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Top 3 Dodge Ram Hood Ornament: How To Install Vintage Head Hood on Dodge

Dodge ram hood ornament has been a constant feature of dodge trucks for decades now, symbolizing strength in their rugged build. Donning an expertly crafted ram’s head as its primary logo, this ornament comes in various styles and designs.

This article will broaden your knowledge about Ram’s hood ornament, including where to make a purchase and its price range.

You will see the best Dodge hood ornaments available and their outstanding features. A simple step-by-step guide is provided below on how to carry out installations and adequately maintain its sparkling brilliance. So here we go.

What is Dodge Ram Hood Ornament?

Hood ornaments are uniquely crafted models symbolizing the logo of a car manufacturing company. Also known as bonnet ornament, car mascot, or radiator cap, it is expertly crafted to adorn a vehicle’s beauty.

Similarly, the Dodge ram hood ornament is a hood ornament that’s got Dodge’s uniquely crafted symbol of a ram. This steel ornament could be plated brilliantly with either chrome, gold, or any other precious metal that radiates its sparkling beauty.

Where to Buy The Hood Ornament?

You can buy the hood ornament from various online shopping outlets, such as from Amazon.com, eBay.com, or any other.

Since Dodge is associated with a long line of quality trucks for decades now, you can be fortunate to stumble on someone who intends to sell his. You can grab such opportunities to get it at a much cheaper rate.

Price Range

The price range varies. This depends on whether it is brand new or already used, illuminated eyes or non-illuminated eyes, and the quality of metal used for its plating.

For a brand new non-illuminated eyes hood ornament, you will get it within $40 – $100. Simultaneously, the illuminated eyes are usually more expensive and can go for around $60 to over $100.

Already used ornaments are usually valued randomly based on the seller’s decision. You can get one as low as $25 while another seller will offer that same item at over $100.

Top 3 Best Dodge Ram Hood Ornament

Considered below are the best three dodge ram hood ornaments. Each of them has got different attributes that make them unique. Here they are:

01. Grand General 48052 Chrome Ram’s Hood Ornament


Key Features

  • At its base, it has a 2-inch center to center bolt spacing attached to its two stud mount.
  • This item’s dimensions are 3″ wingspan x 4.13″ length x 3.5″ height.
  • This item’s weight measures approximately 12.8 ounces.
  • Its design has a well-detailed feel of its fur and horns with an astonishingly beautiful superior chrome-plated finish.
  • Installation requires drilling to be done first.

This non-illuminated eyes ram hood ornament with its high gloss finish is truly a beauty. It is a single-piece unit that enhances your truck’s outlook, making a bold, powerful statement. The solid build gives you a lifetime guarantee and, without doubt, value for your money.


  • Very easy to install with just two-hole drills required.
  • Excellent product quality for its price value


  • Does not quite fit into pre-existing holes. It would require new hole drills.
  • No thin gasket to separate ornament from the truck hood. It could result in rust formation.

02. Grand General 48046 Chrome Ram’s Head Hood Ornament with Amber LED


Key Features

  • An amber LED illuminated eyes
  • Has a package dimension of 7.5″ H x 8.5 L x 3.0 W
  • This item’s weight measure’s approximately 14.4 ounces
  • Designed to be mount on flat surfaces
  • It has a heavy-duty die-cast build quality

This classic Ram’s hood head ornament with its illuminated LED amber lights makes your truck stand out as unique. Brilliantly sparkling chrome finish and extraordinary detailing of its fur and horns. It personalizes your truck’s outlook.


  • Its chrome-plated steel is of high quality.
  • Seamlessly mounts on flat hood truck surfaces.
  • Its high gloss finish enhances your truck’s bold, rugged look.


  • Installation might be difficult for nonprofessionals, mostly it’s the wiring.
  • Drilling might be required for models whose pre-existing holes do not align with the ornament.

03. Dodge Ram’s Head Front Grille Badge Emblem


Key Features

  • Direct replacement for 2003-2005 Dodge Ram 2500 and 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500.
  • Package dimensions of 7″ x 6″ x 0.6″ and it measures about 61 mm across.
  • Also, the weight of this item measures approximately 0.634 ounces.

An excellently crafted piece of front grille badge emblem made up of high-quality steel. This ram hood ornament is perfectly curved to fit seamlessly as a replacement for some of the Dodge Ram car models.

The base sits perfectly into its pre-existing well carved out the outlet. In so doing, carrying out its installation is relatively easy since no drilling is required unless you intend to install an illuminated eyepiece. In this case, just a single drill for wire passage will suffice.


  • Easy to install as it requires only an adhesive.
  • Outstanding quality that guarantees value for money spent.


  • Does not fit correctly for all grills.

How To Install Dodge Ram Hood Ornament

Let us take a look at the step-by-step procedures involved in installing these three unique types of ram hood ornaments. Be rest assured that only a slight variation exists between them, and non is too tricky. Here we go:

Non-illuminated eyes ram hood ornament

The installation process for Ram’s hood ornament is relatively easy. These are the steps:

  • Step 1: Properly assess: Consider the position of your hood latch carefully before buying the ornament. In case of any obstruction, you will have a suitable plan to get around it.
  • Step 2: Fix your tape: Place a tape on the bonnet’s section you intend to install the ornament. This will enable you to create easy markings of drilling points. It will also create sufficient contact support for the drill bit to remain on targeted points without any slip-off.
  • Step 3: Measure your points: Take the right measurements identifying the exact points where your drills will go through
  • Step 4: Drill points: With your sufficiently long drill bit, drill the points where its bolts will go through.
  • Step 5: Mount: With the accompanying hardware components, mount Ram’s head hood ornament. Nevertheless, for some truck models, these hardware components might not fit correctly. If so, you can purchase a more fitting flat head bolt from your auto parts retail outlet.

It is advisable to utilize a gasket between the Hood and ornament during installation to prevent rust.

Ram’s Head Hood Ornament with Illuminated LED Eyes

Similar to the non-illuminated eyes, this will require the same simple step-by-step procedures as outlined above. The only additional steps involved will be aimed at setting up the lights. So here is how it is done

  • Step 1: Wire assessment: Identify the two accompanying wire types, with black representing its ground wire and red for its live or power wire.
  • Step 2: Connection: After mounting the ornament into its position, connect or hook the ground wire to anywhere around the truck’s body. In comparison, the live wire should be connected to either your truck’s 12v side marker light or any other power slot.
  • Step 3: Test: Test run by turning on the power source. Whenever the power source is turned on, your Ram’s head ornament glows.

Front Grille Badge Emblem

The steps for this installation is much simpler than the others. Here it is:

  • Step 1: Remove the previous front grille badge and any other unwanted particle as this process relies much on an adhesive action.
  • Step 2: Fix: Ensure you purchase an excellent adhesive, and after which, apply it on the surface, and attach the badge.

Maintenance tips

Taking good care of your chrome-plated Ram’s head hood ornament will ensure its brilliant sparkling look remains for long, attracting the attention it deserves. Regular maintenance does not require any cumbersome process. See some simple steps we can take:

  • Step 1: Prepare: Get your bowl of clean water, dishwashing liquid, a soft rag, and chrome polish. Form a soapy water mixture by pouring the dishwasher into the clean water.
  • Step 2: Clean it up: Wash your precious chrome ornament using the soapy water and soft rag gently. When satisfied, rinse up, leaving behind no soapy residue.
  • Step 3: Finishing: Wipe it dry with a clean, soft rag and finish it up with your chrome polish. Please do not make use of an abrasive chrome polish that’s capable of taking off the chrome. Remember, it is a chrome plate; the layer of chrome isn’t that deep.

The result will be an astonishing piece of eye-catching attractive ornament.

However, what if it has already been affected by rust from the surrounding metal, what can be done? Well, getting rid of surface rust is not that difficult too. This is what we can do:

  • Step 1: Clean it up: Using your soapy water mixture and a soft rag, wash the ornament thoroughly to expose the more affected spot.
  • Step 2: Focus on affect areas: Using fine graded steel wool, rub in a circular motion the affected part after applying a smear of your chrome polish. Repeatedly do so until the mess clears off.
  • Step 3: Finishing: Rinse thoroughly and finally, using your soft dry rag, dry off completely. To round it up, polish the ornament with a buffer and a dry cloth.

FAQ’s Vintage Dodge Ram Hood Ornaments

Is it illegal to Install Hood Ornaments?

No, it is not considered illegal in any part of the world. Due to its rugged appearance, it is easily associated with hoodlums. However, this is simply a great ornament that’s used to adorn a truck. You will only be accountable if faulty installation renders damages to other people’s property. Moreover, this does not make it illegal.

Do batteries power the eyes, or are they wired?

The eyes are wired to a power source such as your ignition or truck lights. This ensures they come on whenever that power source is supplied current.

Do I need to fabricate a gasket between the ornament and Hood?

Yes, of course, it is advisable to install it that way. This will prevent the formation of rust caused by the contact of these two metals. Further preventive measures involve applying anti-corrosive paints on the drilled surfaces.

Is it a flat or curved base?

The base of this ornament is flat. Exceptions to this could be seen for its badge emblems. Depending on the vehicle model it is designed for, it could be slightly curved at Ram’s head.

My hood ornament does not fit perfectly into the pre-existing points. What can I do?

First, do not be alarmed because most of the replacement ram hood ornaments do not fit into the existing point.

So to carry out installation, you will need to drill new points where it will be installed. This may also require filling up previous points. Contained above is a detailed simple step-by-step procedure on how to install your Ram’s hood ornament.

What purpose does a hood ornament serve?

With its magnificent display, a hood ornament showcases the unique symbol of a car manufacturing company. They are expertly crafted to enhance the beauty of a vehicle.

Can I customize it lights to my preferred color?

Yes, you can. All illuminated ram eyes hood ornament is not of the same color. Based on your preference, you can approach a professional to replace the existing eyes lighting with any color.

How long has Dodge used the ram hood ornament?

The initial use of the ram hood ornament on Dodge trucks began in 1933 and was discontinued during the 1950s. It was later revived in 1981 by Lee Iacocca, then the CEO and president of Chrysler. Moreover, immediately it was introduced onto the bonnets of Dodge’s first-generation RAM trucks.


If you desire your Dodge truck to portray that stunningly rugged and powerful outlook, then Ram’s hood head ornament is a must-have. Though having a characteristic ram’s head logo design, they are available in various metal platings and even illuminated several colors’ eye design.

Without a doubt, you can now successfully make the right Hood ornament purchases, install it, and carry out periodic maintenance on them. They enhance your truck’s adornment when installed and taken good care of.

Here are some useful YouTube video links explaining how the installation can be done practically.

First for a non-illuminated eyes ram hood ornament

And then for a Dodge ram illuminated LED eyes hood ornament. Observe the principle of light connection and how it can be useful in your case.