Most Common Ram 2500 & 1500 Leveling Kit Problems & Quick Solutions

In this guide, you will find out the major Ram 2500 leveling kit problems you may face while driving your vehicle.

Although leveling kits improve your truck’s appearance and functionality, these components can also lead to some issues in a real sense.

This has led to several discussions about the need for leveling kits installation on both the RAM 1500 and 2500.

According to various discussions online, some truck owners do not support getting their trucks lifted because of the damage their trucks may encounter over time.

This guide will discuss leveling kit problems and the actions you should take to guide against these problems.


Is a Leveling kit a Good idea?

Although leveling kits improve your truck’s aesthetics, many people invest in them because of their functionality.

For instance, some people purchase a leveling kit whenever they want to replace their wheels, get bigger tires, or whenever they desire to attach a snowplow to the front of their truck.

Also, raising the front end of your truck can be a great idea for owners who intend to haul cargo with their truck.

Different kinds of Leveling Kits for Ram

There are several types and designs of leveling kits. Before installation, it is important to look for the type of leveling kits compatible with your truck.

Generally, there are different kinds of leveling kits that truck owners can choose from. Before you invest in a leveling kit, it is important you know about each of these kits, how they function and decide the perfect choice for your truck.

The strut Extension Leveling Kit

This leveling kit allows a spacer either the top or down of the factory strut, thereby lifting the truck’s suspension a few inches.

This kind of leveling kit allows truck owners to save some cash since they won’t have to change their trucks’ struts; instead, they only install the kit on either end of the struts.

The torsion Key Leveling Kit

These are the perfect fit for trucks with “torsion bar suspension systems.” The torsion keys are installed as a replacement for the torsion bar keys connected with your truck from the factory, thereby lifting your truck on one side.

These keys are stronger or more durable than the factory’s torsion keys, which ensures your truck gets an uncompromising lift.

The coil spring spacer leveling kit

As the name implies, these kits are a perfect fit for coil spring trucks. These kits insert a spacer to either the lower or upper spring seats, which raises the body of your truck.

In case you need shock extensions, ensure you purchase a kit that comes with these accessories, or you may as well get these extensions separately.

Do leveling kits cause problems?

An attempt to transform your truck with the installation of leveling kits can result in some issues sometimes later.

For instance, when a leveling kit is faulty or not installed properly, this may eventually cause damage to the truck; in most cases, this affects the components of your truck’s suspension.

Features of Ram 2500 leveling kit along with Ram 1500

Below are features of the Ram 1500 & 2500 leveling kit:

  • Ensures a lift of approximately 2 inches in the front
  • Comes with hardware to slightly lift the front of the truck. This complements the stock height in the back
  • Leveling kits usually only require spring spacers or torsion keys.
  • The kits come with easy to read and apply guidelines and instructions.

What are the pros of a leveling kit?

  • Leveling kits are pocket-friendly
  • Leveling kits are not difficult to install
  • Allows the use of larger tires

What are the cons of a leveling kit?

  • Maintenance can be a bit expensive
  • The components of your truck will wear out at a very fast rate
  • In case of poor installation, your truck might start shaking

Common Ram 2500 Leveling Kit Problems

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01. Inappropriate Alignment

After the leveling kits have been installed on your truck, necessary adjustments must be carried out on the casters.

In a situation where the alignment isn’t conducted appropriately to the front end, this can affect the tire wear by making it poor, thereby resulting in your truck pulling apart to one side while in motion.

If you fail to make the necessary adjustment to the casters, you will experience vibrations whenever the speed is higher.

Solutions: Make sure the setting and the installation of leveling kits are done by an experienced mechanic.

02. Wrong installation

Although leveling kits are easy to install, a slip-up may sometimes occur. In a case where there is a slip-up, things may end up really bad, irrespective of the brand or quality of the leveling kit you may have installed.

Since the total truckload hangs on the suspension, each unit of the kit must be installed appropriately.

Solution: If you are installing the leveling kit for the first time or do not know how this is being done, you may need to hire an experienced mechanic to carry out the installation for you.

03. Tie-rod issues

While setting up the leveling kits on your Ram 2500, changes occur at the tie rod end. The factory-installed tie poles may bend or break when there is a change in suspension.

This is a problem that is common amongst truck owners who drive on dry off-roads or on irregular terrains.

Solution: Truck owners are advised to install post-factory tie rods on their trucks. These tie roads are designed to accommodate the change in angle and edge that occur when a leveling kit is set-up or installed on the truck

04. Damaged suspension

Once the leveling kit is installed on the truck, it alters its geometry. Some designs of leveling kits level the back end of the truck and raise the front by some inches.

By installing a leveling kit, one part of the suspension may wear out faster. Here is when problems start.

Solution: Ensure a standard leveling kit is installed on your truck, and ensure the installation is done appropriately to avert long-term damage to your vehicle.

05. Need for maintenance

When you watch closely, it evident that Ram 2500 is designed to perform in a specific way. When you make some adjustments to the truck, these changes may alter the manufacturer’s plan, which increases wear and tear to your truck.

When the front suspension of your truck is adjusted, the joints get damaged at a faster rate.

Solution: To solve this problem, make sure adjustments are made when necessary.

06. Problems with the Shocks

Once you have installed the leveling kits on your truck, ensure you get new shocks set up.

Although your truck comes with shocks from the factory; nevertheless, these shocks may not be compatible with the modified leveling kit.

In the end, this may lead to an uncomfortable ride when you are in motion. Also, this may get the truck’s suspension damaged.

Solution: Once you upgrade your truck by installing the leveling kit, ensure you get the right shocks to avoid leaving too much space between the axle and the wheel well.

07. Lower Mileage

Another Ram 2500 leveling kit problem is lower gas mileage, known as the reduction in the range and mile coverage.

Once the truck is lifted higher than the factory standard, with the addition of bigger tires, this reduces the truck’s fuel economy.

Generally, the size and weight of the leveling kit installed impact the fuel economy of the truck. The heavier the kit, the lower the fuel economy.

Solution: To solve this issue, you may avoid installing a heavy kit on your truck.

Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems

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01. Installing the wrong kit

When a poor quality kit is installed on the truck, this results in poor positioning of the truck’s component, which may eventually contribute to its breakdown.

This is when you begin to notice vibrations when you drive your truck at high speed down the road.

Solution: Make sure you conduct necessary research about the type or brand of leveling kit you want to buy before making a purchase to avoid investing in a poorly made kit.

02. The height level

This is one of the most prominent leveling kit problems associated with Ram 1500, especially the 2018 model. When your truck is not properly measured, this may result in misalignment and related issues in the long run.

This may affect the tires on your truck as they start to wear out at a very fast rate than normal.

Solution: Look beyond the aesthetic value of installing the leveling kit. Ensure you carry out the vehicle’s measurement before the installation of a leveling kit.

03. Bad mileage

Poor mileage on a truck can be very frustrating as you will require more gas than normal, which means you spend more on gas.

In addition to that, your tires wear easily, which forces you to replace them frequently. In the end, this shoots up your monthly maintenance cost.

Solution: Once you detect that you are experiencing poor gas mileage on your vehicle, make sure you drive to a mechanic workshop to have your leveling kit checked by a specialist.

04. The driveshaft wears out faster

This results in poor driveshaft performance. While driving down the road, you may hear or notice a horrible sound whenever you shift your vehicle.

Another associated sign is the unusual vibrations generated from underneath your truck. These signs are indications that the driveshaft is placed at the wrong angle as a result of the leveling kit installation.

Solution: Once you notice that your driveshaft is out of order, make sure you visit a specialist. Failure to correct this on time may lead to severe damage over time.

05. The suspension can get damaged

The inappropriate installation of the leveling kit may affect your truck’s suspension system. By doing a mediocre installation, some components of the truck’s suspension system could get damaged easily.

Solution: To fix this issue, make sure you get the shocks on the ruck replaced with new ones. Also, ensure proper maintenance of your truck to guide against any form of damage to other components.

06. Inadequate maintenance

When you have the leveling kit installed on your truck, this increases the rate at which your vehicle wears out compared to when you don’t have it installed. There is a need to focus on adequate maintenance to ensure your truck functions optimally,

Solution: Make sure you keep to consistent maintenance of your truck. This is the only way it can be in good shape. This also lowers the amount of money you would spend to replace damaged components that may result from the leveling kit.

07. The pinion gears wear out easily

Leveling kit installation may result in a situation where your pinion gear wears out faster.

When you fail to get a faulty leveling kit checked and still drive thousands of miles with it, this may result in severe damage to the truck. As a matter of fact, the pinion gear wears out as you drive your truck.

Solution: Take your truck to a specialist to have the leveling kit checked once you notice that your truck’s pinion gears are wearing out faster than normal.

Cost of a Leveling Kit

There are several designs and brands of a leveling kit on the market. This accessory is not expensive, and you can get a kit for between $100 and $500.

The major cost is attributed to the amount charged by a professional or specialist for installation, about $100/hour. On average, it takes about 3 hours to install a leveling kit.

DIY Guide to Install a Leveling Kit on Ram 2500 and 1500

  1. While installing the leveling kit on your truck, lift the truck up using a floor jack. Make sure you are careful with it.
  2. Make sure the brake line bracket is loosened to guide against any form of tension
  3. Get the sway bar off the truck. This process is tricky, and it takes time
  4. Take out the shocks on both sides- the top and bottom
  5. Take out the coils from your truck
  6. Get the spacers installed on the truck. Ensure the spacers are held in place; this process may be a little bit tricky
  7. Get the spring isolator installed on both the driver’s and passenger sides
  8. Put things back in order. Make sure everything you must have removed is carefully assembled back to its positions

WH Questions About Ram 2500 Lift Kit Problems

Will a leveling kit damage my truck?

Well, a leveling kit won’t damage your truck. This accessory installation ensures the truck’s weight is evenly distributed between both the front end and the rear.

Will the installation of a leveling kit affect ride quality?

No. it doesn’t. A leveling kit comes with various components that ensure your truck attains the maximum lift you desire. A standard leveling kit allows larger tires, which are the perfect choice for off-road riders.

Will I need a front end alignment after installing a leveling kit?

Yes, you do. Once you have installed a leveling kit, especially after you have the suspension modified, you need a front end alignment.

How do I prevent damage to my truck?

The best way to achieve this is by investing in a top-quality leveling kit.


While installing a leveling kit on your truck, we advise you to hire a specialist or a professional to get the work done.

Also, do not forget to tell them about how you prefer your leveling kit installed. While you hire a professional mechanic to install this accessory, you can take care of the truck’s maintenance yourself.