How To Disable Ford Pats System – 2023 Guide

Have you lost your keys somewhere, and you cannot start your Ford car because of the Pats system? Or your ford pats system activates on its own without the potential threat, and you want to disable this system? I know how problematic this situation might be for you. But you do not have to worry. I have got you covered. I am writing this article to help you disable your Ford pats system without spending too much on hiring a professional.

Although deactivating the ford pats system is risky and not a permanent solution. Disabling this security system will keep your car at risk of theft. The pats system detects original and fake keys and keeps your ford away from potential theft. So it is crucial that once you get into your car, make alternate keys and activate the pats system to keep your Ford safe and secure.


Disabling Ford Pats System – Ultimate Guide

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Tools Needed To Disable Ford Pats System

For deactivating the ford pats system, you will need basic tools that are available in the car. You will need a flathead screwdriver or straight edge, new keys, and tape. A screwdriver will help you to enter your vehicle without any problem. You can also use a straight edge if you do not have a screwdriver at the moment. Once you access your car, get a new key to cut them in the shape of the original keys through any local dealer. A tape will help you to sling the transponder.

Shaping The Key

The second step is to cut the keys in the shape of the original key. This step is crucial because you will fool the car machinery into believing that you are using a transponder key. If you use this key as a permanent key, you will have to follow the cutting step. Start the Ford by inserting the key in the ignition.

Removing Chip From Transponder

Now you have got the new keys, remove the chip from the transponder. This chip will help you fool the vehicle so you can access your car with the original keys. Take out the chip from the original keys so it is ready to use with a transponder. It will enable the car to read your new keys as original keys.

Mount Transponder With A New Key

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Diable the transponder first and attach it with the new key. Now I will tell you how to mount the transponder with a new key. Use tape to hang a transponder on the ignition properly. Now place a chip near the area where the car can easily read it. With the chip, your car engine will not come to life.

Insert the new key in the ignition to start your Ford. If you cannot start your car engine, it means the chip is not placed in the right place, so keep moving it until the car reads it correctly. Repeat the process to start your ford’s engine. It might take some time to reposition a chip at the right place, so do not worry about it. Once you find a suitable spot, your ford pats system will be disabled automatically, and you will be able to start your vehicle.

Advantages Of Ford Pats System

A pats system will help to protect your car in many ways. As you know, the crime rate is increasing day by day, so it is better to keep your car is safe from theft. There are several advantages of the pats security system. Thieves always target a vulnerable target. If your ford does not have a pats system, your car is at risk of theft.

Having a good alarm and security system in your vehicle will reduce the risk of crime. I know it is a nightmare not to find your ford in the parking lot so, a quality pat system will keep you from such incidents. Manual alarms help find your car in the parking lot. If you are unable to find your vehicle, you can press a button, and an alarm will be turned on, through which you will be able to find the exact location of your car.

Disadvantages Of Pats System

The security system in your ford is susceptible to false alarms. It can turn on when there is no potential danger. It can also be activated if your family member enters the restricted area. These false alarms can be annoying at times. The ford pats system is expensive. Whether using a wired pats system or a wireless security system, both costs almost the same. You will have to pay for the pats system, its installation equipment, and the installation price.


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How do I disable the ford pats system?

You can disable the ford pats system by a straightforward method. You just have to trick the car with the transponder. The use of a transponder will allow the vehicle to believe that you are using an original key. To disable the pats system, mount the transponder with the new key and insert it in the ignition to start the car’s engine.

Is it possible to disable the ford pats system without professional help?

Yes, it is possible to disable the ford pats system without professional help. You can do it on your own without spending much money. You will need a flathead screwdriver to get access inside your car. A new key to get it in the original key shape and a tape to mount a transponder to the new key.

How to disable the pats system without a remote?

To disable the car’s theft system without a remote, you will have to close the car doors. Insert your key in the lock. Turn your car key to lock position and then back to unlock position. Repeat the process two times. You will be able to access it inside your car. After sitting in your car, insert the key into the ignition cylinder. Turn the key from off to on and then again on to off. Repeat the process twice, and you are good to go.

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The pats system of the car allows you to have peace of mind. At the same time, you disable the ford pats system for any reason; make sure to turn the anti-theft system on once you are done. Disabling a ford pats system is simple and does not cost you much. It is a detailed review of how to disable a ford pats system. This guide will allow you to disable the pats system in no time without professional help.

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