How Long Do Subarus Last – 2023 Guide

Did your friend tell you about the Subarus, and you decided to get one for yourself? You may have searched so much about Subarus but found contrasting reviews about this vehicle, and you are still concerned about how long do Subarus last? So, here I am telling you about the truth related to the life expectancy of Subarus in this article.

When I got a Subaru car for myself, people used to tell me about its low life expectancy. But over time, I have experienced that whatever people said to me about this car was not valid. The long-lasting life of Subarus depends upon your care for the vehicle. The more you will keep Subarus in good condition, the longer it will last. So keep reading this article to know how long Subarus last and what steps you can take to increase its life.


What to Expect from Your Subaru?

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Subarus Engine

The Subaru Vehicle’s life will vary from model to model. Generally, Subarus can cover 300,000 miles. It depends upon your driving habits and maintenance. If you are a person like me who is conscious about car care and its regular maintenance, you should expect more than 300,000 miles from Subarus.

If I talk about the Subarus engine, the lower part of the engine is made bulletproof, so it lasts longer than other cars. But, if you cannot provide efficient engine oil timely, it might affect Subaru’s engine. I have got a head gasket repair in the past few years, and still, the engine cylinder walls look great. I found no issue with the car’s efficiency. After so many years, it is the same comfy and stylish car.

Proper Maintenance

It is crucial to maintain your Subaru car a regular scedules to increase the life of these cars. While purchasing a Subaru car, you will be given a manual. This manual has all the information regarding parts of Subaru and also the schedule of maintenance. It states two modes of care which include regular and severe.

We usually ignore minor problems in the car, which later on convert into more significant issues. Early scan and routine maintenance will keep your Subarus going for a long. In terms of care, Subarus do not cost you much. You will have to pay a little to make Subarus last longer.

Tips To Increase The Life Of Subarus

Your driving skill will define how long your Subarus will last. Suppose you take proper care regarding the oil change, routine maintenance, cleanliness of filters, and tire exchange and fluid levels. In that case, your car efficiency will increase hence increasing its life. Some people roughly use a Subaru car, and their vehicle fails to function within a year or two, whereas the people who take proper care run their Subaru cars smoothly for years. Following are the ways to increase your Subaru Car’s life.

Maintaining Car’s Engine

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To keep your Subarus last longer, you will have to take care of its engine. Whatever problem you face in the car performance will reflect the engine’s efficiency. Routine maintenance of the Subarus engine can keep you from severe damage. Ignoring petty issues in the car engine can decrease the life expectancy of the Subaru car.

A regular oil change can help a car’s engine to perform perfectly. If you do not change the engine oil, your car engine might end soon. I suggest changing the oil of your car’s engine when your Subaru car crosses 3000 miles. Oil exchange regularly will protect your car engine from blowing in the long run.

Changing CV Boots / Regular Tire Checkup

Why the Subarus do not last long has another fundamental cause that is CV Boots. People usually ignore the change of CV boots. I suggest changing CV Boots after your car crosses 75000 miles. The primary function of these boots is to keep the rust, water, and grease out of their joints.

Once these boots get damaged, the rust and grease get inside the wheels. Checking up on tires also increases the life of Subarus. Ignoring the wobbling of tires or unusual problems in tires can lead to severe problems in the long run, which can decrease the lifespan of Subarus.

Checking Fluid Level

Many people do not realize the importance of fluids in Subarus. The fluids like power steering fluid, brake oil, transmission oil, and coolant help the car run smoothly down the road. It also protects the car’s engine from heating and ultimately blowing up later. Furthermore, you will never face the issue of freezing in cold weather. Keeping the fluids at an accurate level can enhance the life of Subarus.

Power Steering Pump

Power steering pumps give energy to the lower parts of your car by supplying fluid to the essential features. If there is an imbalance in the power steering pump, you will feel dry and uncomfortable rides at a lower speed. People usually ignore the lack of smoothness factor in their ride and decrease the overall car life. According to professionals, the power steering pump tends to last for about 100,000 miles. The proper balance of the steering pump will make your Subarus last longer.


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Does Subarus last forever?

Subarus brand is known for producing long-lasting and affordable cars. The manufacturers have been making Subaru cars for comfort, luxury, and style to their customers. They are safe vehicles and last longer with their bulletproof engine parts, and have about 300,000 mileage. The longer life of these cars depends upon the correct usage and regular maintenance.

What is high mileage for Subarus?

The Subarus can run smoothly from about 150,000 to 300,000 mileage. The mileage of a car depends upon the driving skills and care of the driver. If the user cares about a vehicle and maintains it regularly, it will enhance the mileage, and the Subarus will run for longer periods without the major issue.

Can I extend the life of a Subaru Car?

Yes, you can extend the life of a Subaru car. It is important to take proper care of a vehicle. To keep your Subarus last long, change the engine oil at regular intervals. Check for the fluid level like brake oil, coolant, power steering oil. Keep an eye on the performance of car tires, and change CV boots and head gasket if any problem arises.


The longer life of a car depends upon correct usage. If the vehicle is adequately maintained and taken good care of all the parts, your Subaru will likely last longer. It also depends upon your driving habits. Some old models are working smoothly even after several years, whereas others fail within a year. It was a detailed review about how long a Subarus last, which will help you find out the mileage of Subaru cars and the methods to enhance its life.