Dodge RAM 1500 Sputtering Loss Power: The Common Problems & Effective Solutions

Every car Engine has its peculiar issue, of which Dodge Ram 1500 is no exception. If you are a user of this vehicle, you must have experienced certain problems in the cause of usage.

Like the human brain, the Engine of every vehicle is regarded as an essential component. Hence, it attracts more attention compared to other car components when it develops an issue.

Sputtering loss of power is one of the common issues associated with the Dodge Ram 1500; This problem has caused a lot of cash spending, a thing of concern for its users.

In this article, we would be unveiling a lot of things about the Sputtering loss power issue of Dodge Ram 1500. We would also provide you with the causes of this issue with their solutions.


What is the sputtering loss power issue associated with Dodge Ram 1500 engine?

For those who are familiar with the use of Dodge Ram 1500, you must have noticed a time when your vehicle starts to produce soft explosive sounds as you try to power it ON, and it could lead to sudden, frequent power loss when it eventually starts.

When your Dodge Ram 1500 engine started sputtering, it indicates that there is a deeper issue that requires urgent attention.

Sometimes you may be driving on your usual route and observed that the car is not accelerating as it usually does.

Your first thought would be that the fuel engine level is low.

And when you check to find out, it turns out that you still have enough fuel in the tank. At that point, you may be left wondering about the cause.

Car sputtering problems, if not checked at the earliest time, could lead to loss of power and more damages to your engine, and of course, lead to expensive car repair costs.

sputtering loss power dodge ram

When does a sputtering problem occur?

When you think of a sputtering issue, you may also be wondering about the occasion at which it usually happens.

A sputtering problem may occur at the point of starting the car, which can be so frustrating.

Many people have also complained to have experienced engine sputtering issues when driving the car, especially when they suddenly press down on the accelerator pedal of the vehicle to move at a higher speed.

These are the two verified events at which sputtering usually happens, which might mean you’re about to run out of fuel or some other problem associated with the engine.

The common causes of Dodge RAM 1500 sputtering issue with their solution

A sputtering problem happens in both a new car or one you have been using for a while, and when an engine develops this kind of issue, it becomes scary.

You may be wondering, what could cause this kind of issue?

Apart from sputtering issues due to low fuel level in the tank, other things could cause sputtering. These causes are signs that the engine is about to develop a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

We have highlighted below, the common causes of Dodge RAM 1500 Sputtering Issue, and how these problems can be addressed accordingly.

01. A Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor

If you are familiar with the electronic fuel injection system of a car, you will agree that a Mass Airflow Sensor is the component that keeps track of the temperature and mass of the oxygen going to the engine as part of the injection process of fuel.

Hence, a dirty sensor can cause a lot of problems, which include poor engine functionality and reduced gas mileage.

To resolve this problem, open the car’s airbox and carefully remove the Sensor.

Then, properly clean the Sensor with rubbing alcohol MAF sensor cleaner, allow it to dry completely then fix it back into its place. 

02. Dirt in The Fuel System

If your vehicle’s fuel system (which includes the injectors, filter, and pump) develops a problem, it could cause sputtering in the Dodge Ram 1500 engine.
These fuel system components ( the pump, injectors, and filter) work uniformly as part of the interconnected fuel system. Hence, if dirt or debris clog one of these parts, it would cause the others to malfunction.

This can cause the engine functionality to perform so poorly, which may eventually lead to total engine failure.

This issue can be avoided or resolved by thorough cleaning of the fuel system of your car.

The cleaning is sufficient to solve this issue if the problem is caught early. However, if the issue persists, then replacement is the best bet.

Solution of Sputtering Loss Power RAM 1500

03. Faulty or Filthy Spark Plugs

For car users, It is paramount to note that the spark plugs are among the essential parts of the engine.

They are responsible for sparking the propellant in the igniting chamber. If the spark plugs are not functioning correctly or are filthy, the ignition of fuel would not occur cleanly, which may cause sputtering in your car’s engine.

This issue can be solved by adequately cleaning the spark plugs, but for an effective and lasting solution to this issue, we recommend replacing the spark plugs.

04. Failing Catalytic Converter

The Catalytic Converter is part of a car’s exhaust system that works to convert hazardous compounds, for instance, hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, etc. into carbon dioxide and water that are less harmful.

When this engine component starts to fail, it causes sputtering and even makes the engine run rough with a smell similar to that of a rotten egg.

As the issue degenerates, it would eventually make the car not start at all because it would lead to the total blockage of the catalytic converter.

To resolve this issue, you need to take the car to a qualified auto mechanic for a fix. However, if the issue persists, an outright replacement is the answer.

Dodge RAM 1500 engine features

If you want to opt for any of the Ram 1500 engines and may be skeptical about its performance, worry not as we would be furnishing you with the necessary information regarding its features, which would help in your decision making:

  1. It features a maximum Horsepower of 305 @ 6400 RPM
  2. It has a maximum Torque of 4800 @ 269 RPM
  3. Engine Type: V6 3.6-liter/V8 5.7-liter Hemi 
  4. Statutory fuel: Diesel/Gas/Electric
  5. It has a 3.6 L/220 displacement (that is, liters/cubic inches)
  6. It features a 46.2 ft. Turning Circle
  7. It also has a Sequential MPI fuel system
  8. Regular Duty engine oil cooler

Dodge  RAM 1500 engine life expectancy

On a general note, how long a car engine lasts, including Dodge Ram 1500 depends greatly on the maintenance and usage level.

Some other factors, such as road condition, user habits, maintenance, policies, and environmental protection from the perspective of use also contribute to how long a new car engine will take you before a total breakdown.

As backup by the manufacturer, this engine comes with the following warranty

  • Unmatched Five years limited warranty (100 thousand miles) for the diesel powertrain engine.
  • Incredible five years limited warranty (approximately 60,000-mile) for gas powertrain engine
  • Five years/100,000-mile roadside assistance

However, the engine lasts far longer than the stated warranties, and it all depends on usage and maintenance. Take care of your vehicle engine, and it would serve you for a longer time!

RAM 1500 vs other truck engines

When making a choice, especially about something that involves spending your hard-earned money, you tend to be cautious; you won’t mind going the extra mile to get useful information before making a decision.

The information you would like to get includes the advantage that a particular brand has over others. You may also want to know the cons which are involved, etc.

With that said, we shall be looking at some of the edges that the Ram 1500 engine has over other truck engines. Also, we will be revealing its cons.

The Advantages of RAM 1500 Engine Over Other Truck Engines:

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  • The Ram 1500 engine has an excellent fuel economy and low noise, vibration, and unevenness. Besides, the engine was rated as the best torque engine in the 480lb-ft class, a 14% increase over the previous generation engine.
  • A horsepower output of up to 305 @ 6400 RPM, which makes its performance more excellent than many other truck engines you can get on the market.
  • The 5.7L HEMI V8 ENGINE with eTORQUE’s multi-displacement system (MDS) / fuel-saving technology works longer, resulting in more fuel efficiency advantages. The start/stop ability also helps better fuel efficiency, up to 3.3%
  • The 3.0-L ECO DIESEL V6 ENGINE is a reliable diesel engine that gets a superb mileage of up to 29mpg on the highway compared to many other truck engines of 26mpg on the highway.
  • Following power, another thing that matters for trucks is its towing and hauling capabilities. The Ram 1500 can handle up to 6000- 8000 pounds of towing and a 1900 pounds hauling capacity, which is very much high compared to other truck engines’ hauling and towing capacity.

The Cons of RAM Engines:

If you are a vehicle user, it should be a general knowledge that every vehicle brand is known with one issue or the other. Many of these issues are connected to the engine. The Ram 1500 has its peculiar issues irrespective of the many pros.

The first noticeable issue with the latest Ram 1500 engine is the transmission issue. Many of its users have complained of issues like slow starts, the engine running rough and eventual sliding into gear when in traffic.

Relating to these transmission issues, some users also complained that when decelerating the vehicle, it hard downshift to stop and also jerk when shifting from first to second.

Another common issue we have been able to identify, according to a user review, is the electrical problem and software error.

Some users have complained that when the TIPM begins to go out, airbags may be deployed at random or may not deploy at all in a crash, and the seat belt pre-tensioner may be disabled inadvertently.

This may also lead to cooling fans to stop operating, and the fuel pump may not shut off when you turn off the vehicle.

Some Maintenance Tips That Would Help Keep The Engines Performing Optimally

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Many users of Dodge Ram 1500 tend to neglect to go through its maintenance, which may eventually lead to one issue or the other.

Some do this on the notion that there is a warranty on their vehicle, which is very bad. This may ultimately lead to the complete failure of the internal combustion engine.

We would be providing you with some helpful maintenance tips that would help to keep your Ram 1500 engine in good performance all the time and probably elongates its life span.

If you follow our advice, your engine will serve you rightly and for a long time without significant repairs and operational problems.


  1. Check the oil level regularly. To do this, insert a very clean dip rod as far as it will go and pull it out again and check whether the oil is between the two markings at the end of the rod. If not, refill it with oil according to the operating instructions.
  2. Replace engine oil timely and flush the engine with flushing oil when replacing engine oil to remove accumulated deposits.
  3. Check the air filter regularly and replace it on time. Delay in doing this can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and an increase in the percentage of toxicity of exhaust gases.
  4. Purge and flush the radiator hood regularly of dirt to prevent problems with electrical plug connections and disruption of engine operation.
  5. For every 5000km drive, check the condition of the spark plugs and replace them if they malfunction.
  6. Always get the car serviced on time, usually for every 10 thousand kilometers, or when a warning about the need for inspection appears on the information panel.
  7. Warm up the engine for several minutes in the cold season. After warming up the engine, speed should not be raised above two thousand in the first 5-10 minutes of driving.
  8. Always ensure there is no leakage in the radiator, and the electric fan must be in good condition. This is to prevent overheating that has a very negative effect on the operation of the entire motor system.

Some Very Basic FAQ’s

Q1: Why do Dodge Ram 1500 transmissions fail?

A: A malfunctioning of the torque converter usually causes failure in Dodge Ram transmission. A malfunctioning torque converter can cause shifting problems.

Q2: How much does the Ram 1500 cost?

A: The base 2023 Ram 1500 price begins at around $32,000. A Filled up Limited model can value close to $70,000. 

Q3: Which is better: Dodge Ram or Chevy Silverado?

A: Ram 1500 has a mild-hybrid eTorque system that aids in boosting fuel economy. Also, a 260-horsepower turbodiesel V6 that comes with the 2023 model gives the Ram 1500 an edge.

Q4: How long will a Dodge Ram 1500 last?

A: The Dodge Ram 1500 can last for almost 300,000 miles. And up to twenty years, according to some of its users.


Should I avoid buying the Dodge Ram 1500 then?

The Dodge Ram 1500, though has its peculiar issue, is one of the best trucks you can find on the market. 

With our series of research and the various users’ reviews online regarding its maintenance, repair, mileage, power, and general features, we affirm that this brand model is one among the many best to try out.