Silverado Leveling Kit Problems & Quick Solutions – 2023 Guide

Leveling kits perform one major function which is raising the front of your vehicle, making it the same level as that of the back.

Silverado leveling kit problems teach most lovers of the Silverado brand a valuable lesson.

It is justifiable for Chevrolet truck dealers to establish a leveling kit for their truck.

With the establishment of a leveling kit comes Silverado leveling kit problems to the various truck components.


Common Silverado Leveling Kit Problems

One must be aware of these problems beforehand to avoid damage to the truck’s suspension units. Embedded in this article are the Silverado leveling kit problems and their solutions.

01. Alignment of Leveling Kits

Aligning the truck after the installation of a leveling kit is sacrosanct. Adjustments will be made to the casters when leveling is done.

If the proper alignment isn’t done to the front end, the tire wear will be poor, with your truck dismantling to the side while in motion at this point.

When the speed is higher, vibrations will be experienced in the truck if adjustments are not made to the casters.

Most automobile shops often ignore the significance of casters, as they have no association with wear in tires.

Nevertheless, when the truck’s front end is lifted, changes will be made to the handling if casters are not altered.


After installing leveling components, balance the headlights to compensate for issues with its stature or height.

If you want to set a bigger tire, bear in mind that this may take a negative toll on your steering, brake system, and handling of your vehicle, affecting its controlling and slowing mechanisms.

Reach out to a reliable specialist or mechanic from the dealer/vendor before setting up or installing a leveling kit.

02. Improper Installation

This is another problem with the Silverado Leveling kit. You can easily set up a leveling kit unaided or seek the help of a good mechanic to install it.

A better number of these types of leveling kits have straightforward guidelines and instructions.

However, you can get self-explanatory and detailed on YouTube for any kind of truck.

If a slip-up occurs, things may get terrible, even if a high-quality leveling kit is installed.

The entire truckload depends on the suspension which makes it very important for each unit to be properly installed.


Seek the assistance of a professional or specialist if you cannot install the leveling kit properly on your own or risk causing damage to your vehicle.

03. Tie-Rod Affections

In the process of setting up-leveling kits, changes occur at the GMC tie rod edge.

This problem is peculiar to truck drivers who ply rough terrains or dry off-road.

If you intend to give your truck a lift, then placing big tires afterward, you’re likely to encounter this problem.

The tie poles installed at the factory may fracture or bend underneath the impact.


To solve this problem, as an owner, it is necessary to install post-factory tie rods.

These poles are designed to compensate for the difference in angle/edge made by setting up a leveling kit.

04. Damaged Suspension Mechanism

Similar to what is experienced when trying to effect a change, adjusting a truck’s suspension is not a hazard-free process. Such changes and modifications can result in a dimensional change of the suspension.

This worry arises regarding leveling kits installation. A part of the suspension’s mechanism may get worn out too early.

The fact still remains that the geometry of the truck becomes altered following the installation of a leveling kit.

Some of these kits level the rear end of the truck and lift the front by some inches.

The basic design of the truck is such that the suspension lies elevated in the back.

Nonetheless, installing a standard level kit in the appropriate manner causes no long term harm to your truck.


With professional installation and extra maintenance, potential issues can be averted, such as setting up new shocks and assessment of the truck’s alignment.

Customers often lodge complaints and file reports about major issues they encounter in installing leveling kits.

However, they are totally ignorant of who carried out the installation on the truck, a specialist, or an amateur.

They also tend to ignore the fact that factors such as rough driving and other recent adjustments may be the cause of this problem.

05. Maintenance Needs

Another important problem of leveling kits is the need for maintenance. There is every possibility that you’ll damage some of the parts in the truck’s suspension faster.

Manufacturers design the trucks to function in a particular manner, and adjustments made to it may alter the plan and increase wear and tear to the truck.

It is certain that the joints get damaged faster when adjustments are made to the front suspension.


Make adjustments only when necessary. You’ll likely experience stress at the CV joints in the front if you run a 4×4.

They wear out faster with changes in the height of the suspension.

But small changes like 2 inches or less will not cause wear like big differences.

06. Shock Problems

silverado leveling

After installing a Silverado leveling kit, you have to add new shocks. Manufacturers fix shocks into trucks, however, those already set at the industry by the vendor should fit into confinement.

Note though that they are not designed to be placed in the spacious area between the wheel axis and shaft


The high-standard notch can be re-installed, but the leveling kit reduces the extent to which shocks move to absorb knocks and jolts.

This results in a rough ride, especially when the shock reaches the end of the journey.

07. Low Fuel Mileage

Problems of Silverado leveling kits include lower gas mileage that is a reduction in the mile coverage and the range of the Silverado.

As the height of the truck is increased, the resistance to the wing gets higher, especially in the front.

Usually, racing automobiles are required to stay as close to the ground as possible. Increased airflow and drag result in higher fuel consumption.


If you plan to level your truck, you won’t have to reduce its gas mileage.

08. Warranty

The downside to installing a leveling kit is that you stand the risk of not getting a warranty on your truck.

If it is outside your warranty coverage, you need not worry about it.

If a change is made to your truck’s suspension, you won’t get any free repairs done if damage should occur, even if it is within your warranty period.


In general, when leveling kits are properly installed, with quality components set up, the chances of damage to your truck is reduced.

Leveling kits are custom-made gear, with quality modifications already made.

A reduction in length or a joining of the components is not a requirement for installation.

You can decide to reverse this if you want to sell your truck in the future or change its suspension arrangements.

Most times, these leveling kits are to be installed for use off-road or snow-plow. Should this be the case, it will not result in long-term truck damage.

With truck modification, suspension wear may increase, with gas mileage reduction, causing the warranty to be void.

Why does it happen?

It is only normal to witness a difference in edges of the tie-rod, or a fracture or bend in extreme cases after putting a leveling kit in your truck.

You may not be aware of this fact, but a good number of new-generation leveling kits don’t perform the function of truck-lifting.

Funny right? Why is this so? We could say this is because most people make the wrong choices in picking leveling kits and designs, as well as their components.

Some are ignorant of its uses and use it for the wrong purposes, thus resulting in various problems.

How to Prevent Silverado Kit Problems

Preventing some of these Silverado Leveling Kit problems is a function of proper maintenance and servicing of the leveling kit, installation of high-quality components, seeking the assistance of a professional in installing it, as well as using factory-installed shocks and making changes where necessary.

01. Maintenance

Silverado leveling kits can be maintained by using standard components and installing them properly, either on your own or with assistance from a specialist or professional.

02. Tools to Repair

  • Air wedge pump
  • Alignment tool Inflatable shim bag

Silverado Leveling Kit Cost

Truck lifting is a great option to make room for more tires and enable added ground clearance.

However, as with modifications on most vehicles, lifting your truck will cost money.

If you plan to lift your truck on your own or seek the assistance of a professional, you’ll need to spend money.

The total amount of money you spend on lifting your truck will depend on the kind of vehicle you have, how much you want to lift, and if you’ll need professional help in installing the lift.

DIY Ways Cost

You can try installing the kit yourself if you have done a previous installation in the past or an experienced mechanic.

If you don’t know what to do, it’s better not to try as you could damage it.

After installation, you can hire a professional to make sure it is installed properly and check that all is in order.

Does a leveling kit affect ride quality?

A leveling kit lifts the front of your truck without any effect to the back; therefore the capacity of the truck doesn’t change.

They are simple and include things such as strut extensions, coil spacers, and torsion keys, however depending on the truck’s suspension.

What effect will a leveling kit have on my truck?

When leveling kits are made with top-notch components and proper installation is done, your truck won’t be damaged.

Do I need front end alignment after placing a leveling kit?

The answer to this is yes. Alignment is needed after installing a leveling kit, especially after suspension modifications.

Why Should I Put a Leveling Kit on My Truck?

Truck leveling kits increase your truck’s front out the general vehicle stance.

If you don’t load your truck often, installing a leveling kit will give you space to fit bigger tires and wheels.

Basic Do’s And Don’ts of Leveling Kits


  • Get a new leveling kit from a reputable company like Silverado
  • Ensure to install it with help from a professional
  • Do your research on the product so as to purchase the appropriate kit, size, etc.


  • Don’t make a purchase of a leveling kit if it has already been used or you’ve not done background search about the brand.
  • Don’t try installing a leveling kit if you have no idea as to how it is done, or you’ve not done it before.
  • Don’t skip Making research on the products to know the most appropriate size for your vehicle and is best for you.
  • Avoid buying the first leveling kit you find online.

Other things to keep in mind include looking for the best leveling kit and installing it. A leveling kit is not just a mere mechanism to elevate your truck.

You need a new suspension, new tires, and wheels, with a professional to assist in its installation.

The higher you go in the ride, the more the ride gets tough.

Adding new tires and lifting affects your fuel economy, irrespective of how high it is.  Also, take your vehicle for routine checks and maintenance to ensure proper functioning.


  • Leveling kits are affordable and inexpensive
  • They are easy to install
  • Leveling kits give an aggressive stance or look
  • They accommodate larger tires with their extra space


  • Lifting is limited
  • It causes little change to the appearance and style of the truck

Final Verdict

Having stated some of the Silverado Leveling Kit Problems and their solutions, it is advisable to avoid them.

As a lover of Chevy trucks, the Silverado, which is a popular vehicle from this brand, is sturdy and efficient.

However, these issues influence the customer’s experience, which is often unexpected.

The Silverado is highly efficient and durable, with its unique outlook and speed settings, giving credit to this truck won’t be out of place, making it a proficient vehicle, with worldwide popularity.

Hence, if you’re looking for the best leveling kit for your Silverado truck, it is important to have these points in mind and put them into consideration.

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