5 Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems – 2023 Guide

Leveling kits are amazing and are sometimes essential, especially if you own a truck. A leveling kit slightly raises the front of the vehicle making the bumpiest roads smooth to drive on. Furthermore, it also improves the handling of your vehicle. However, the issue is that even if you install the best leveling kit to your Ram 1500, it might cause problems. It can even break down or can sometimes stop working. In this article, I would discuss some of the most common leveling kit problems that you might face if you own a Ram 1500.


Which are the Most Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems?

1. Issues With Alignment

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If you own a truck and ever think of getting a leveling kit installed, you need to be very mindful when it comes to its adjustment. The most common issue that you might face with a leveling kit would be with regard to its alignment. If your ram 1500 ever runs into alignment issues, you would easily be able to identify them. While driving, the vehicle becomes extremely shaky and faces weight distribution issues as well.

In order to avoid all sorts of issues with alignment, you should make sure that you consult a mechanic for the installation of the leveling kit in the first place. An expert would always make sure to install the leveling kit correctly and would also make sure it is adjusted properly. If your vehicle still runs into alignment issues, simply adjust its front-end spacers. You should also make sure to find the ideal height for your leveling kit in accordance with the size of the tires.

2. Issues With the Driveshaft

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Another common issue that your Ram 1500 might face is that with its driveshaft. It might even sound absurd because a driveshaft has nothing to do with a leveling kit. But it is important to understand that some mechanics who aren’t experts might mess up the driveshaft of your vehicle while adjusting the leveling kit, and it can cause big problems. However, you can solve driveshaft issues easily.

In order to solve this problem, you simply need to fix the angle of the driveshaft. Changing the angle of the driveshaft will definitely solve the problem. You can identify that there is an issue with your vehicle’s driveshaft if you notice a shakiness during the drive.

3. Issues With Suspension

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The issues mentioned above were related to the adjustment of the leveling kit and could be solved simply by adjusting the leveling kit. The issue with suspension is not easy to solve and is not related to the adjustment of the leveling kit either. The suspension system of a truck is an important component. It helps to keep the truck steady.

When you install a leveling kit, it interferes with the suspension kit and causes it to malfunction sometimes. The solution to this problem is simple. In order to solve suspension issues, you need to install shock absorbers. Installing shock absorbers would solve the issues with the suspension kit, and your Ram 1500 would run smoothly on the roads.

4. Higher Fuel Consumption

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This is one of the biggest drawbacks of installing a leveling kit. When you install a leveling kit to your vehicle, it increases the height of your vehicle by a few inches which causes the miles per gallon ratio to worsen. The solution to this issue is to cover the aerodynamic losses, which is possible by installing a bed cover.

5. Issues With Lack of Maintenance

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It is important to take regular care of your ram 1500, and taking regular care includes taking care of its parts. One of the biggest issues of installing a leveling kit is that it causes the parts of the vehicle to get damaged sooner than the actual expected time. The only solution to this is to take extra care of the maintenance of the vehicle once you install a leveling kit.


Does a leveling kit affect anything?

Yes, the leveling kit can affect a number of things in a number of ways. If the leveling kit is not adjusted properly, it can affect the drive shaft of the car. Furthermore, installing a leveling kit can also cause the parts of the car to wear away sooner than expected if you do not take care of the maintenance of the car.

Are leveling kits bad for towing?

The simple answer to this question is no. The leveling kit can never affect towing, and it is safe to say that the leveling kit is not bad for towing. In fact, a leveling kit adds more space to the suspension, which would further help in towing.


If you own a Ram 1500, you should invest in a leveling kit by all means. The reason for investing in a leveling kit is simple. It makes the roughest drives smooth. However, you need to take extra care of your vehicle if you install a leveling kit. There are plenty of issues that arise after installing a leveling kit, but all of those issues can be solved. However, you need to take care of the maintenance of your vehicle.