Dodge Transmission Interchange Guide 2023 You Should Know

In this article, I would provide a dodge transmission interchange guide as detailed enough for you. To be factual and realistic, changing a dodge transmission is not as easy as you think. It is a labor-intensive task and complicated if you have the right guide.

The problem most people have with DIY articles like this is that they find it hard to do it themselves. They understand the process, but the procedure becomes a challenge.

You can trust me on this when I say that you are in good hands. In a few minutes, you would be changing dodge transmissions like it is child’s play.


How can you change a dodge transmission?

Note that you must follow this dodge transmission interchange guide to the letter. I have made provisions for different possibilities should, in case things don’t appear the way I describe it here.

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Dodge Transmission Interchange Guide Step By Step

How to Change Your Dodge Transmission Easily In Simple Steps

Step 1: 

lift the Dodge truck with a jack. Make sure you can replace the transmission from beneath. Don’t forget to disconnect the negative terminal from your battery before you begin.

Then you position the drip pan below your dodge transmission container. Remove the container bolts and drain the transmission fluid into the box below. After pouring, you can replace the locks to their perfect position.

Step 2: 

Take out the four bolts at the back of the yoke with your wrench to disconnect the driveshaft. Make use of your three by 8-inch socket drive to disconnect the starter. Then you remove the shift transmission yoke making use of a wrench.

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Step 3:

On the passenger side of your Dodge, you detach those two oil cold box lines. Be sure to disconnect all torque and switch the bolts making use of a three by eight socket inch drive. The bolts below the transmission mount should go with a socket.

Step 4:

Beneath the transmission oil pan, you should position a floor jack then lift the transmission until it reaches the clear cross-member state. Detach the bolts on the cross-member sides that hold it to the frame. Separate the cross-member.

Step 5: 

Let down the transmission until you can get in through the side bell-covering bolts. Next, you detach the locks by the side and also disconnect the dipstick tube.

The bell-housing pins hold the dipstick tube firmly in place. From the transmission case, raise the dipstick tube carefully and change its position.

Detach what is left of the bell-housing bolts, and don’t forget to slide the transmission back to its place before you lower it to the ground.

Then you place the transmission back to its initial position but in reverse order. Fill the fluid, and you can run the transmission with your gear. Do not forget to check the fluid gauge.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Dodge Transmission?

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In this Dodge transmission interchange guide, I would focus on the typical cost for replacing a dodge transmission. However, there are three options for replacement, and they include; rebuilding (from a junkyard), remanufacturing, and replacement.

The words’ rebuilding’ and ‘remanufacturing’ are used frequently by people interchangeably. A transmission that is re-made or remanufactured can either be reassembled or dissembled.

Doing this implies that there would be an overhaul of some crucial parts by the factory or the individual (repair shop). Sometimes the components may be all worn out and would need new replacement like new seals, gasket, and all other parts.

A typical cost for a dodge replacement ranges between $1000-$6000, and it depends on where you find yourself at that moment. The model of your Dodge also adds or reduced to the cost as any car having a manual drive is less expensive.

A factory re-produced transmission would cost you more, but you can be sure of a more extended warranty. If you want to rebuild a transmission in the junkyard or anywhere else, you will face a shorter or minute warranty, and the rebuilding process can take up to five days at most.

Dodge transmission replacement in the passenger seat can cost up to $2,790 on an average. You can get that same service for $1,200 in some places.

For your SUV, it would cost an average of $3, 100. I know by now a part of your brain is screaming Expensive! Expensive! No need to worry; we always have a way around issues like that.

Firstly, you can get a transmission from a junkyard, salvaged around $200 to $600 or even more but not reaching the range of $1000. It all depends on the model of your Dodge truck.

However, a lot of repair shops wouldn’t want to install a used transmission because of the risk involved.

The risk of interchanging between models like the Caravan/Grand Caravan 2000 with 3SP FWD and a Caravan 1995 is that we cannot ascertain if it would work properly.

Some repair shops would perform a full diagnosis of the transmission and may require you to pay $288 to $450 for installation.

The cost varies according to model and location. Nevertheless, if you are considering a reliable Dodge transmission interchange, consider getting a new transmission.

Taking that decision to replace a failed transmission depends solely on the overall age and condition of the Dodge truck. It may be that other parts may fail soon, so changing the transmission can complicate issues.

When you are experiencing shifting delays, abnormal noise, and inability to turn into an appropriate gear, you are experiencing a transmission failure. At times, what you think is a transmission problem might just be the Dodge engine problem.

So be sure to check the engine before you focus on the transmission. The brand new transmission is used exclusively for the production of new vehicles.

This means that a single transmission can last for decades. However, a need would always arise for us to change or switch transmissions.

That is why you need to ask for the warranty provided and whether if the shop you’re repairing buys them or rebuild.

Needed Parts for Dodge Transmission Interchange

There are several parts needed for the Dodge transmission interchange. Some of these parts include; transmission seals and gaskets, transmission oil pumps and constituents, bearings.

The automatic flexplate, transmission oil pan, clutch kit, clutch slave cylinder, transmission shifter cable (automatic or manual depending on your car), Shift linkage bushing, auto trans shift cable bushing, and automatic transmission lever regulator/control.

Do you know that your car’s transmission consists of over 500 parts? The transmission houses some essential parts like bell housing, filters, gears, etc.

Do’s During The Dodge Transmission Interchange

– You should conduct maintenance of the transmission and the car in general according to your owner’s manual. Strange? It shouldn’t be.

– Make sure you always start the vehicle properly, having turned off all electrical accessories.

– Always check your transmission fluid before you have the oil changed and be faithful to the brand you use. The mixing brand isn’t good for the engine.

– Check your tires from time to time and inflate them correctly.

– When driving and you want to shift into the first gear or reverse, make sure you are at a complete stop.

– Pay close attention to the sound of the car.

– Make use of the emergency brake the right way.

– When turning the steering, you should do it gently and take it carefully around those corners.

– Your transmission should have the right lubricant for proper functioning.

– Allow enough time for the synchronizers to work when shifting your transmission.

– If you want to rebuild your transmission, it should be handled by a professional. It would save you money, and you can rest assured that you’ll get the best.

Transmission Maintenance Don’ts 

– Never drive a vehicle having low transmission fluid or no transmission fluid at all.

– If your car has transmission problems, don’t drive it. You would be causing more damage.

– Changing gear ranges when the car is moving is not right.

– If you want to drag race, get a sports car. Don’t drag race with you, Dodge, because it puts excessive damage on the transmission.

– Make sure you don’t ride the clutch.

– Never run the engine until the tank becomes empty.

– Make sure all tires match and never drive on mismatched tires. Doing that would put so much tension on the Dodge transmission.

– Never allow your car to sit idle for a long period. It is a car; it should be moving. Dormancy spoils the entire engine.

– Trying to make your car faster than how it was designed to be is bad for the transmission.

– Never’ bump-start’ your vehicle.

– When towing your vehicle for any reason, the transmission should never be connected to those wheels.

– Moving the car without making use of the clutch strains the transmission also.

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Exclusive Benefits of The Dodge Transmission Interchange

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Changing the dodge transmission when due would save you money in the long run.

Furthermore, when you maintain it regularly, it would prevent you from having to pay so-much for fixing it in the future.

Your engine would run smoothly and efficiently. Regarding fuel, changing transmission is an excellent decision. This is so because the right transmission would reduce gas consumption.

A transmission that is replaced right would cease leaking fluid. The transmission fluid is very harmful to children and pets. And that is just one of the reasons why you should always check for leaks in your vehicle.

Another benefit of transmission interchange or fixing is that you have better control over your wheels. Have you ever experienced sloppy or slipping wheels?

Then the transmission is faulty. Furthermore, you would feel more power in your wheels because the transmission has been replaced.

Sometimes there would be cases where you would need a transmission fluid flush. What is this? It is just a simple process of making use of instruments that walks well on the transmission pump.

You pump the old fluid there, and you replace it with new ones. Before the flush, you would need the help of a professional mechanic, especially if the transmission is dirty.

Removing the solvent present in the transmission would help the transmission function well.

However, there are things you need to consider before thinking of making a transmission flush.

The first thing is that you should check your manual and see what the manufacturer said about transmission. All of the time, we fall into the mistake of assuming things.

Some Google Questions On Dodge Transmission Interchange And Answers

What kind of transmission do I have?

First, you can check the kind of transmission you have by reading the owner’s manual found in the glove box or anywhere else.

If that cannot provide enough answers, you can crawl underneath your vehicle and look for numbers written on some of its parts.

There are numbers stamped on the transmission pan, write them down. Also, every car has a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

The name is a unique 17-character alpha-numeric code. You can find it in several places in your vehicle, like the door tag, windshield, etc.

What is the job of a transmission?

A transmission has one major work, among others. The transmission makes sure that the exact amount and real power reaches your wheels at that particular driving speed.

Let me explain using the analogy of a bicycle. A bicycle has a chain and gear shifter too. If the chain is off, the bike cannot move.

And if the gear is placed high, there would be trouble moving from a particular spot. That is how a transmission works.

What type of automatic transmission is compatible with 04 outback?

The 1999-2002 Forester and 1998.5 Screw on a filter (2004) are the two transmissions that could work.

What is the most reliable Dodge transmission ever built?

The most energetic Dodge transmission ever built is the OM3GA. A 47RE/48RE Dodge. It is structured to handle a massive level of horsepower.


Don’t think, check, research, and make confirmations. A transmission flush would work correctly and would be beneficial to your breaks and gears.

What is more, is that the shifting into gear for manual vehicles becomes easy. Jerking of the gear or strong pulling should stop.