How Long Does a Wheel Alignment Take? – 2023 Guide

Wheel alignment comes with a myriad of advantages and one cannot deny its importance. Before we go into the details of this topic, let us talk about the basics first. Wheel alignment is basically a process that helps you create a balance among all four tires of the vehicle.

Now, how important that balance is, is something we will put our emphasis on. Some of the advantages of wheel alignment include a smooth ride. If the tires do not align with one another then the vehicle may lose its balance and may lead to serious issues such as an accident, or a puncture.

Aligned wheels are super effective and you do not need to drive your vehicle forcefully. Rather, it controls the rolling resistance thereby, protecting the vehicle from damage. Plus, you can save your money in the long run if you keep on maintaining the tires occasionally.

Like other components of the vehicle, tires are one big important component that requires proper care. So, in this article, we will discuss how long a wheel alignment takes and few steps towards it.


Wheel Alignment Procedure

Automotive suspension test and brake test rolls in a auto repair service.

We have talked about what wheel alignment actually means and how important it is for the tires. Some of the important points regarding wheel alignment are stated below. You may find them useful and take into consideration:

1. Time Consumed During Wheel Alignment

We cannot really say that there is any particular time frame that is consumed during the procedure. However, on a rough estimate, it usually consumes one hour or more depending upon the nature and condition of the tires.

How damaged the tires are will ultimately decide the time duration for this process that ensures the safety of the tires. Furthermore, it also depends on how roughly or carefully you are used to driving your vehicle. If you are in the habit of rash driving or have ridden the vehicle too much off the road then it may take a lot of time.

2. The Right Time for Wheel Alignment

You will come to know when there is a need for wheel alignment by paying attention to certain signs. Firstly, you will feel some imbalance during the ride. The vehicle may start going in one particular direction while losing control of the steering.

Moreover, the steering may also feel hard to move which is another indication for a dire wheel alignment. Other than that, even if you do not face such issues, you still need to get it done every now and then to stay on the safe side. Once or twice per year is a good way to go about it. So, there is not one specific time for it.

3. Drawbacks of Driving a Vehicle With Poor Wheel Alignment

Diving a car with a bad wheel alignment can get you into some serious trouble which you certainly do not want to happen. It is always wise to stay on the safe side rather than taking risks for no good reason.

You do not know when the tire may burst or may puncture in the middle of traffic, or in some isolated area where there is no help. So, before you go on any important occasion, whether a trip, hang out with friends, or going to the office, make sure about wheel alignment.


How Long Wheel Alignment Take

How much does an alignment cost?

We cannot emphasize enough how important wheel alignment is regardless of how much it may cost. The cost, however, usually ranges between 125 dollars to 150 dollars. Wheel alignment is one of the most neglected things yet it is very crucial to achieve quality performance.

Moreover, it adds to the safety of the ride and saves the tires from causing any mishap. So, even if it would cost much, you still need to do it for the sake of your own safety.

How long does an alignment last?

There is no specific time for the survival of the wheel alignment. It really varies from wheel to wheel. However, an estimated time limit for the wheel alignment in our opinion would be around two to three years.

This does not mean that you should take any risk and wait for it to wear out. Rather, go for a regular wheel alignment. By regular wheel alignment, we mean to say that you should go for it as often as you change your vehicle’s oil. It is as important as changing the oil.

Is a wheel alignment worth it?

Yes, definitely. We know how important it is to keep the wheel alignment in check as it is a matter of our safety. However, if the tires are brand new then you can skip it initially but later on, proper maintenance is a must.

If you want to experience a smooth, and safe journey then go for the wheel alignment every now and then. It protects you from facing any serious issue that arises if you neglect the wheels for a long duration of time.

How soon after getting new tires should I get an alignment?

Once you get new tires, get an alignment right at that time. Afterward, it depends upon how much the wheels are used or how roughly you use them. If the tires are utilized off the road then you will have to get an alignment two times in a year.

Otherwise, once a year is more than enough. However, if at any moment you feel that the tires are imbalanced then you should go for the wheel alignment immediately without any delay.


So these were some of the basic tips that will help you in the long run regarding your safety and money.

You can save your money by doing the right thing at the right time rather than just neglecting the wheels when required and regretting it later. Plus, your safety comes first. You should never compromise that because wheel alignment does not even cost, so why delay it.