How to Transport a Mobility Scooter Safely?

Transporting mobility scooters safely and securely is a difficult task if you’re not experienced. The mobility scooter for seniors has become increasingly popular with the aging population. But it can be challenging to find an easy way to get your mobility scooter from one destination to another. If you need help transporting your mobility vehicles, then this article will help you make the process easier.


The Common Types of Mobility Scooters


Let’s get the hang of the types of mobility scooters to get how to transport them. Mobility scooters come in many different styles and types. They can differ from basic mobility to complex mobility with an array of features, controls, and weight capacities.

The most popular mobility scooter from Marc’s Mobility is the standard type which has two wheels at the front and a seat on it. Which makes it suitable for people who have limited mobility issues. It’s easy enough to get your hands around this kind since they’re built similar to shopping carts.

Another common version of mobility vehicles is transportable mobility scooters. They resemble wheelchairs or carry-on luggage bags. It allows you to roll them over smooth surfaces such as sidewalks, pavement, carpeting, etc. You’ll need assistance when loading these into moving vehicles or transporting them on stairs. Make sure it will be available when needed if you opt for a mobility scooter to transport.

The last type of mobility device is the ones that resemble motorcycles. They require a special license or permit before using them on public roads like sidewalks, streets, etc. You’ll also need a helping hand to load this mobility scooter into a car.

How to Transport a Mobility Scooter – Useful Tips to Consider


There are several ways of transportation of mobility vehicles in your home or office without too much difficulty.

The first thing when transporting a mobility vehicle is safety precautions. Make sure all doors and windows are closed before starting any journey with your electric wheelchair. Also, make sure it’s secured properly in the car so no accidents happen during transit through bumpy roads or highways. It’s also important not to leave children unattended around an unsecured mobility scooter.

Another thing to consider is the mobility scooter itself. Since some are bulkier than others. If your mobility device has three wheels, then it’s possible that you can drive inside a car with no problem. However, if they have four or more wheels, transport will be easier in a van for mobility vehicles. Also, make sure all components of your wheelchair work properly before starting any journey. Otherwise, there may be problems on the way and this could lead to accidents or injuries when transferring mobility scooters.

Transport options for people who use wheelchairs vary according to whether the person uses a manual or powerchair. It also depends on which type of vehicle is being used and how much space is available in them. If there is not much space, mobility scooters should be folded before transporting. The safest option for transferring mobility scooter users is to transport them in a van with ramps. This way, the wheels of mobility vehicles are well guarded. And people using wheelchairs can get on or off without any problems.

If it’s impossible to transfer mobility scooters inside cars because they have fewer than four wheels then you could use an adapted vehicle instead. There are many types available that work just as fine but aren’t considered public road traffic. So they don’t need insurance – which means transfers can happen at lower costs too. Finally, remember never to leave your wheelchair locked up outside where vandals might damage it or even steal it completely from its parking spot if left unattended.

How to Handle a Mobility Scooter


There are several ways of how to keep a mobility scooter secured when transporting it in a vehicle.

1. Inside Hoist / Lift for Mobility Scooters

The inside lift is the safest and most secure way to transport mobility scooters for people who cannot drive themselves. The inside hoist will lift your mobility scooter from underneath so it remains completely safe and sound in one position during your journey.

2. Outside Lift for Mobility Scooters

The outside lift is a way of how to keep mobility scooters safe and secure during transport that is suitable for people who can drive themselves. The mobility scooter will be lifted from the ground with the outside lift. But it does not require any interior space in your vehicle as would an inside hoist.

3. Hybrid Lift for Mobility Scooters

The hybrid lift is a way of transporting mobility scooters for seniors. This is suitable if you cannot drive yourself and your mobility scooter fits inside the vehicle that you are using to transport it. It allows both the driver and passengers in your car to have legroom throughout their journey thanks to its compact design. But be aware that this type of lift requires some interior space making it unsuitable for vehicles with tiny interiors or big boot/trunk spaces.

4. Wheelchair Ramps & Hand Truck Scooter Lift

If you’re traveling by car then a wheelchair ramp or hand truck scooter lift can be very helpful as well. Some electric wheelchairs already come with special devices. Such devices allow them to easily ride up onboard trucks, buses, or vans without any major modifications required.

How to Avoid Stealing Your Mobility Scooter when Transporting It


The first thing you can do is to make sure the mobility scooter’s battery is disconnected. This way, nobody will be able to use it without your permission. Even if they manage to steal the mobility scooter itself while you are transporting it in a vehicle. It’s also important not to forget about spare wheels. You don’t want them getting stolen either. So keep an eye on where exactly they’re located when loading up your car with other things too.


A mobility scooter is a good way to get around if you have difficulty walking. However, it’s important that you know how to transport them safely if you need to move them from one place to another. If not transported carefully, the scooter may be damaged or even cause injury for those carrying it. Here are some tips on how to transport a mobility scooter safely so that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.