7 Best Shocks For F250 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

The F250 super duty truck is very strong, durable, and reliable but the shocks of the truck are known to break out over time and lose their effectiveness and functionality. It is said to be the super truck in all aspects. It has 3 engines and can tow 37000 pounds and haul more than 7800 pounds of payload, so for its proper functioning and effective powerful working it needs extremely strong shocks. There are different types of shocks in the market and every one of them is specific to a specific model.

Good and correct shocks not only improve the driving quality of the vehicle but also increase your car’s longevity and durability. So make sure to get the best and most suitable shocks for your car to make your ride interesting and easy, not boring and difficult. There are both budget-friendly and expensive shocks in the market, you can choose the one which is best suitable and most appropriate for your vehicle’s functioning.


Top Shocks For F250 Super Duty Diesel

Here we have researched and found about 7 best and appropriate shocks for your F250 Super Duty Diesel Truck to provide you with the information of the most appropriate and suitable shock for your vehicle.

1. Bilstein 5100 monotube gas shock set

Bilstein 5100 monotube gas shock set


If you have an F250 super-duty diesel truck model somewhere between 2015 to 2016, you can have a replacement of your shocks with this Bilstein 5100 monotube gas shock. This is a complete package for your F250. These shocks are made for use on public and regular roads.

If you are using the truck for rough surfaces, it is not made for you. These shocks release oil when they hit rough and tough, hard surfaces after getting overheated, that’s why they are not preferable for hard roads. They work very well on smooth and normal plain roads.

These shocks are a great product and less expensive than others. Where spacers mess with the suspension travel, they don’t. They are only designed to fit larger and big vehicles but with cars that have a lift kit, they do not work well with them. It gives you an experience of a fresh performance.

  • Top performance
  • Durable
  • Better handling
  • Not ideal for rough terrains


These shocks are recommended for all big and heavy vehicles that operate on 4WD Wheel Drives. This shock consists of monotube style. Which supports the movement of vehicles on the road with its efficient performance and smooth ride, no matter what the driving environment is.

2. Rancho RS5000 shocks

Rancho RS5000 shocks


They provide excellent performance and a very appropriate cushion when you are driving off-road. They have been made in such a way that they are perfectly suitable for every vehicle so you will get excellent performance out of it. Every ride has its intensity, these shocks are made in such a way that they adjust themselves according to the desired intensity.

These shocks are suitable for every type of road, rough and tough, smooth and plain both. This product is also suitable for every type of road because it contains a twin-tube shock absorber too. These shocks also ensure a protective boot and make sure the oil does not spill. They provide great stability, performance, and endurance.

The cylinder wall of the Rancho RS5000 shocks has been polished to perfection, so it has no friction at all that helps in rapid changing of the surface of the road and can easily cope with the road’s varying conditions. The oil level in the piston of the shock is covered with foam cell construction that enhances the performance.

  • Good heat dissipation
  • High adjustability
  • Suitable for every road
  • Low-quality paint is used


The double-wall construction, cylindrical wall, and foam cell construction make it unique and complete. It works efficiently and gives optimum performance for the vehicle to run smoothly and easily on the road. It keeps the tires of the vehicle intact on the road perfectly without any destruction because of jumps and bumps.

3. EC CPP 994585-5211-1644531

EC CPP 994585-5211-1644531


This shock is an ideal fit for an F250. This shock gives the twin-tube that helps against shock action which normally happens due to bad road conditions. These shocks are designed in such a way that they provide comfort to you while driving. It improves braking and provides smooth riding.

It comes with rubber bushes that are responsible for high performance and enhances superior bump stops. This product guarantees your safety and protection while riding. When these shocks are installed in your truck, you experience better driving conditions that make you relax and comfortable.

The material used is high-quality steel which not only provides strong coverage but also is rust-free and makes your shocks long-lasting. Double chrome plate polish if the rod makes it resistant to corrosion. This product comes with a rod that adds strength and support to your truck’s weight.

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Not for leveled trucks


These shocks are durable and long-lasting. They work well because of the presence of the latest features that make them strong and effective for trucks. The steel material used makes it protective and rust-free. The chrome plate rod increases its life and enhances its efficiency.

4. Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber

Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber


It is another world-renowned shock that has been used for quality suspension systems. When various road conditions are met, these shocks adjust automatically because of the presence of excellent stability and Acceleration Sensitive Damping. It has tuned valves that provide excellence in the performance of your car.

This shock gives the vehicle a perfect ride that cannot be matched by other shocks. They are functional in all types of conditions because it uses all-weather fluid techniques that work in both cold and warm weather conditions anytime. There is a complete seal present in between the tube which improves functioning and performance a lot.

Nitrogen gas is used in the shocks that are responsible for maintaining contact of the tire with the road for great strength and strong intactness. The fluid of the shock is self-lubricating that reduces friction and provides instant support and reaction over varying road conditions and sudden ups and downs of the roads.

  • All-weather fluid
  • Less friction
  • Nitrogen gas
  • Raises vehicle’s height


These shocks are very reasonable products and have excellent performance. The most positive feature of the product is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty which means you can easily get them changed and replaced free of cost if any manufacturing or technical fault occurs.

5. Maxpow 2 6767

Maxpow 2 6767


When you own this shock you do. Not required to spend time on installing it because it fits in your truck without the need of your effort. It gives you all the necessary support and energy you need for the performance, handling, and intactness of your vehicle. This product is made up of high-quality material that offers durability and increases longevity.

The cylinder is coated with a piston rod and powder that enhances its life and provides the product with corrosion resistance. This product gives you protection against vibration that helps you in smooth and easy riding.

Rubber bushings of the shocks give your vehicle high performance of riding and top quality bump stop giving you a protective and carefree driving experience. A steel rod is micro-polished with a double chrome plate. High corrosion resistance and the long service life is being provided to your vehicle when you use Maxpow 2 6767 shocks.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Discomfort while clipping bottom Pin


The corrosion resistance and long-lasting impression of the shocks make them more popular in the market. This is a top-quality product that enhances the functionality of your vehicle while giving you a comfortable and relaxed environment on the road. It gives you a nicer experience of riding and high-quality product makes it perfect for long use.

6. Bilstein 24186018 series shock absorber

Bilstein 24186018 series shock absorber


No matter what the road conditions are, these Bilstein 24186018 shocks are built with a velocity-sensitive technology that makes sure the performance is not interrupted. They also come with a monotube technology to ensure the supportive movement of vehicles on the road. It is said to be the perfect fit for all types of roads.

This product would be on top of the list if you are looking for something that gives an upgrade in terms of ride, comfort, and ease of handling. It will give an extra level of smoothness while riding. You can purchase these Bilstein 24186018 shocks without any stress and worry. This would be your appreciable expense.

They are tuned to give improved performance to the vehicle. These shocks are very smooth and can easily absorb the bumps very well. It helps keep the wheels planted and intact on the road. You would not need to take wheels out to install the shocks. The installment is a much easier procedure than you might think.

  • Comes with a Monotube
  • Enhanced performance
  • Perfect fit for all roads.
  • Less clear instructions


These shocks are very easy to install without any hurdles. You can install them effortlessly without taking the wheels out. The shocks give a high level of functioning and efficient performance to make sure that you are riding your vehicle without any necessary stress. You will experience compatibility, smoothness, and comfortableness while riding.

7. Gabriel G63810 ultra truck shock

Gabriel G63810 ultra truck shock


These shocks are the ones that when you install them in your F250 Super Duty Diesel Truck you would notice an immediate change and ease in riding. The handling of the truck improves as soon as you install your shocks. If you own the truck from the models between 1999 to 2004, this is the perfect fit choice for you.

This product comes with an inbuilt oil seal that reduces friction to get top-sealing that will not cause oil leakage easily. The piston used in the manufacturing of the Gabriel G63810 shocks is made in such a way that they are resistant to leak. This product is specifically programmed and engineered to give quick responses.

This piston is also chrome-plated that helps in controlling corrosion and ensures that your product won’t easily wear off. This corrosion resistance feature of the shocks enhances their life and increases the longevity of the product. The rust resistance is also an important factor that enhances the life of your shocks.

  • Improved handling
  • Top performance
  • Rust resistance
  • Weak packaging


These shocks are gas-charged and light lightweight products. They are easy to install and operate without any external hard efforts. Improved sealing and leakage resistance of the piston makes it perfect for your F250 Super Duty Diesel Truck.

Guide To Pick The Best Shocks For F250 Diesel

If you are planning to buy your next set of shocks or trying to replace the old shocks with the new and fresher ones, make sure to look for the following mentioned aspects. Concentrate and pay attention to the following specifications of a shock before selecting yours.

1. Compatibility

Find the correct shocks for your truck. Means make sure the shock you have decided to purchase is a perfect fit and suitable for your truck. Research your level, to check whether a shock can deliver the best performance to your truck and support its rides during the bumps and jumps.

Always make contact with your manufacturer and the one who is a specialist of the shocks and truck to receive the necessary details and functioning of the shock about the truck.

2. Price

It should play an important role in your final decision. Do not avoid the cost of the shock when you are focusing on other factors. Decide on the specific price you need to invest in your shock. Make your budget-friendly choice and go for the best item available.

Keep in view all of the specialties in the product while keeping in mind the price to get the best out of your expense. Top shocks can be gotten at an affordable price so you do not need to go for higher prices to get the best product always.

3. Functionality

Make sure the shocks you are adjusting are keeping your truck’s wheel firmly placed on the ground. The main aim of the shock is to make your ride easy on the road. A great shock is needed to make your ride experience like you are riding a new truck. The steering of your truck makes unusual sounds if the shocks are not properly aligned and attached.

Make sure to attach them properly to the truck to avoid shocks. Ensure your truck and ride remain continuous and unbothered from the road bups and speed breakers. It is ideal for road riding, no matter if the road is rough and tough or you are riding on a smooth and plain surface.

4. Durability

As you are spending money and time selecting the perfect shocks for your F250 super duty truck. Keep in mind the product you are buying is durable and long-lasting. To have a durable shock, get a high-quality shock made of steel material. It would be an accurate and adequate choice for you.

Such steel shock is rust-resistant and makes sure it should tolerate high pressure and temperature. Give yourself top-class service with efficient and effective powerful shocks.

5. Easy Installation and Set-up

Make sure to go with the shocks that are easy to. install and set up. So you don’t have to work hard with them. If you are a person who would be doing this installation on its own then you have to focus on the installation methods of the shocks before purchasing them. Keep in mind that there are shocks that need modifications and changes during the installation process.

If you want to install it on your own, You should buy the one that has a detailed manual of installation methods and setting up of the shocks because even those shocks which are easy to install need attention and full care and knowledge before installing them.

6. Material

Material of the shock is the most important part of the shock that has to be kept in mind while purchasing the shocks. Because based on material, you can say that either the shock would last long or not. The most long-lasting materials that are used for shocks are steel and aluminum. They are highly strong and sturdy and are long-lasting.

The steel shocks are the top most shocks, they are expensive ones, but are the most trustworthy. The only problem with these shocks is they are not easy to install and set up. You have to be fully professional and prepared before installing it. On the other hand, Aluminium shocks are the best in regard to adjustment and set-up. They are very easy to manage and are lightweight in nature.

7. Style

Make sure to focus on the styles of the shocks because each one of the styles of the shock has different characteristics and specifications. Each style of shock has individual benefits. You can choose gas shock for yourself as it comes with nitrogen gas oil sealed. This will provide a cushion to your ride. This gas shock also handles extra bouncing on the road and is durable too.

Another most recommended style is the heavy-duty shock, this type of shock is suitable for heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, and vans. The connection points of these shocks are better than the other ones. If you are willing to use your F250 super duty truck on rock hills and other climbing purposes, you can go with coil-over shock. The presence of this coil is ideal for your vehicle if you want to use it for climbing.

8. Driving Conditions

Before buying shocks for you, do consider your driving conditions too. You have to focus on the roads and types or the roads you are going to drive your F250 super duty truck. If the roads are smooth and without any rough and tough rocky terrain. You can pick any shock absorber. It would be safe for your vehicle to use any shock absorber for your F250 if the roads are smooth and plain because the truck doesn’t have to face any bounces and bumps.

Whereas, if the roads are rough and tough and the surface is not smooth you can go with heavy-duty shocks to prevent your vehicles from bumps and jumps of the rocky roads. Similarly, if you are traveling on roads of mountains and rough and muddy rocks, you have to go with heavy-duty shocks for your traveling.


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What is a negative effect of a bad shock?

A bad shock affects your vehicle’s overall performance and your driving too. If the shock of the vehicle is bad and cheaper your truck will become very difficult to control on the road. And you may have to face some difficulties while controlling the steering.

How long shocks last for F250 super duty?

It depends upon your mileage. There are chances that most shocks need to be replaced somewhere between 50 thousand miles to 100 thousand miles. This condition has exceptional cases, that is if your shocks get leakage, broken, or damaged, they should be changed immediately.

What shocks give the smoothest rides?

The smoothest riding shocks would be the ones identical to the factory tuning. Those shocks that have easy road handling and comfort level would be the one that gives smoothest rides.

Will better shocks improve ride quality?

Shocks help to make the car stable during acceleration and braking. When you apply new shocks to your car, your car works like when it was new and fresh. Your car would be stable and would be having a controlled environment of the car while riding on the road.


F250 super duty trucks are one of the advanced and upgraded series because of their better capability, size, and compatibility. To have the best results make sure to smooth your car ride with the correct shocks attached, and ensures the shocks that are attached can digest the car’s motion during bumps and jumps.

Make sure to focus on buying the perfect shocks for your F250 super duty, to make your F25Os movement under control and make its tires stay connected to the ground. Spend the money on the right choice because the best and suitable shocks provide you with more handling and power. The above mentioned are the products that are best suitable for your F250 Super Duty. Select the one which is more appropriate and suitable for your use.

Here, in this article, I would recommend

Rancho RS5000 shocks for its high adjustability, good heat dissipation, temperature resistance, and suitability for every road, no matter hard and rough.

EC CPP 994585-5211-1644531 is easy to install and specifically made for those who. want a better experience at affordable prices.

Bilstein 24186018 series shock absorber for its easy installation methods, monotube feature, and enhanced performance.

Make sure to focus on every detail and specification to get the best product of your need and most suitable for your F250 super duty trucks. You can pick from the above-mentioned products as they belong to the most respected and trusted brands that can provide you with all the requirements of your F250 super-duty truck.

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