Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2: Which One Should Be In Your Engine?

You have probably heard of Dexos 1 or 2 oils if you own a car. When it comes to car engines, you are probably wondering which one of these is the best match for your engine. Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 are one of the best options available in the market. These engine oils provide more protection for GM engines than we thought, and they are in vogue.

These engine oil combinations are designed for specific GM models and include many features that distinguish them from other oils. You may be curious about their meaning and how they differ. Dexos represents Diesel Exhaust Fluid Optimized Selenium, a fuel supplement that helps clean diesel engines and protects them from sulfur-related damage.


What Are Dexos Oils Made Of?

All Dexos oils are fully engineered, with a few carefully selected additives to suit the needs of specific GM engines. These mixes are designed to improve the mileage of your car while providing maximum engine protection.

Dexos oil also helps extend the life of your engine, which is why it is so popular around the world. This oil is so well-known and widely used that it created its two unique combinations. The first is known as Dexos 1, and the second is known as Dexos 2.

How Are They Different?


Although both of these oils are very different and are compatible with specific models, many people are still not sure what separates them and how they differ. If you are excited to try these oils but are unsure what separates them, you have come to the right place.

Dexos 1

Dexos 1 was first introduced in 2004 as a diesel engine. From 2004 onwards, car manufacturers were forced to use it in their vehicles. Dexos 1 is a highly efficient oil system that helps protect diesel engines from sulfur-related damage. It also helps with the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Dexos 1 is not intended for gas engines and should be avoided.

Dexos 2

The supplement must meet the standard American Petroleum Institute (API) CJ-4 for a car manufacturer to use the Dexos badge in their engine. This specification was revised in 2016 and renamed CJ-4+. As a result, “Dexos 2” is a separate product that complies with the updated API standard instead of the updated Dexos 1 program.

Dexos 2 lubricates an efficient fuel system that helps protect diesel engines from sulfur-related damage. It also helps with the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Dexos 2 is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Dexos 1 vs Dexos 2: Which One To Apply In Your Engine?


Is It Appropriate for Your Engine?

While this fuel is a must-try on gas engines, Dexos 1 should never be used on diesel engines. The Dexos 2, on the other hand, was specially designed for this type of engine and is highly recommended for all modern petrol engines and diesel engines. If you are looking for a machine that can handle all your cars, the Dexos 2 is a great option, especially considering it works well with gasoline engines.

Is It Fit For Your Car Model?

Dexos 2 is compatible with almost all GM engine models. This oil was created for new models released after 2011. However, we can tell you that it will not damage the engine if used with older models.

When it comes to Dexos 1, it is not a good idea to use it with your traditional engines. It is exclusively designed for models released after 2011 and will never work with older models. Trying to use Dexos 1 in previous models causes more damage than good engines, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Which Preferences Are Used in Bulk Use?

GM had announced that Dexos 2 was ready for complete use when released, and many people used this oil mixture for the same reason. However, just a few years down the line, it was found that, despite being generally very good in many respects, this combination did not work well with LSPIs.

As a result, widespread use was banned, and individuals only began using it in small quantities in diesel cars. Dexos 1 was then launched into the second version as the most recent version. This second version of Dexos 1 is currently considered fuel for everyday use and will work with most modern petrol engines.

Which Will Work Better at Different Temperatures?

Dexos 1 surpasses Dexos 2 in temperature. The former can save the engine from rusting at high temperatures, but it also works well at ideal temperatures to prevent overheating.

Dexos 1 is an excellent alternative when the car is used for various reasons, such as city trips to survive races over dunes. Dexos 2, on the other hand, is superior only when used at specified temperatures. It will not prevent the engine from overheating at high temperatures. However, it can easily retain its moisture in cold climates.

Which Match Is Best For You?

Regardless of how costly purchasing  any of these oils appears to you, we recommend that you go for it. Even though popular opinion is that synthetic fuels are harmful to the environment, they are not. Instead, using these lubricants can assist your engine in avoiding damage and covering more miles. Furthermore, these oils ensure that your engines last longer.

Now that you know the differences between the two, see if you need one or both. As a result, even though these oils may seem expensive at first, they will save you a lot of money in the long run, which you should support.


We now know that Dexos 1 and Dexos 2 are state-of-the-art fuel systems that help protect diesel engines and gasoline engines from sulfur-related damage. However, they are not changeable and should only be used according to your car’s manual instructions. We hope that after going through all this information, you will be able to make the right decision.