Chevy Colorado vs Silverado: Which Truck is Best For Smooth Ride in 2023?

Chevy Colorado vs Silverado is one of the widely debated topics in the world of automobiles. Chevrolet, also known as Chevy is one of the top automobile companies in the world.

When you look at their pickup truck designs, they are all known for their durability, reliability, and capability.

In this article, we will be talking about two popular pickup trucks from Chevrolet, Chevy Colorado, and Chevy Silverado. These two trucks are known for their strength, performance, and affordability.

In most cases, people tend to see these two trucks as a direct swap, thinking there are no differences in features since they are both designed by the same manufacturer.

In the real sense, there are a lot of differences that set these two trucks apart. In this article, we will discuss the differences between Chevy Colorado and Silverado.

The Chevy Colorado vs Silverado discussion will give a proper insight that will guide you when making a purchase decision.

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Chevy Colorado

Are you looking for a reliable pickup truck? This compact truck from Chevrolet comes with three different engine options to choose from. There are the 4-cylinder base engine, the V6 engine, and the turbodiesel engine.

The 4-cylinder base engine is known to support efficient fuel utilization. Apart from the smooth rides this truck guarantees, if you are an individual who enjoys adventures, this is the truck for you; thanks to its off-road capability.

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This truck is designed to accommodate people conveniently, the front seats are designed to be suitable and comfortable, and the infotainment system is easy to use, a feature every user will like to have.

With Colorado, you have five different trim levels you can make a selection from. If you find yourself in a tight corner or area, the size of this truck makes it very easy to get out of such a situation or spot.

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Chevy Silverado

This truck is known for its strength. Silverado is one of the most trusted 4×4 pickup trucks in terms of strength and durability. If you are looking for a truck that guarantees smooth towing, this is an option for you.

No matter what you wish to do with this truck, the Chevy Silverado comes with various selections of engines to accommodate your needs. In summary, this truck is built to efficiently and effectively withstand the heavy loads.

Also, the truck is built to give the confidence you need while hauling over a long distance; thanks to its improved trailering technology system. With Silverado, you have eight different trim levels you can make a selection from.

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Chevy Colorado vs Silverado

Now, it is time to carefully select your choice of truck. Selection is going to be majorly based on performance and price.

If you are looking at saving a bit of cash on a pickup truck and you do not need high or heavy towing, you may consider going for Chevy Colorado.

And if you think you need a truck that can accommodate or deliver on high towing ability and won’t bother paying extra, you may consider the Chevy Silverado.

Below are some of the major differences between Chevy Colorado and Silverado. We will look at some major features and compare them accordingly between these two trucks.

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01. The size of the truck

This is one of the major features of every vehicle. Talking about Chevy Colorado vs Silverado, the former is known as a mid-size truck, and the latter is known as a full-size truck.

In terms of size, there is no winner or loser. The choice of a truck to go for when considering this factor depends on the needs or desires of the buyer.

For instance, if you want a truck that is large enough and can move smoothly and easily on the road, then you can pick up Colorado.

If your need for a truck is fashioned towards improved power and bigger size, the Chevy Silverado is just the right pick for you.

Chevy Silverado is built to attain an extra length of about Fifteen (15) inches than Colorado.

02. Price

The value of these trucks is another important factor you should look at when next buying a truck.

Just as many other buyers, it is always advised you have a budget and work with it.

If you are looking at the next truck purchase and you have a budget you are working with, look at Chevy Colorado. This pickup truck is considered as a more affordable option than Chevy Silverado.

Considering the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, you can get a Chevy Colorado starting from twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

Using the same basis, you can get a Chevy Silverado starting from Twenty-seven thousand dollars ($27,000).

When you compare the retail price, Chevy Silverado is seven thousand dollars ($7,000) higher than Colorado.

The price, just as we discussed earlier while talking about the size, is not a validation for performance. These trucks are built to accommodate the needs of various drivers.

Based on your needs, if you think the Chevy Silverado justifies the extra $7,000 when it comes to fulfilling your needs, then go for it.

03. Performance

So, this is where the decision on the type or choice of the truck to go for is made. When you look at the Chevy Colorado closely, the fuel economy is more impressive compared to Silverado.

Although Chevy Colorado takes a big win here in terms of efficient fuel consumption, the power is low when compared to Silverado.

04. Configurations

Here we will be considering the trim levels. While the Chevy Colorado offers 5, the Chevy Silverado is made up of 8 different levels.

05. Engine and Transmission

The Chevy Colorado has two engine options that are powered by gas, these are 200-hp 2.5L I4 and the 308-hp 3.6L V6 engines.

When on the highway, the are 200-hp 2.5L I4 generates 26 miles per gallon while the 308-hp 3.6L V6 generates 25 miles per gallon.

An alternative to these two engines is the 2.8L turbo-diesel engine. With this engine, you can generate about 31 miles per gallon when you drive on the highway.

The Chevy Silverado is known as the king of engines. This truck comes with three different engine options to choose from.

You can choose the 285-hp 4.3L V6, the 255-hp 5.3L V8 engine, and decide to go for the amazing designed 420-hp 6.2L V8 engine.

When you drive a Chevy Silverado with the V6 engine on the highway, you will generate 24 miles per gallon.

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06. Towing capacity

Just as we have discussed earlier, one of the major advantages the Chevy Silverado has over Chevy Colorado is the towing ability.

While Colorado can comfortably tow up to about seven thousand seven hundred pounds (7,700), the Silverado does almost two times of it.

With the highest towing ability of about twelve thousand two hundred pounds (12,000), Chevy Silverado wins it.

So, if your need for a truck is for efficient towing, the Chevy Silverado appears more of a better option.

These highlighted points are to tell you about what these two trucks offer in terms of towing ability.

Before making a final decision, make sure to consider your towing needs. Whichever fits your needs is believed to provide an impressive return on investment.

07. Hauling Capacity

Talking about haulage of goods or what your truck can carry in terms of weight, Chevy Colorado has a hauling capacity of around one thousand five hundred and forty-eight (1548) pounds.

Considering the hauling capacity of these two trucks, the Chevy Silverado also wins it here.

With a hauling capacity of about two thousand two hundred and fifty pounds (2,250), You can transport more stuff with your vehicle easier and faster with Silverado.

Your decision on the choice of a truck when it comes to hauling capacity is also related to what your needs are.

If you don’t require heavy towing or hauling, then you can save more when you go for Colorado. Just know what is best for you.

How much smaller is Colorado than Silverado?

Looking at these two trucks, you can easily extend your head and legs in Chevy Silverado than when you are inside the Chevy Colorado. This shows that Colorado is smaller than Silverado.

In summary, the comfort you experience because of the larger space the Silverado offers is greater than what is experienced when you are riding in a Colorado.

The small size of Colorado has its advantages. Because it is a bit smaller than Silverado, it makes it very easy to park.

Also, where it may seem tight for the Chevy Silverado to pass through, Colorado can easily get in and out of such a situation. Silverado is about Fifteen (15) inches bigger in length than Colorado.

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Silverado double cab vs Colorado crew cab

Colorado crew cab comes with the maximum number of passenger room than other types of cabs. In the crew cab, people sitting at the rear are believed to have the maximum number of space.

With Colorado crew cab, you can either go for a short bed length of the standard bed length. No matter what choice you make, with the Colorado crew cab, about six individuals can be accommodated comfortably.

In case there is a need to accommodate people at the backseat of your truck, it is easy to create additional space with the crew cab.

For the Silverado double cab, the space in the rear passenger segment is lesser than what the Colorado crew cab offers.

When you look at the Colorado crew cab, the bed length is of two types or options, this is different from the Silverado double cab which comes with only one option.

Although the Silverado double cab comes with a rear passenger compartment that is lesser than the Colorado Crew cab, this makes the bed length to turn out bigger than that of what Colorado crew cab offers.

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If you are an individual or truck owner without any intentions or needs to move around with a fully loaded truck, you can stick to this model of Chevy truck.

Although both Silverado double cab and the Colorado crew cab can comfortably accommodate six individuals, Colorado crew cab offers a larger space.

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WH questions Chevy Silverado vs Colorado

Which Chevy pickup truck is the best option for me?

The answer to this question is dependent on your needs. In the past, people confuse size for quality. Been big doesn’t make it better, and being small doesn’t make it average.

To choose the right Chevy for you, consider what you need it for, the price you are willing to pay, and the performance. Both the Chevy Colorado and Chevy Silverado are top choices.

If you are all about adventure and not necessarily the hauling and towing abilities and with a budget, Colorado may be a perfect pick. For high-end towing and hauling, consider the Silverado.

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Which model is a better choice in terms of horsepower?

Just as the Chevy Silverado is known for its supremacy in terms of towing and hauling abilities, the same thing can be said about it when we talk about the horsepower. The Chevy Silverado is a better model than the Chevy Colorado.

What can be said about the handling?

Here, the Chevy Colorado wins it, thanks to its smaller size. Because of its turning range which is smaller than what Chey Silverado has, it is always easy to get in and out of tight spaces when you drive a Colorado.

Which of these two trucks is lighter?

Although the towing capacity is lower than what Chevy Silverado offers, Chevy Colorado is lighter and the engines are known for their amazing fuel consumption efficiency.

What is the difference between towing capacity and payload?

Towing capacity is known as the weight of a load that your truck can comfortably pull. The payload is known as the weight of load your truck can carry.

This includes the passengers that will be in the truck with you and the cargo that will be carried in the truck.


When next you are out to pick a pickup truck, it is expected that you channel search to any of these two trucks.

Before you make a final decision on which one to invest in between Chevy Colorado and Silverado, make sure to go through those features that set these two trucks apart.

Once you have a clear understanding of their price, performance, size, trim levels, hauling, and towing abilities, this will guide you through choosing the perfect truck for your needs and adventures. The goal is to make sure to buy exactly what you need.