7 Best 6V Golf Cart Batteries 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Most golf carts used today are electric, which is a lot more efficient than a gasoline-powered option. Electric golf carts require a battery to provide power for the motor and then to the wheels.

The most popular batteries designed for golf carts are the 6-volt deep cycle batteries. These batteries are quite reliable and last a long time. Still, some batteries work better than others by providing more value for a specific price.


Best 6V Golf Cart Batteries

1. Trojan 6V Battery T-105

Trojan 6V Battery T-105


Trojan T-105 is a well-known product for durability and reliability. Every golf cart owner knows about this battery since it provides great amperage and functionality.

You get 6 brand new batteries fully charged and ready for use within the package, but you can also take only 1 if needed. This battery is also very light compared to most batteries on the market and it is quite easy to use.

Whether you buy it for basic use or everyday heavy use, this is a high-quality product that can last longer than any other battery if maintained properly.

This battery provides at least a basic number of cycles or even more with the latest technology used in production, providing amazing performance.

It is important to note that constant charging won’t affect battery life and that might be the main reason why this battery is soo good for golf carts.

The price is not the most affordable, but it is fair and reasonable if you consider the value you get from this product.

  • Performance
  • Capacity
  • Reliability
  • Size and weight
  • Top-quality
  • High price
  • Maintenance required


2. Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT


Even though this battery is designed for marine, it can be used for more than one purpose.

GPL-4CT is a 6-volt battery that charges a lot faster than most batteries on the market, making it perfect for a golf cart.

Many tests proved that this battery can endure strong vibrations, shocks and every weather condition, making it suitable for most users.

This battery exceeds in safety in cases like overcharging and last for at least 5-6 years depending on the usage. If used properly, some users claim this product lasted for 10 years.

Some batteries’ leaking problem is not the case with this product since it has a sulfuric acid leak protection.

Aside from the build quality, you get a 5-year warranty covering any malfunction and possible damage in the production phase.

Easy to charge, easy to use, this product offers more than enough for most users.

  • Leakproof
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Advanced safety
  • Durability
  • Vibration resistance
  • Lower portability
  • Heavy


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3. VMAXTANKS 6 V 225Ah AGM Battery


Here we have a battery, mostly used for RV, but it also works fine for golf carts.

This product has 225Ah, one of the highest among the other products of the same class and price range. It is a great product for those who need a reliable battery with high capacity.

Featuring a deep cycle capacity, you are guaranteed to have a stable amount of current for an extended period.

Also, this battery comes with the Absorbent Glass Mat technology. Therefore the product is completely sealed, so you don’t need to worry about leaks while you use it. Another thing you don’t need to worry about is maintenance since you don’t need to replace the liquid inside the battery.

Although this product is a good option for a golf cart, it does not behave well as a starting battery in most vehicles.

  • High capacity
  •  Easy maintenance
  • AGM technology
  • Deep cycle capacity
  • Bad  for cranking
  • High price


4. Universal Power Group UBGC2 Sealed AGM Deep Cycle 6V

Universal Power Group UBGC2 Sealed AGM Deep Cycle 6V


For those who prefer to have a robust and durable battery, this is the best choice.

This battery features AGM technology to prevent any leaks preventing any possible damage. Also, a wide temperature range allows multipurpose usage for many vehicles and power-consuming systems.

Easy to use without any need for maintenance, it is one of the best products available for golf carts. The battery does not require any water for as long as it works. The deep cycle is quite useful for a stable capacity no matter how many times you do the discharging and recharging. That said, it can be mounted in any position you prefer, for easier transport and use.

It comes with a high-quality case that is very resistant to vibrations and impacts. You don’t need any special charger since it fits most regular chargers.

Overall, this is a great product that can be used for many purposes, offering high value for a reasonable price.

  • AGM technology
  • Maintenance-free
  • High-quality case
  • Leakproof
  • High discharge rate
  • Bigger size
  • Heavy


5. UPG UB12350 Universal Battery 12V

UPG UB12350 Universal Battery 12V


Although the 6-volt batteries are most suitable for a golf cart, some users prefer to purchase fewer batteries with a higher voltage.

This model is considered one of the best lead-acid batteries. It offers a lot of versatility, so you can use it for a golf cart and other vehicles.

It is designed with a non-corrosive material with an electrolyte, so it offers very high build quality. Also, a strong and robust design provides high resistance to vibrations.

Using this battery for any cart size is possible since this product is made to be suitable for most customers.

This battery is designed to prevent any leaks and does not require water for as long as it lasts.

Picking a 12-volt battery for your golf cart might not be the most efficient solution. Still, it can be more affordable in some cases.

Most sellers have a package of 4 batteries, which is enough for a basic golf cart.

  • Usable for many vehicles
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality design
  • Spill-resistant
  • Long charging


Buyer’s Guide While Buying the Battery for a Golf Cart in 2023

Battery maintenance

Some batteries require more maintenance than others, so it is important to do research before the purchase. Even if your product requires low maintenance, you should always try to keep it clean and functional, so it lasts longer.

Every battery gets a bit of dirt on the top and should be cleaned with a standard brush or compressed air. Also, preventing corrosion is important and it is easy to do with a preventing spray. Sometimes you will need to check battery wires and replace them if needed.

The best thing to do is charge your battery before it drops below 20% and never let it discharge completely, and use your battery often. If you maintain your product correctly, it should last at least 5 years.

Lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries are the most common batteries used for a golf cart. Frequently used for powering many devices, they are relatively new and more expensive. Most users don’t complain about the higher price since they tend to last a lot longer. Aside from durability, these batteries are very easy to maintain. Therefore new golf carts are powered by lithium-Ion batteries that work properly and without any problems.


Whatever brand or the model you prefer, you should always try to get the best value for every price range. Unlike most products, battery development is really slow, so there is not much competition between the manufacturers. Still, there are a couple of great brands that offer high-quality batteries.

Going for more affordable solutions is usually a bad thing to do. You should always try to get a brand new product from a well-known manufacturer. Buying a used battery is something you should also avoid since it is not a reliable option. Nowadays, batteries last a very long time, so getting a high-quality product will definitely provide you a better experience.

Voltage and Amperage


The voltage in a battery pack inside your golf cart is similar to the horsepower of a car engine. In other words, the higher voltage you have, your golf cart will produce more power. The standard 48 volts golf cart is a great option and it will be sufficient for everyday use. Going beyond is fine, but you shouldn’t go below that value. Still, you need to pay attention to a controller inside a golf cart. This controller is used to determine how much amperage is really used within the controller.


Amperage inside a golf cart determines how long you can use your golf cart on a single charge, similar to a gas tank. If you plan to use your golf cart for longer distances, you need to invest more into amperage. Here you can’t really go wrong, get the highest amperage you can get, so you will charge your golf cart a lot less.

Water maintenance

In cases where your batteries require water maintenance, it is very important to do it regularly. In most cases, it should be done monthly or quarterly, but you should check your water levels once a month.

The most important is to water the batteries only after the golf cart has cooled down from charging and never do it before charging. The only water that is safe to use is distilled water. The key is a perfect balance, meaning you should never let the water level go too low or too high since it can damage your battery.


The batteries included within this article are high-quality products suitable for every user. Still, it is not easy to decide on a specific product. You need to do more research, so you can get the best battery for your golf cart. Golf cart batteries are not cheap. It is recommended to get enough information before purchasing a product you will be using for at least a couple of years.


img source: sundancegolfcars.com

Can I replace a golf cart battery myself?

If you are familiar with the electric golf cart functionality and possess a battery strap, you can replace it yourself. The most important thing to do is put a new battery the same way as the old one. If you don’t, you might cause damage to other batteries.

It is a common practice to replace all the batteries at the same time. If you are insecure about the replacement, you can always contact the manufacturer, which might be the safest option.

What is the ideal voltage for a golf cart?

Voltage won’t affect the main functionality of your golf cart. It will just allow your vehicle to go faster. Basically, it is a personal preference for every user. Although no one knows the perfect voltage, most golf carts are 48 volts. The voltage of your golf cart can be adjusted, but it is best to leave the adjustment to professionals.

How long will my battery last?

It depends on product quality and maintenance. If you get a high-quality product and maintain it properly, you should get at least 5 years. Some users even claim that they had used the same battery for 10 years. You should get a battery with a minimum warranty of 3 years in every case, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected malfunctions.

What happens if I overcharge my battery?

Overcharging is something you should avoid. Using an automatic battery charger is the best option because it will stop the charging process when the battery is fully charged. If you overcharge your battery, there is a high probability of permanent damage. If you don’t have an automatic charger, you should pay more attention during the charging process.

Why my charger won’t turn on?

In most cases, the batteries get too low and the charger can’t detect batteries properly. You can do a base charge of 30 volts to wake up your device. To prevent this from happening, you can get a specific charger that keeps your batteries charged to some percentage at all times. Also, it is not rare to have a bad connection due to bad battery placement. If you need to replace your battery, check the connection a few times.