How Many Lumens Do You Need to Light a Driveway?

Not many people know that Lumen is actually the unit to measure the brightness of a light. And this is actually somewhat scientific and therefore, it is not common for common people to know. However, now people are getting into all this thanks to the advanced advertisements that slowly guide you.

Previously, people used to take watts as the lumen. The manufacturers write watts of any bulb on its packaging. That is why people are well aware of them. Furthermore, they used to believe that the more wattage a bulb takes, the brighter the light will be. However, this is not the case. Lumen is a measure of the intensity of light.


Why is it important?


Lights have different roles. We use white and yellow light usually. Although the trend of yellow light is decreasing, it is still being in use. Furthermore, you will see white light in your home, office, school, and in public places. This is used to brighten up the space so you can live during the nighttime. Therefore, the brighter and more the lumens, the more will be the demand.

Likewise, other lights have also some purpose. Dimer and colorful lights are used for special environments. For example, in gaming rooms, discos, pubs, and clubs. And some people are afraid of the dark and cannot sleep with the lights off. They also need lights with a lower intensity that allows them to see things while also maintaining the darkness.

But now, you do not have to live like that. There are lights that come with their remote control. You can change their intensity depending upon your use. Go to and get the type of light you need.

They have a variety of options available. For example, there are floodlights for your yard and the main entrance. Some of them also provide the option of motion sensing. So if you are worried about security issues, this would be the best option.

Likewise, you can also get ceiling and recessed lights and dimmable UFO LED ones. You will get the remote control to manage the intensity. So when you want, you can adjust it and set the mood. And all of these are available at

Lumens for driveway and patio


Driveways need proper lighting because you need to drive your car around them. Therefore, the lights should be brighter. However, you can also use warmer and soft lights if you are having personal space. For example, the need for driveways for the hotel is different from private properties. You won’t light up brighter and highly intense lights throughout the night, right?

That is why you need something that you can adjust. It is better to buy a dimmable lighting setup for private properties. So once you are done parking your cars, you can just make them softer.

Usually, the requirement for a small driveway is 600 to 700 lumens. But if you have a larger driveway or it is for a public place, the intensity starts from 1200 lumens and goes up to 2400.

There is a new lighting setup available in the market. The motion sensor ones. This saves a lot of electricity and you won’t have to be on duty to turn on and off the light. The motion sensors will detect the presence and will turn on the light automatically.

You can choose the same lumens for your patio too. In addition to this, you can also make other lighting setups. For example, using string lights and overhead lighting. All these will further enhance the look of your patio. Furthermore, you won’t need to buy higher intensity for strings and overhead lighting. About 40 lumens for strings and 120 for hanging ones are quite suitable.

What about a deck?


It also comes under the outside lighting therefore, the requirement is higher. But it is not as high as a driveway. You can choose to keep your deck either cozy or bright. Usually, the intensity ranges from 80 to 120 lumens. If you want soft lighting, you can get bulbs of 80 lumens. Likewise, for brighter lighting, 120-lumen bulbs would be a good choice.

Now, what if you get a lot of friends? The deck is an important part of parties and get together. So if you get a lot of gatherings at your place, you will need a variety of lights. Therefore, it is best to get dimmable ones that allow you to adjust the intensity according to the mood.

For example, you are planning to watch a movie, you will need no to very dim lighting. However, after watching the movie, when you start dinner, the lighting requirement will increase. You will now need more lumens. Therefore, only one type of light bulb won’t do you any good. You can either choose to get two types of bulbs or the ones that offer a dimming option.

For steps and pathways


Although you might think that outdoor pathways and steps would need the same lumens of lighting as the patio, it is not true. The lumens for pathways vary with your setup.

For example, if the pathway is smooth and has even pavement, there won’t be a risk of tripping. Therefore, you won’t need too much light. On the other hand, if the pavement is under construction or is too rough to walk on, the better the lighting, the less will be the risk for tripping and falling. Usually, the lumen range for pathways is 100 to 200.

When setting up lighting for stairs and steps, you will have a wide range that goes from 12 to 100 lumens. So how will you decide on that? This is not that tricky. If you have just 2 or 4 steps, 12 lumen light bulbs would be good. Because there will be lighting on the main door or where you are stepping up. But if it is not enough or the steps are in the backyard, you can get a higher lumen lighting.