How To Make Your Exhaust Loud? – 2023 Guide

Louder exhaust is something that every automobile owner wants for his car. There are different reasons behind the louder exhaust and the preferences of people are also different. But one of the most common reasons is that people prefer louder exhaust because they want a thrilling experience while driving.

They want to have a sporty feeling while driving a car. Even an owner of a regular car can also make their engines louder simply by attaching a performance exhaust. Many people prefer louder exhaust for increasing the horsepower of the vehicle. By removing a muffler from a vehicle can increase the performance by releasing the fumes in free-flow style resulting in optimal removal of energy.

Another common reason is related to reputation. Many people just do it for grabbing the attention of the pedestrians while driving on the road. The owner of the car usually wants their vehicle to be distinguished from other cars while moving on the road. So let’s talk about the different ways through which you can make your exhaust louder as per your choice.


5 Ways to Make Your Exhaust Louder

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The exhaust system of the vehicle is very important as it is beneficial for engine performance. It derivates the combustion. During the combustion process, the air and the fuel mix together that are burned by the spark plug. The sound of the exhaust system depends upon four factors in which the size of the engine is on the top of the list.

The deeper and lower sounds of the engine basically depend upon its size. The deeper and higher sound is produced by the large size of the engine. The lower sound is produced by the smaller size.

So simply for making your exhaust louder and deeper, change your small size engine into the bigger one. But there is always a risk factor involved while doing such changes. Better to opt for the smart way for making your exhaust louder.

1. Replacement of Muffler

The mufflers in the cars are the sound absorbents. And this is the reason that sound is not produced louder and deeper. So the practical and smart way to make the exhaust loud is to replace mufflers. So before taking any step, discuss it with your mechanic or professionals that can guide you correctly.

Usually, the muffler that is already attached to the cars is s-type mufflers. These are basically the sound absorbers that produce less sound. For louder sounds, straight mufflers are fixed in the car.

The exhaust from these mufflers comes out directly, making significantly louder sounds and better performance.

2. Exhaust Tip Addition

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This is one of the most affordable and cost-effective methods of making your exhaust louder. The exhaust tip acts as an amplifier of the car. They come in a variety of colors and styles. For making the sound of the car louder, try to find the exhaust tip of dual walls with flared ends that will make your exhaust louder. By adding the exhaust tip, the sound of the car changes by adding aesthetic value.

3. The Bore of The Exhaust Pipe Should be Increased

By increasing the bore of the exhaust pipe, the sound of the car gets louder. When the pipe of the exhaust gets narrower, it produces deep and louder sounds. When the bore of the exhaust pipe is increased to half an inch, then it produces a bearable sound. The bore of the exhaust should be increased when the muffler is being replaced.
Connection of Welded Hangers to Exhaust System

There are different types of exhaust systems. But some of them hang from the vehicle with the help of a rubber mount. The function of these exhaust systems is to humidify the vibration that is transferred through the exhaust. The connection of welded hangers to your exhaust system increases the vibration that you want to hear. Use the rubber hangings to avoid hearing the sound inside the car.

4. Opt for Turbochargers

Turbocharges are not suitable for every vehicle. But there are some turbochargers that not only increase the sound of the exhaust but also boost up the performance level. The vehicle and turbochargers should be compatible with each other for better performance.

5. Release Clog From Exhaust Tubing

It is a possibility that you are unable to hear the desired sound that you want from the exhaust. This can be due to clogs that are stuck in the exhaust tube. Simply by cleaning the exhaust tubing, the sound of the exhaust becomes louder. This is a very practical way to increase the efficiency and sound of the exhaust.


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What causes the exhaust to be louder?

When the car is hit on the road and there is damage to the exhaust system, so muffler becomes noisy and creates a louder sound. Also, the holes in the muffler can be the cause of louder noise.

When the holes get bigger, the sound becomes even more worst.

What changes the sound of an exhaust?

Sizes of the exhaust change the sound accordingly. Larger exhaust creates deep and loud noise whereas smaller ones create less sound. Also, s-type mufflers are the sound absorbers that reduce the sound, making exhaust less loud.

Is it safe to drive with a loud exhaust?

It is not safe to drive with a loud exhaust. The muffler having bigger holes or any other defects can cause the accumulation of carbon monoxide into the cabin of your car. This can be dangerous and fatal to the passenger.

Winding Up

The louder exhausts of the vehicles are trendy nowadays. But doing it precisely can make a big difference. There are different ways of making your exhaust louder but fixing improper parts can be the cause of the damage in long run. For such work, opt expensive parts as well as trusted experts that guide you the correct way. Nonetheless, all the above-mentioned techniques are the best ways to make your exhaust louder.