations. These shocks feature a heavy-duty construction that helps them withstand the challenging off-road conditions.

The tri-tube construction, with a nitro carb rod and metallic finish, provides unmatched ruggedness and strength. We found these shocks pretty easy to install. Thankfully, this set of shocks and struts comes pre-assembled and requires all installation-related accessories.

However, if you have never done it before, we recommend you get a professional installation to prevent damage. Finally, the shocks are backed by a 90-day ride guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. This gives you protection against premature failure making the product trustworthy.

  • Adjustable compression and damping
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Expensive


If you do regular off-roading or use the truck for heavy-duty applications like towing or hauling heavy loads, this is the best leveling kit you can buy in 2023. With rugged construction, adjustable stiffness, and nitrogen-gas charged style, this is undoubtedly the best shock for GMC Sierra 1500.

5. Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers


Next on our list is Bilstein 2400 series shock absorbers that are compatible with GMC Sierra 1550, 1999-206 variants. These shocks are designed to provide stability, comfort, original handling, and control for regular use and different applications. What makes the shocks most stand out is their upside-down mountable technology.

This technology ensures a quick response making the internal pistons move fast and giving you exceptional stability in challenging conditions. Additionally, the monotube design of the shocks coupled with extended and collapsed lengths up to 22.5-inches and 13.59-inches makes these shocks a perfect option for off-roading and heavy-duty application.

It significantly reduces the vehicle’s movement, absorbing the momentum and mitigating it before reaching the internal parts. Plus, the premium build further enhances the reliability and performance of these shocks. The thick construction of the tube walls reduces the flex and adds support to the system. Plus, a chromium coating on the tube’s exterior reduces the tube wear, prevents leakage, and extends the vehicle’s service life.

The shocks come with an easy-to-mount assembly with complete accessories, giving you a quick and hassle-free installation. Finally, we really loved the “Bilstein Ride Control” feature of the shocks. We were able to customize almost all the characteristics of shocks, which was a great experience.

  • Quick And easy installation
  • Chromium exterior coating
  • Ideal for off-roading
  • Competitive price
  • No auto-adjustment


If you want to enhance the service life and upgrade the suspension performance of your GMC Sierra 1500, Bilstein 4600 is the best deal for you. Coming from a reliable brand and featuring premium construction, these shocks boost up performance and offer precise control, original handling, and ultimate comfort.

6. Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber

Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber


Monroe Reflex shocks absorber comes packed with plenty of amazing features making it the best aftermarket replacement for the GMC Sierra 1500. These shocks use the Impact Sensor Technology that gives a better steering response to improve handling, control, and safety. The most standout characteristic of the shocks is the auto-adjustment.

The Impact Sensor technology senses the changes in acceleration and road bumps and adjusts the valves to meet the damping requirements. This feature helps it stand out as one of the best shocks for the GMC Sierra. We found these shocks impressive in different-situation thanks to all weather fluid. The all-weather fluid adapts to the extreme and continuously changing temperatures.

These monotube shocks feature a high-pressure gas charge that uses nitrogen gas as fuel. This high-pressure gas charge prevents fuel mixing and aeration, making your rides smooth and stable even in challenging conditions. The tube with a 2-inch diameter has amazing fuel holding capacity. It stores a large number of fuels that result in slow warming and enhances suspension performance.

Additionally, it has a self-lubricating seal that minimizes friction and corrosion and increases the shock’s service life. Also, the fluon banded piston provides consistent sealing that promises improved control and long-term performance.

  • Auto-adjustment technology
  • Self-lubricating seal
  • Nitrogen gas-charged monotube design
  • A bit costly


Monroe set of shock absorbers and struts feature a monotube design and best OEM specification making the best deal for GMC Sierra 1500 owners. These shocks with all-temperature fluid, auto-adjustment feature, and Impact Sensor technology promises precise handling, original control, stability, and comfort in ever-changing riding conditions.

7. Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit

Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Kit


Rough Country 2.5-inch leveling kit is another competitively priced option that impressively boosts up the suspension performance of the GMC Sierra 1500. The N3 socks feature a cast-iron build making them one of the most rugged aftermarket shocks. Plus, these shocks are charged by high-quality nitrogen fuel giving the shocks impressive damping power.

These shocks offer precise handling, stability, control, and comfort in both on-road and off-road rides with amazing ground clearance and impressive damping power. The most standout feature of this leveling kit is the 1-inch adjustment offered by shocks. This feature gives a 3-inch lift to the GMC Sierra resulting in the best-of-roading experience.

The kit includes durable frogged torsion keys allowing you to tune the height and level the front and rear parts. The forged torsion keys are stronger than regular cast-0iron keys that keep the bards locked in place, giving you smooth and safe rides even in challenging conditions. The only flaw we noticed is that torsion keys put extra pressure on the remaining suspension system, mainly exle, which might increase friction, making your rides less smooth.

It comes with an easy bolt-on design with a complete set of accessories. It took us around 2-hours to fix everything. However, we recommend professional installation for people with little or no experience to avoid damage and fixing issues. The kit is backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime replacement warranty, making it a trustworthy option.

  • Best for off-roading
  • Maximum ground clearance
  • Adjustable height shocks
  • Cast-iron construction
  • Torsion keys exert pressure on the axle


Rough Country 2.5-inch leveling kit is one of the most reliable OE replacements for GMC Sierra. With adjustable height, nitrogen-gas fuel, sturdy build, and maximum ground clearance, it is one of the best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500.

Buying Guide

Pairing your truck with a reliable set of front struts and rear shocks is critical to get stability and comfort. A good set of shocks offer the price to protect your suspension system and enhance the vehicle’s service life.

While finding the aftermarket automotive parts, you should be more investigative to avoid compatibility and quality-related issues later. Here is a comprehensive guide on the features you must consider for buying the best shocks for GMC Sierra.

Twin Tube Vs. Monotube

Twin-tube shocks are ideal for regular use and on-road applications. These shocks generally come inexpensive and make the best deal for people who are engaged in regular highway rides. However, these shocks cannot withstand the fast speeds and challenging conditions as they tend to mix the fuel and air and can heat up quickly.

On the contrary, monotube shocks are designed to withstand rough and tough off-road conditions. These shocks are mounted upside down giving a quick response. These shocks do not heat up quickly and respond to the changing weather condition. Although these shocks are expensive, it is critical to get them if you do regular of-roading.


Compatibility is one of the most critical factors you should consider while buying aftermarket shocks for your vehicle. While roaming around the market, you will come across thousands of replacement options but remember, all of them are not your perfect match.

You can search online by entering the vehicle model and year variant. Finding a compatible aftermarket part is crucial to avoid fitting adjustment and performance issues later on. You can find the most reliable compatibility information on the manufacturer’s website.


Shocks act as a protective system and increase the service life of other automotive parts. Therefore durability of the shock and suspension system is the most critical. Low-quality shocks wear out quickly, which leads to fuel mixing, gas leakage, and less responsiveness. This situation results in poor road-tire contact, making your rides unstable.

Therefore you should go with top-notch construction quality for shocks like cast iron, metal alloy, and steel-alloy, etc. Additionally, the outer-core protection layer also plays an integral role in minimizing shock wear. The piston seal and exterior of the shock should be resistant to rust and corrosion. Chromium-plated or zinc-plated shocks and pistons are the best options.

Ease of Installation

Replacement of shocks is a costly process, as the shock and leveling kits come considerably expensive. If the installation process is time-consuming and complex, you may need to go with a professional installation that will add more cost.

Therefore it is recommended to go with the shocks that come with pre-assembled parts, comprehensive guides, and feature easy to mount designs. You can install such kits easily, even if you have little experience in automotive parts. This will save you time, energy, and cost.

Type Of Fuel

Shocks either use gas or oil as fuel. Oil-charged shocks are the least expensive and are ideal for regular use and light-duty application. The major downside of the oil-charged shocks is aeration. The formation of bubbles results in delayed response and negatively affects the suspension performance. Advanced shocks and struts are gas-charged that use a mixture of oil and gas.

These socks use low-pressure gas that reduces the problem of aeration and results in the best steering response. The inexpensive gas-charged shocks oxygen as a fuel, but such shocks cannot withstand the challenging condition. Low-pressure nitrogen gas is used as the best fuel for shocks and struts. These shocks are ideal for heavy-duty applications like towing, hauling heavy loads, and off-roading.


img source: shocksurplus.com

Does a GMC Sierra have shocks or struts?

Yes, the GMC Sierra 1500 has shocks and struts. It is a powerful truck that is often used for heavy-duty applications. The shocks and struts support the chassis, improving the road-tire constant, mitigate the inertia, and give the best steering response for smooth and stable rides.

What shocks give the smoothest ride?

Detroit Axle – Front Struts Rear Shock Absorbers with adaptive damping technology, rugged construction quality, and all-weather fluid enhance the tire-road constant and improve steering response. These are one of the best aftermarket shocks that give the smoothest rides.

Wrapping Up

Getting a good pair of shocks is crucial for the precise handling and original control of the vehicles. All the products on our list of best shocks for GMC Sierra are top-rated and best-selling products of the year. For your convenience, we have picked our top-three favorites.

Detroit Axle – Front Struts Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement for all-weather fluid, rugged construction, adaptive damping system, and ability to withstand off-road and challenging conditions.

Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers for a competitive price, corrosion-resistant exterior, ride control feature, and hassle-free installation.

Skyjacker B8517 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot for its affordable price, foam cell technology, quick installation, and sinter iron body with the chromium-plated exterior.

It is recommended to check the compatibility of aftermarket parts to avoid adjustment, installation, and performance issues. Also, you should go with nitrogen-gas-charged shocks, as they provide unmatched stability and comfort.

If these weren’t enough, check out these shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 from Amazon also: