Ford Capless Fuel Filler Problems And How to Replace – 2023 Guide

Ford, a multinational vehicle manufacturing company, constructs reliable automobiles. The company is constructing unique capless fuel fillers in their gas tanks, making their vehicle more advanced and efficient.

The gas tank door works by recognizing the nozzle of the gas pipe which you use to add gas to your vehicle. Daily life products may sometimes have general and technical problems and that may affect their functionality.

The same is the scenario with these capless fuel fillers in Ford. You may encounter some issues, but no need to worry as we are here to help you out. Stay connected with us to know the general Fuel Filler complications and what you can do to ease them.


Common Ford Capless Fuel Filler Issues – What to Do

Here we are focusing on general troubles which can affect your capless fuel fillers ability. Furthermore, we have mentioned the solutions which you can opt to make them working again.

1. Scrap On Capless Fuel Filler Region


This is not a very common problem, but there are chances that dirt and debris may build up around the capless fuel filler area of your vehicle. This debris will affect the sealing of the fuel filler tank and results in not properly sealing your tank. This problem will not take much of your time and effort; instead, it can easily be solved with simple tips.


For correcting this problem, you need to have a funnel and compressed air with you. Puff your capless fuel filler to remove any dust and situate the funnel inside. Make sure it goes inside deeply, and then take it out. In this way, repeat the entire blowing the capless fuel filler and sticking it out again. This should be done minimally 25-30 times to help you with eliminating the dirt and debris.

2. Accumulation of Dirt in Fuel Nozzle


Accumulation of Dirt in the fuel nozzle may lead to a slightly opened fuel door. In this case, the error shown would be the code “P0457”. This is a code of evaporative emission control system leak. This extra dust and dirt plunged into the fuel nozzle and kept the door open.


Not to worry as we are here. What you need to do is to get WD40 spray, compressed air, and a funnel. To take out any dirt, you need to blow the air into the gas tank. This will disperse the dust and dirt accumulated there.

Then, shower the WD40 spray throughout inside the gas tank. Take the funnel and rub it inside the tank. All the waste and dust remaining would stick to the funnel. You have to repeat the process 30 times unless you are sure that no junk is left there.

3. Clinging of Gas Pump


The most common problem with capless fuel fillers is the sticking of the gas pump in the tank while filling it up. This is the most irritating and most common problem that exists with capless fuel fillers.


For this problem, you need to take some professional help most of the time as it is not something you can deal with perfectly. But still, if you are willing to work on your own, here is how to remove the stuck gas pump from the tank.

Keep your attention and twist the gas line, which is stuck to 180 degrees. Then, push it in and pull it out. It should be out with the simple process but keep in mind not to pull it very hard as you can damage the flap present there.

Clinging of Gas Pump

4. Tank Resists to Open


This is another common problem that occurs with capless fuel fillers. When you try to put the nozzle in, you notice that the capless tank head is not opening. It irritates you the most, but keep in mind that there is nothing to worry about as it is not a technical fault and will not cost you much money to make it correct.


This problem gets corrected simply by changing the gas pump nozzle size. It usually happens because of the small nozzle. This small nozzle is generally unable to open the capless fuel filler. In contrast, the full tip nozzle works perfectly with capless fuel fillers.

Replacement of Capless Fuel Filler

Is the problem still there? Yes? Just do not worry because the problem persists and is not solved yet. We have a further replacement option still available for you to make your capless fuel filler new again. Focus on the following instructions on replacing your capless fuel filler to make it fresh and re-working.

Necessary Items You Should Have

Pick up your toolbox and take out a ratchet, an extension, a screwdriver, and a socket. Keep these tools with you as they will help you in removing and fixing the fuel filler. Moreover, keep in mind that you will need lubricating oil too.


You need to initiate your process by taking out the plastic shroud which is located on the fender. For this, look for the bezel where the mounting screws are present. Now, take away the bezel plastic and remove the screws present there.

Now sneak under the car. Look for the main fuel line. After finding the main fuel line, with the help of a socket, remove the bolts present there. Ensure to apply some lubricating oil onto the bolt because, most probably, the bolt would be rusted.

Now remove the main fuel line and take it off the fuel tank. Now look from the top and make sure to remove it from the plastic canister too. Keep the brackets joined together and unscrew the bolts present there. Look for the connector and unplug it; this connector is the one that is holding the harness together.

Now enter your hands in the gas tank and find the connector present there, which would be on the right. Compress the tabs together, and while sliding it down, grip and take away the neck of the capless fuel filler and fix the new and fresh one back on it. Always stay concentrated and focused throughout the replacement process.


What cars have a capless fuel filler?

Ford company manufactures vehicles that consist of capless fuel fillers. Other than that, not many of the cars have capless fuel fillers. But still, some of the other cars known to have this feature are Cadillac XTS, Chrysler 300, and Dodge Charger.

Can capless gas tanks get water in them?

It is not possible that the water gets in the capless gas tanks unless and until it is forcefully entered. Moreover, if you put the gas, which consists of Ethanol it in the gas tank, you are indirectly putting water because ethanol has the characteristics of pulling out water from the air because of its hydrophilic feature.

Can you put a cap on the capless fuel filler?

Yes, you can put a cap on capless fuel filler without any worries. This is as simple as getting a cap tank and fixing it on the top of the capless fuel filler. You can also do this procedure if your capless tank is not working correctly.

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This Ford company lies under the top 5 brands in quality regards. They are constructing vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, and many other luxury cars. This company is advancing in technology day by day, and these capless fuel fillers have taken the place of cap fuel fillers, making life with vehicles easier and hands cleaner for you.

There are simple ways to help you maintain your capless fuel filler and keep it high in performance. Moreover, you can get rid of common problems with the simple solutions mentioned above. Just in case if the problem still exists, keep in mind not to take unnecessary stress. You can remove the capless fuel filler and fix a new one.