7 Best Struts for Toyota Camry 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Without the right struts, a Toyota Camry with all its comfort, won’t offer you much. Pick from the 7 best struts for Toyota Camry and enjoy the luxurious rides.

Toyota Camry is one the most luxurious sedans out there; without the right suspension, the car, with all its comfort, still will not have much to offer you. When it comes to suspension, struts are a crucial part. To get the most out of this luxurious automobile, you need to get the right struts for it.

Buying struts for a vehicle can be difficult; there are so many components, so many things to take into account, which can be overwhelming. However, the choice cannot get easier than when you have the best struts for your Toyota Camry shortlisted in front of you. All you gotta do then is pick one that you think suits you the best.

This article has the 7 best struts for a Toyota Camry shortlisted, along with that, a buying guide for you to know the things to take into consideration. Struts are a vital part of your car’s suspension. You need to have all the knowledge you can gather about them before you make a decision and buy one. This article will help you a lot in this regard, go through it and see for yourself.


Top Struts in 2023

1. Monroe Quick-Strut 172205 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Monroe Quick-Strut 172205 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly


Monroe Quick-Strut saves you the hassle of difficult installation and offers the advantage of an effortless process, where you save a lot of time and labor. The strut comes already assembled, with everything you will need to install the unit in your car. You don’t need a strut spring compressor to do the setup. It will fit in your vehicle quickly precisely and is a perfect solution for vehicle owners like me who want a fast yet precise strut replacement.

The Monroe Quick-Strut, with all its components, including the upper strut mount and coil spring, is designed to meet the OE design of the vehicle. That is why it fits and adapts in and functions seamlessly after installing into the vehicle. All the components are precisely measured and designed to fit into a Toyota Camry and provide an improved riding experience.

It effectively restores the height of the vehicle during the ride and supports the vehicle’s weight without adding any excess weight of its own since it does not utilize heavy metal in its construction. It enhances the handling of the vehicle, reducing vibration, body motion, and shocks resulting from the unevenness and bumps on the road, thus ensuring a smooth ride. The reliability and durability are incredible, built with high-quality, but not heavy steel and welding.

  • Incredible easy installation
  • It comes as an assembled unit-no spring compressor needed
  • Durable
  • Ensures smooth and quality ride
  • Can make the car slightly higher


These Monroe Quick-Struts have the primary benefit of an incredibly easy installation plus a guaranteed smooth and efficient ride. These qualities make them the top best strut for a Toyota Camry. With the robust and high-quality build, you will not need a strut replacement for a long time.


2. KYB SR4085 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

KYB SR4085 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly


These struts by KYB also offer the advantage of OE replacement; you get the quality of the original factory product that the vehicle was manufactured with, same for the performance as well. This KYB Strut is a complete strut assembly; the unit comes assembled with all the necessary components. Meaning you save labor, time, and money as well if you get the installation done by a mechanic.

Thus, an easy installation, along with that, all the parts are a perfect measure and a precise fit for Toyota Camry. It doesn’t raise the height of the car like most struts, which I found really comfortable, with the decreased bumps and bounce and more stability and control on the road, not to mention the reduced strain on the suspension.

The components used in the assembly of this KYB Strut are all high-quality delivering effective performance. From the coil spring carrying the weight of the vehicle to the strut mount, reducing a great deal of road harshness and the jounce bumper absorbing and softening the shocks. Hence, not different from the original quality controlling abilities of the Toyota Camry.

  • Easy installation
  • Effective performance
  • Does Not raise car height
  • OE replacement
  • Complete strut assembly
  • Negligible


With its host of efficient features and no drawbacks found, KYB Strut Plus is a must-add to this compilation. The high-quality assembled unit fits perfectly in a Toyota Camry, offering a comfortable, stable, and controlled ride.

3. OREDY Complete Assembly Struts

OREDY Complete Assembly Struts


This complete set of struts include both rear and front struts for optimal shock absorption and stability to your vehicle. Compatible to Toyota Camry 1998-2001, each of these struts is a complete assembly, requiring no extra tools, just removing and replacing the old ones. The quality and performance these struts offer are top-notch.

Let’s start with the premium compression bumper they have, whose purpose is to prevent the suspension parts from hitting each other and getting damaged. The bonding and material quality of all the components are superior. From the incredible rubber-to-steel bonding, eliminating chances of vibrations and noise to the SAE grade bolts and nuts.

The coil spring is made of strong steel, supporting the vehicle’s weight and maintaining the right height. Made to go through thousands of compression tests, it has little to no chance of deformation. The strut rubber is also long-lasting, keeping dust and debris off of the rod, saving the outer surface.

  • Top-notch quality
  • Both rear and front struts in the kit
  • Complete assembly
  • Reduces bumps and vibrations significantly
  • Smooth handling experience
  • Negligible


These premium quality struts significantly minimize road harshnesses like vibrations and bumps and enhance the safety and comfort of the ride to a higher level. The complete assembly makes mounting easy and quick. Every component is of superior quality and builds, making these struts one of the best.


4. Gabriel G56942 ReadyMount Complete Loaded Strut Assembly

Gabriel G56942 ReadyMount Complete Loaded Strut Assembly


The most noticeable feature of Gabriel ReadyMount, which makes it able to make it to this list of best struts, is the consistent oil flow inside that it offers. This is extremely important for a smooth and bump-free ride. This is done with the orifice disk and efficient valving system inside the strut, which ensure a smooth flow of the hydraulic fluid and a similar ride experience.

You will find the strut already assembled, having all the necessary components put together just waiting to be fit into your car suspension, which is another great win. No sweat and grease fuss, no complicated tools, and no wastage of most part of your day. Coming to the build of the Gabriel ReadyMount, the company utilizes the advanced G-Force Technology.

The G-Force Technology does not only give the strut high durability but enables it to deliver excellent performance as well. The tire and road contact is enhanced for stability and superior handling on all kinds of terrains. The super-finished chromed piston rod is corrosion resistant with high performance and lasting, so is the iron piston, durable and superior shock-absorbing quality.

  • Smooth riding experience
  • Consistent oil flow
  • Advanced G-Force Technology
  • Enhanced stability and control
  • Can raise the front seat slightly


Performance and durability meet in this ReadyMount complete strut assembly by Gabriel. Ease of installation, high-quality, long-lasting components, safety, stability, control all come together, making the unit one of the best struts for your Toyota Camry.

5. Monroe Quick-Strut 271679

Monroe Quick-Strut 271679


Monroe delivers quality and performance again with this Quick-Strut, Strut, and Coil Spring Assembly. Like before, Monroe aces at the ease of installation it offers with this unit, no extra tool required or component. Since the product comes assembled, ready to be installed into the vehicle with incredible ease and convenience.

The fit, with all the parts’ measurements, is precise for Toyota Camry, providing the design and performance level of the original factory manufactured equipment, OE, of the car. The feature that makes this Monroe strut stand out is that it doesn’t affect the height of the car; I noticed that, unlike most struts, it doesn’t raise the height.

This is the result of the precisely engineered measurement and design. Besides restoring the height of the vehicle and carrying the weight efficiently, this strut offers superior steering precision. The improved steering enhances the grip and control on the road, thus minimizing the effects of any unevenness on the road, like body sways, vibrations, or jerks.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Does Not raise the height of the car
  • OE quality performance and fit
  • Enhanced steering precision-grip and control
  • Negligible


With the quick and easy installation and the OE standard performance and fit, this Monroe Strut Assembly is one of the best choices for your Toyota Camry. It doesn’t raise the height of the car like most struts do, so no compromise on comfort, only added control and stability.

6. UNITY 11702 Complete Strut Assembly

UNITY 11702 Complete Strut Assembly


These UNITY pre-assembled struts are designed to be a perfect fit for the 2002-2003 Toyota Camry. Saving you the hassle of unbearably long and troubled installation and the pain of messing with difficult tools. These front struts will give you the comfort and safety of a stable ride. The vehicle’s height is restored to the original factory ride height.

If you have some other struts installed in your car, other than the original ones, after replacing them with these UNITY struts, you will notice a pretty big difference in the ride quality. The performance outcome will be similar to that of the original standards. Along with the consistent height, the shock absorption is pretty good. The shocks and bumps on the uneven paths were considerably reduced.

In the durability department, these struts do offer longevity; however, not as much as the other brands do. The lasting depends on the type of terrain you consistently use these on; regularly riding with these on rougher paths can wear them out faster than expected. So, in that field, there is scope for improvement.

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Original factory standard outcome
  • Great shock absorption
  • It fits perfectly on a Toyota Camry
  • Needs betterment in the durability department
  • Can make noise after 2000 miles ride


While falling a bit short in the longevity area, these UNITY struts still offer quality features and performance in this price range; you get a great value for money. Though, there are some complaints about them making noise after a ride of 2000 miles. Yet, the fast installation and the precise fit it offers for Toyota Camry make an important addition to this compilation.

7. AUTOSAVER88 Complete Struts

AUTOSAVER88 Complete Struts


The AUTOSAVER88 Struts are compatible with the 2002-2003 Toyota Camry, offering a comfortable and safe riding experience. I found the construction and design, like the buckle holes, designed to offer perfect adaptability to a Toyota Camry. Hence, no complications and extra modifications, but effortless fitting.

Comfort is only a basic feature they provide. Along with a comfortable ride, you also get a superior controlling and handling experience. They are made to meet the OE standards of the vehicle. All the components that are utilized in assembling these struts are designed to deliver that standard of performance.

Given that AUTOSAVER88 is a relatively new brand, I was naturally skeptical at first, but it is providing impressive quality with these struts. Minimizing all the troubling and unnecessary body sways and bounces, they keep the driver in complete control of the vehicle. The durability is promising as well; the materials used in the different parts, like the springs and bolts, are high-quality.

  • Designed as a perfect fit for a Toyota Camry
  • Good durability
  • Comfortable ride
  • Minimizes shocks and bumps a great deal
  • Effortless installation
  • Can be clamorous on a rough path


A drawback I found, though, is that these struts can make a squeaky noise if the road gets too bad. However, for a new brand, AUTOSAVER88 has done and delivered pretty well. The set comes with 4 struts for rear and front wheels, minimizing the shocks and bumps a great deal. Then there is the perfect and effortless fit for a Toyota Camry; these have to be included in this list of the best struts for a Toyota Camry.

Things to Consider While Buying Struts for your Car-Buying Guide

If you are into cars and their parts, you must be knowing the importance that this particular part in concern holds. Struts have a great responsibility, which includes the comfort, control, and smoothness of a ride. A part that is this important needs to be bought carefully and thoughtfully, keeping the multiple necessary factors in mind. Here is a buying guide to help you make a thoughtful and right decision.


This is the most basic requirement that the strut you intend to buy needs to meet. If the strut is not compatible with your car model, it will not fit well and do you much good. So don’t ever buy one without ensuring that it is compatible with your car model. Strut designs vary from car to car. For them to fit and perform well in your car, do the necessary research to guarantee that the struts are able to do that for your car.

You can check on the website since most of them have the car model mentioned; otherwise, you can contact and ask the buyer. For a Toyota Camry, you can check the compatibility of the unit on the website or the packaging. The struts mentioned in the above compilation are all compatible with different models of Toyota Camry.


Durability is extremely important for struts; you might get that if you have replaced the worn-out struts of your vehicle and understand the money and time it costs. While buying new ones, you would be hoping for them to last you for a pretty long time. Also, the last thing you want is for them to break and stop working in the middle of a ride.

Good and reputed brands make struts that are built to last for a couple of years. So make sure that those you are getting guarantees quality and longevity. Struts that are made of high-quality materials like steel last long and are able to withstand extreme conditions like heat, pressure, and vibrations. This is crucial since struts have to perform in such extreme conditions.

Check the warranty of the product. Most companies provide a warranty of 1 to 3 years, while few offer a lifetime, which proves the excellent reliability of the strut. The longevity of a strut also depends on the conditions they are used in on a regular basis, like the path and your driving style. Some struts wear down faster if used on rougher terrains regularly.

Ease of Installation

Unless you want to spend a whole day tiring yourself with complicated tools, you would want to consider the easy installation feature in the strut you buy. It is not just about saving labor and time, also how well the strut will fit and perform in your vehicle. Struts that are easy and quick to install don’t require any extra tools and a lot of time.

They are pre-assembled, with all the necessary components put together; the bolts and nuts required for the installation process will also come packaged with the unit. With such struts, all you need to do is remove and replace the old ones. Such units offer the original factory fit of the vehicle and so the OE level of performance.

The measurements and design are engineered to give a precise fit, similar to that of the original struts of the vehicle. Hence a similar standard of performance. You will not find any part sticking out or a lot of extra space left in the suspension of the car. An effortless and quick installation process is even more worth considering if you plan on doing the task yourself. Though, even if you are getting it done by a mechanic, it’s going to cost you less.


Struts are responsible for carrying the weight of the car and preventing the shocks and bumps resulting from the uneven roads, getting to the car occupants. Struts keep the wheels in contact with the road, enhancing the car’s grip and stability on the road and offering you precise steering. Hence, you get a smooth, comfortable, and controlled ride.

The struts you buy should excel at their performance, at giving you a steady and smooth riding experience, even off roads, on rough paths. Good quality struts minimize bumps a great deal and don’t make any unwanted noise while steering. This is an important thing to look out for; make sure the struts you buy don’t make a squeaky or clanky noise.


img source: carid.com

How long do struts last on a Toyota Camry?

Struts most probably require replacement between 50k and 100k miles, though the lasting is dependent on certain variables. Like how you drive your Toyota Camry and on what types of roads. If you are a careful driver and don’t drive off roads, the struts can be expected to last around 100k miles.

Should you replace all 4 struts at once?

While it’s not necessary to change all the struts of the car at the same time, it’s ideal if you do so. You can still do with replacing just one or two shocks at one time, but it’s obvious that changing all four together will give you more control and handling. That’s because all of them would have used to the same extent, on the same road conditions, and to the same mileage.

How do I know when my struts are bad?

The signs that indicate the fault in the struts include instability of the vehicle, when it tips to one side while you turn, excessive bouncing of the tires, tires wearing down quickly, and fluid leaking from the exterior of the struts.


If you have reached here after going through the whole article, I assume you would be having a whole lot more information on the struts than you did before. Hopefully, you have decided which strut to get for your Toyota Camry from the above compilation. My top three picks are:

Monroe Quick-Strut for incredibly easy installation and quality ride.

KYB SR4085 Strut Assembly because it doesn’t raise car height and offers OE replacement.

OREDY Complete Assembly Struts due to its top-notch quality and smooth handling experience.

A buying guide is there as well to take you through all the necessary things you need to consider before buying a strut for your car. So, there is not much that you need or want to know about struts after you read this article. Make use of all the info you get from here, and you will be making the best decision for your Toyota Camry.

If these weren’t enough, check out these struts from Amazon also: