7 Best Shocks For Toyota Tacoma 4×4 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Installing the right model of shocks on your Toyota Tacoma 4×4 is crucial if you want to enjoy a drive without feeling every bump on the road.

Owning a Toyota Tacoma is great; you can use it to haul heavy material and even take the entire family in it on a trip. The amount of space the truck offers makes it worth the investment. What sucks the fun out of this investment is when you have to feel every single bump on the road, and every time you take a turn, it seems like you are losing control of the car. That is a clear indication that the shocks on your vehicle have worn out and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Purchasing the perfect pair of shocks will not only improve the shock absorbency of your Tacoma but will also restore the control of the car. This is why it is crucial that you spend your money on a pair that has been designed specifically for the vehicle. Keep reading the article to find out the 7 best shocks for Toyota Tacoma 4×4 that are most loved by Tacoma 4×4 owners.


Top Shocks For Toyota Tacoma 4×4

1. Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 171352R

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 171352R


Monroe is a familiar name when it comes to the best automotive parts. This unit arrives pre-assembled, with the springs already attached to the shocks for users’ convenience. This model of shocks and struts from Monroe will make your Toyota Tacoma 4×4 rise up again like a newer model. Even if the vehicle has been used for years, your truck’s handling and control will be smoother than ever after installing this model of shocks.

First of all, the strut and coil are forged from high-quality steel that makes them capable of enduring the weight of your Toyota Tacoma effortlessly. The steel body also adds durability and resilience to the long list of properties of these shocks, making them ideal for your heavy truck.

Installation of this model is a piece of cake if you know your way around cars. However, for a beginner, it may be slightly difficult. Once the model has been installed on your truck, you will notice a significant amount of difference in the smoothness of your car while driving. You will also notice a reduced amount of vibrations and road bumps. It comes at a great price, so that is another plus.

  • Affordable price range
  • High quality steel construction
  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Perfect for Toyota Tacoma
  • Improves handling of the vehicle
  • Installation may be difficult for beginners


This model of shocks has got everything from top-notch construction, durability, and a long life packed in a single pair. It comes at quite an affordable price, too, so if your Toyota Tacoma needs a new pair of shocks, invest your bucks in this model.

2. Rancho Strut and Shock Kit For Toyota Tacoma RS9000XL

Rancho Strut and Shock Kit For Toyota Tacoma RS9000XL


For every rider out there who wishes to install a huge pair of wheels on their truck to make it higher, this pair is perfect for you! This pair of shocks is capable of lifting the vehicle quite high, which then creates space from larger wheels. The entire kit contains pre-assembled shocks and struts that will cover both the front and the rear end of your vehicle.

If we talk about the making of this model, it has been constructed with high-quality material. These shocks are gas-charged, with low-pressure nitrogen added in chambers. This quality adds extra years to the machine’s life, along with comparatively lesser vibrations when installed on your vehicle. This up-to-par construction makes it durable and strong enough to lift the weight of your Toyota Tacoma 4×4 without succumbing to death.

After installing this kit on my vehicle, its performance on the road was smoother than ever. The best part about this suspension kit is that it is equipped with 9 position tuning technology. From setting one to nine, there is a huge difference in the ride quality of the truck. This means the position of the shocks can be adjusted manually, providing firm or soft ride quality, according to the user’s liking.

  • Complete kit
  • 9 positions tuning technology
  • Lifts the vehicle significantly
  • Gas-charged shocks
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Costs large sum of money


This suspension kit will provide you with pre-assembled pairs of shocks and struts that will fit your Toyota Tacoma perfectly. They will also lift the car significantly, making room for bigger wheels. This perk makes the pair perfect for off-road wheelers.

3. Bilstein 4600 Series Front & Rear Shocks For Toyota Tacoma 4×4

Bilstein 4600 Series Front & Rear Shocks For Toyota Tacoma 4x4


Bilstein took it upon themselves to provide users with an affordable set of shocks perfect for Toyota Tacoma 4wd that will last many years, and they did not fail. This set of shocks from Bilstein contains two pairs of shocks, one for the front and one for the rear end. Installing the pair on the vehicle was not as much of a nuisance as I thought it would be; even as a beginner, I had them installed quite easily.

The package includes 2 46 mm, front shocks and 2 46 mm rear end shocks. They are slimmer in design when compared to others. However, that does not undermine their performance. These come at a much cheaper price tag than other models present in the market, making them even more appealing.

This pair of shocks has proven to be better than the original ones accompanying a Toyota Tacoma. They provide much better control of the vehicle, even on uneven and rough terrains. The shock-absorbing quality of this pair is unequaled. Even on bumpy roads, you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

  • Comparatively less expensive
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for Toyota Tacoma 4×4
  • Improved handling of the car
  • Remarkable shock-absorbing quality
  • Kit does not include top cushions


You will not find a better set of shocks perfect for Toyota Tacoma 4×4 at this price. From the build to the functionality of this pair, everything is up to the mark. If you want to enjoy a much smoother ride that is also easier to control the ride, then invest your bucks in this pair.

4. DTA 70090X Full Set Strut + Shocks 4-pc Set 1995-2004 Tacoma 4WD

DTA 70090X Full Set Strut + Shocks 4-pc Set 1995-2004 Tacoma 4WD


These may not be a Monroe, but this pair of shocks by DTA performs no less than Monroe ones. They come bearing all the qualities that will make your ride smoother and improve your Tacoma’s handling and maneuverability. First of all, it is a complete set of front and rear shocks that arrive pre-assembled, which eases the installation process by tenfold.

If we talk about the construction of this model, they have been constructed with their end-use being kept in mind. They feature a body forged from steel and have a powder coating on top to reduce the corrosion problem. The inside of the shocks is also well protected. Piston seals have been used in this model, which prevents seepage of hydraulic fluid.

These shocks come bearing nitrogen gas-charged in them. The addition of nitrogen gas in the place of compressed gas adds many perks to the pair that take the game up a few notches. These perks include reduced aeration of hydraulic fluid, minimized vibrations, and prolonged life. All in all, you will be getting a sturdy pair of shocks perfect for Tacoma at an affordable price.

  • Affordable price
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Installation is easy
  • Complete set
  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Nitrogen charged
  • Kit does not include lower bolt


This model of shocks will ensure that when you are driving your Tacoma 4×4 on a bumpy road, you will not be jumping every time the car hits a bump on the road. Along with a smooth ride, this pair will also improve the steer of your vehicle. What makes them worth the investment is that they provide all these functions at a comparatively affordable price.

5. KYB 344428 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 344428 Excel-G Gas Shock


KYB really went out of its way to provide users with the perfect set of shocks for the Toyota Tacoma 4×4, which will last many years. These shocks have been designed specifically for Tacoma, and they fit the vehicle perfectly. Once you have this model installed in your car, it will restore all the control that your truck offered in the beginning when it was bought.

The first best feature of this model is that it is a gas shock. It comes with a nitrogen gas charge injected into the shocks that helps in reducing the aeration of hydraulic fluid. This property reduces the chances of your shocks getting damaged from corrosion, giving them a long life. Along with that, to improve your driving experience, it features a multi-lip oil seal that makes the shock wear-resistant.

The cylinder has been constructed with high-quality material and features a Teflon coated piston band which makes it highly resistant to heat! The triple layer of chrome will increase the lifespan of your shocks by making them corrosion-resistant. This model also comes with bolt bushing that deals with the problem of rattling and noise. Last but not least, you can enjoy all these perks at a meager price.

  • Perfect for Toyota Tacoma 4×4
  • Nitrogen gas charged
  • Teflon coated piston band
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Highly affordable price tag
  • Single shock


This model of shocks for Toyota Tacoma 4×4 is perfect for every individual who wants to restore the controls of their car without spending a fortune. You are not going to find a model better than this at this price. The best part is with its protective coats; it is going to stay in good condition for many years.

6. Detroit Axle Front Struts + Rear Shocks for 2005 – 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Detroit Axle Front Struts + Rear Shocks for 2005 - 2015 Toyota Tacoma


What puts this set apart from other models available in the market is that you will be getting a complete set of 2 pre-assembled struts and 2 shocks at a meager price. This set has specifically been constructed to fit Toyota Tacoma 4×4 perfectly. Once you have these boys mounted on your vehicle, you will no longer bounce up and down with every bump on the road.

You can keep high hopes from this model, and because trust me, it will fulfill all your expectations. High-quality steel has been used in the construction of this model to make it capable of bearing the entire weight of the vehicle while lifting it high at the same time.

The steel body is further protected with the aid of electrophoretic coating that increases the lifetime of the machine by keeping it safe from corrosion. The kit arrives pre-assembled with the springs mounted on the shocks, so all you need to do is pop them in their place, and enjoy the smooth ride. The springs are also of top-notch quality as they are the major component that helps in reducing the vibrations and provide a smoother driving experience.

  • Arrive pre-assembled
  • Affordable price tag
  • Electrophoretic coating
  • 4 piece set
  • 10-year warranty
  • Installation may be difficult for beginners


Throw the old model of shocks out that ruins your driving experience, and get your hands on this one. Investing your money in this model will be the wisest decision you will make. You will be getting a complete set at a small price that will provide you a bounce-free ride and will last many years.

7. Skyjacker B8527 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot

Skyjacker B8527 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot


Skyjacker took it upon themselves to introduce a model of shock that performs its job exceptionally without making a hold in the user’s pocket. They accumulated and delivered all these features in this model. It has been constructed with high-quality material that has elevated the bar up a few notches. This construction has been topped off with a shaft that has been chrome plated, making it corrosion resistant.

Furthermore, it consists of a twin-tube design that eliminates a piston bore with a floating piston, as the piston cylinder is present in the inner tube. This not only minimizes gas pressure being used but also lowers the cost of the equipment. It comes with 365-degree end mounts and 180-degree directional mounting. Once you have this model of shock-mounted on your truck, you will no longer feel all the bumps in the road. Along with that, maneuvering your vehicle on rough, off-roads will be extremely easy.

In addition to that, this model also has a unique foam cell technology that enhances the shock absorber’s cooling efficiency and dissipates heat more efficiently. The installation of this model on Toyota Tacoma 4×4 was a piece of cake; even a novice like me did the job quite easily.

  • Affordable
  • Twin-tube design
  • Foam cell technology
  • Chrome-plated shaft
  • Perfect for Tacoma 4×4
  • Lifts the truck 3 inches
  • Easy installation
  • May not last long on dirt roads


Forget all about jumpy and bouncy rides on uneven terrains. With this model of shocks installed on your Toyota Tacoma 4×4, you will be able to maneuver your vehicle easily and enjoy a smooth ride. The best part is that they come at an affordable price, so what are you waiting for?

Buying Guide

Whether you enjoy driving your car on off-roads or you need a vehicle to haul heavy stuff, a Toyota Tacoma 4×4 serves all these purposes. It is even perfect for long drives. However, due to the presence of a faulty shock, the situation can go downhill real fast, with you losing control of your vehicle.

Purchasing shocks for your Tacoma 4×4 requires a hefty investment. This is why it is absolutely necessary that you should first make sure that the model you are eyeing is the perfect fit for your vehicle or not. With the help of the factors stated below, it will be easier for you to narrow down the model of shocks that is ideal for your Toyota Tacoma.


Whether it is a shock absorber or any other automotive part, the construction of a piece of machinery needs to of top quality. Shocks bear the entire vehicle’s weight and lift the truck a few inches, so it is compulsory that it should be constructed with the strongest and durable material.

This is not just limited to the body of the shocks but also includes all the parts, such as springs, piston seals, shafts, etc. Each and every part of a shock absorber should have top-notch construction with corrosion or rust-resistant treatment given to them to prolong their life. If you see a shock that has been constructed with low-quality material, stay as far away from it as possible.

Vehicle Specific

This is a really important factor that you need to consider before making a final purchase. Every model of Toyota Tacoma 4×4 has been built differently and requires a certain type of parts. Hence, not every model of shock will suit each model of the car. Always ensure that the model of shock that you have selected goes with your vehicle.

Types Of Shocks

img source: ypepad.com

There are two major types of shocks, hydraulic shocks, and nitrogen shocks, or in simpler words, oil vs. gas shocks. Hydraulics shocks offer better performance on even roads, give your vehicle the support that it needs, and offer a smooth ride. Hydraulic shocks have oil pumped in them, and they are much cheaper in price.

Whereas nitrogen shocks are your best friend if you take your Tacoma 4×4 on off-road tracks all the time. This type has oil along with nitrogen gas charged in the shocks that equip the model of shocks with many perks. However, these cost more than the hydraulic shocks.

Pre-assembled Shocks

If you do not know your way around cars, and you plan on installing the shocks yourself, then I cannot stress enough how important this factor is. For professionals, installing shocks on vehicles, whether they arrive assembled or not, is a piece of cake.

However, that is not the case for beginners. You need to watch a hundred videos to understand which part goes where. When you are already spending a hefty sum, then make sure you spend it on a model that arrives pre-assembled with the springs already attached to the shocks.


As you already know that shocks cost a large sum of money, then why not go for a model that comes with a warranty from the manufacturers. It will not only come to your aid in case of a malfunction, but a warranty from the manufacturing company also indicates that they have complete faith in their product.

Corrosion And Heat Resistant

These factors may not seem like a deal-breaker, but they are just as important as the others stated above. If the pair of shock you are spending your money on has not undergone any corrosion or heat resistant treatment, then it is most likely that the part will get damaged in a few months.

This will result in your money being wasted and the extra fatigue and annoyance of having to change the parts again after few months. Do a double-check and make sure that your favorite model of shock can endure heat and is resistant to corrosion.


Installing the right model of shocks on your Toyota Tacoma 4×4 is absolutely necessary if you do not want to endure a bumpy ride. In the article above, we have discussed in detail all the models that are best suited for the Toyota Tacoma 4×4. Along with that, the buying guide will help you narrow down the ideal model of shocks for your vehicle. However, if you are still confused, then let me give you my top three recommendations.

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 171352R a pre-assembled pair that is perfect for Tacoma 4×4 and arrives at an affordable price.

Rancho Strut and Shock Kit For Toyota Tacoma RS9000XL gas-charged shocks that come with a lifetime warranty and many other perks.

DTA 70090X Full Set Strut + Shocks 4-pc Set 1995-2004 Tacoma 4WD a complete set of nitrogen-charged shocks that come at a very meager price.

If these weren’t enough, check out these shocks for Toyota Tacoma 4×4 from Amazon also: