Chevy 2500HD Leveling Kit Problems & Solutions – 2023 Guide

Chevy 2500hd leveling kit problems usually result from improper installation. The reason why you install leveling kits is that you want to go off-roading. Or you want to attach something like a snowplow to your truck.

The main thing is that when you install a Chevy leveling kit is that it has to be installed correctly. If not, you will have problems down the road. Literally. So it’s important to go to a good mechanic.

You also have to buy quality parts. Keep in mind though, your truck’s entire weight rests on the suspension. And there’s something else.

This is why your leveling kit has to be installed correctly. It also has to be a high-grade kit. Now, let’s look at all of your options.


Common Chevy 2500hd Leveling Kit Problems

The main thing that you have to understand is that GMC and Chevy are owned by the same company.

However, if you want to modify your truck, you can run into many problems if you do it yourself. This is mainly due to the improper installation of the other parts that are needed when you modify your truck.

Now let’s go over the list of possible concerns with regards to installing a Chevy 2500hd leveling kit:

01. Need new shocks

First of all, new shocks need to be installed after the leveling kit is put in place. The reason for this simple.

The factory shocks of a Chevy Silverado 2500HD don’t work well with a modified leveling kit.

So you will have a very bumpy ride when you drive without them. You may also do damage to your truck’s suspension.

So even though you will be able to haul your cargo to its destination, you will not like the journey. Think about the engineering of your Chevy Silverado 2500HD.

When you upgrade, there will be too much space between the wheel well and the axle. It’s best to order the right parts when you modify your Chevy truck.

02. Think about Tie Rods

Many Chevy truck owners who put in a leveling kit also install oversized tires to go off-roading. But when you install a leveling kit, you will need to think about the tie rods.

This goes back to the factory-installed parts. The factory-installed parts don’t always work with your upgrades.

So once you have changed the angle of your truck, the tie rods can break or bend. This is because factory tie rods weren’t designed for this kind of wear and tear.

03. Get your front wheels realigned

So there’s something else. It doesn’t matter how big your tires are. When you modify your Chevy truck, you have to get a wheel alignment. Otherwise, your tires will wear out disproportionately.

04. Truck’s caster angle

Also, ask your mechanic about your truck’s caster angle. The caster of your truck is a little more difficult to understand.

Especially when you modify your truck. The caster of your wheels is sometimes referred to as the caster angle.

To understand the caster angle, imagine a side view of your tires. This is important for your tires when you use a leveling kit to modify your Chevy 2500hd.

05. Caster angle further explored

The term caster involves your front wheels, your suspension, and your steering axis. You have to picture it though. Think about it before you modify your pickup truck.

There is a vertical axis line that goes through the center of your Chevy 2500hd wheels. And on any front-wheel-drive pickup trucks.

This is critical – because it’s the bottom angle where the suspension components and steering axis meet with your front wheels.

But here’s what you are going for with regards to caster angle: it needs to be positive

This is the reason why. When you drive on the highway at a higher speed the positive caster will provide stability for the tires.

This is what will point them straight ahead. It’s the feature that will keep your truck pointed straight on the highway.

Possible solutions of Chevy 2500hd leveling kit problems

01. You will need to get your front end realigned

Because a leveling kit makes for a rougher ride, you will need a front end alignment from a reliable mechanic. This will cost some extra money, but it is well worth it.

02. You should also go back to your local tire dealer

If you have installed larger tires on your chevy2500hd, you have to respect that you are changing the dynamics of your truck. A tire expert can help you with fixing the problem.

03. If you attach a snowplow to the front of your truck, talk to the supplier

Snowplows usually come from experienced dealers who also know about Chevy and GMC trucks.

A reliable snow plow dealer can tell you about how to attach the snowplow and how to use it. This will save you from ruining your truck.

04. Check the tire rods

When you modify your truck suspension, the angle of the tire rods will change. Your tire rods can bend or break under the change in suspension. This is especially true if you install larger tires. Again, talk to your mechanic or tire dealer.

05. Prevention is the best medicine for leveling your truck

Buying a quality leveling kit is the best way to prevent damage to your Chevy 2500hd.

Now let’s look at the types of leveling kits for the Chevy 2500hd.

Types of leveling kits for Chevy 2500hd

There are many brands of leveling kits for your truck that are completely compatible.

Which brand is good for Chevy 2500hd truck?

Here are a few of the top-rated brands for leveling Chevy Trucks:

  • MotoFab – This kit has parts for leveling the front and rear of your truck.
  • Rough Country – The suspension and lift kit for the GMC/Chevy/Sierra.
  • AKM – Which supplies lift kits for the front and rear.
  • Outdoor Basic Leveling – They also supply quality Chevrolet/GMC/Sierra lift kits.
  • The Air Lift Load Lifter – for Chevy/GMC/Sierra.
  • From Supreme Suspensions – Which supplies a GMC/Chevy/Sierra Version of their lift kit.
  • ADPOW Front and rear lift kit – designed for Chevy/GMC/Sierra.

But here’s the next question:

The 2”/2.5”/3” leveling kit – Which is good for the Chevy 2500hd and why?

Any size leveling kit will work for your Chevy truck. It just depends on what kind of work you are doing with it.

That said, here is some information about the different sizes of leveling kits and how high they will raise your truck.

The 2” leveling kit is not the best

The 2” leveling kit for a Chevy truck makes it a slightly higher ride for off-roading or snowplowing. But it won’t make a big difference in the height of your truck.

So if you are only using your truck to carry supplies for home improvement projects, you don’t need anything more. Unless you want to haul a heavy trailer behind it.

The 2.5” leveling kit works for many truck owners

If you want to make a bigger difference in your truck height you can go with the 2.5” leveling kit. It’s the most popular kit for the Chevy 200hd.

This is because the kit will also allow for larger tires. But before you buy a 2.5” leveling kit, you need to talk to your tire dealer. You have to make sure the tires you buy will work with the 2.5” leveling kit.

The 3” leveling is for really big tires

If you want to get larger tires for off-roading you should go with the 3” leveling kit. This is the kit that will raise the truck body and move it far enough away from the axels to give your truck more ground clearance.

However, if you want your truck raised this high, you should consult a mechanic who knows about suspension and modifying a truck for off-roading. Do not try to modify your truck yourself if you want to install a 3” leveling kit.

That said, depending on your purpose for your truck, any of these kits work well for the Chevy 2500hd. But how much do they cost?

The leveling kit cost for the average truck owner is not that expensive.

A leveling kit costs anywhere from $100 to $500

It depends on the quality you are looking for. So the leveling kit equipment is not so expensive. Where the real cost comes in is the cost of a good mechanic.

Our Advice

Don’t try to do it yourself. Remember, you are dealing with your truck’s suspension system. And when you are transferring the truck’s weight from the front end to the back end, you need a professional to help you do this.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A good Mechanic costs about $100 per hour.
  • To install the lift or leveling kit, it will take at least 3 hours to install.
  • Here’s how you do the math. The leveling kit, plus the cost of labor will set you back at least $500. This is only an estimate. Keep in mind that it may cost a little more.

Lift kit maintenance tips to help 

Much like your truck, your lift kit can last forever. But there are a few things you can do every once in a while to make sure you get the maximum use out of your upgrade.

Check the mounting bolts.

If you do a lot of off-roading with your truck or attach a snowplow, the bolts used to mount the lift kit can come loose. This is a common problem. Once a lift kit is installed, this is something you can fix yourself. Just something you need to be aware of.

Upgrade your brakes

You may get a lift kit installed along with larger tires, but what about the brakes on your truck?

There’s really not a lot of maintenance to do on a well-installed lift kit, but you have to go the distance. Make sure you have your brakes upgraded.

Factory-installed brakes will not work with an after-factory lift kit and larger tires. In fact, factory-installed brakes will wear out your tires.

And if you have paid a lot for your larger tires, this is the opposite of what you want in your Chevy2500hd off-road truck.

You will need to also need to make sure you have a running board that works

Once your truck is elevated there are a few other things to consider. You will need a running board to help you get into it.

A running board is a small step you can pull out on either side of the vehicle. It’s the step that helps you get into a truck that is higher than one that’s is unmodified.

Make sure that if you want to buy a lift kit to modify your truck – buy one with a running board. Otherwise, you will have to have enough upper body strength to get in your truck.

A leveling kit for your Chevy 2500hd truck will improve its value. But only if you install it properly. With a leveling kit, you will balance the weight of your truck.

This means that you can go off-roading and also install larger tires. You can also install a snowplow if you live in a snowy climate.

WH questions

To help you further understand Chevy 2500hd leveling kit problems here are a few.

If you don’t install a leveling kit, you are looking at a utility truck that is only useful for hauling payloads for other people.

The leveling kit makes your truck something that is your own. And it makes it perfect for off-roading on the weekends. And by installing a leveling kit, you become your own boss.

Will a leveling kit cause damage to my truck?

The answer is no. But think about this. When you level the suspension on your Chevy truck you are changing the suspension ratio.

Chevy trucks design suspension systems that make the rear end lower than the front. When you put leveling kits on, they evenly distribute the weight of the truck between the front end and the rear.

This changes the suspension but makes your truck able to do much more. It’s one of the first modifications most truck drivers make.

Does a leveling kit affect ride quality?

No, it doesn’t. Not if you buy a suspension lift kit that includes everything. This is because a suspension lift kit is a much more comprehensive solution.

It will include components like control arms, shocks, new springs, spacers, and torsion bars. It will also give your truck the maximum lift you are looking for. This kind of kit will also accommodate extra-large tires for off-roading.

Will a leveling kit void the warranty on my truck?

Not if you buy a quality kit and have it installed properly. Chevy realizes that their truck owners modify them for off-roading, delivering payloads, and other things like snowplowing.

The only way a leveling kit would void the warranty is if you installed a leveling kit incorrectly or it breaks your suspension system. Then the warranty on your truck would be voided.

As well, here are a few videos that will give you some useful information about leveling kits:

Chevy 2500HD Leveling Kit Problems & solutions

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A professional mechanic is the best way to go. And talk to them about how they are going to install your leveling kit. The maintenance is something you can do on your own.