Is It Ok if You Are Obsessed With Cycling

We all have something that we adore and that we may be a little obsessed with. For some, it’s shopping, for others coffee, for some the adrenaline rush in risky sports, but there are others who are obsessed with cycling. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessarily bad, but no exaggeration has benefited anyone. Can you become addicted to your bike? Or is it just a healthy daily routine?

There are certain behavioral limits that are considered perfectly acceptable, while others can be really risky for mental health.

There are many signs that you can recognize this. Of course, the obsessive watching of TV channels with cycling content is one of the signs that cycling is already a part of you, without which you can’t live. Do you often find yourself following daily cycling news (hint: visit this site for even better news)? Do you always make sure the bike is clean and buy accessories for it?


However, How Do You Know if You’ve Gotten Into Cycling?

  1. You make all the plans based on whether you can get somewhere by bike. It’s great for maintaining your sporting spirit. However, try not to overdo it, because you risk becoming hard and boring when you are with friends.
  2. You always want to be by your bike. So much so that you sometimes wonder if what you are doing is normal. This is followed by excessive maintenance and constant demand for additional equipment.
  3. You love cycling shows. And you are looking forward to the Tour de France. You may be following other cycling tournaments that others have never heard of.
  4. You are planning to drive long distances. You are aware of all the risks and you know that it is very tiring, but at the same time, you want to go on such an adventure right away.
  5. Friends are joking with you about it. Friends will always find a reason to joke. But if you notice that cycling is the most common topic, you may be wondering if you have become so boring and monotonous that they have nothing else to tell you.
  6. You have no topics to talk about with friends. Except for the bike. And you are looking for interlocutors so that you can talk as much as possible about your cycling challenges and adventures. It’s really sad not to talk about anything else. Ask yourself if this is the case with you.
  7. You become a cycling activist. You constantly share content on social networks, but you do not get any reaction from others. Think about it, you may have gone too far with your activism.
  8. You judge those who do not ride a bicycle. People who do not do so have reasons, for example, they do not know how to ride, do not have the money to buy a bicycle, or simply do not fit into their lifestyle. There is no need to conclude things about anyone.

Is There Anything Wrong With Being Obsessed With Cycling?


Each obsession has two components. One is when it is in healthy proportions, but the other extreme borders on madness. You also need to deal with your cycling behavior. Is the bicycle just a means of transportation for you or has it become a part of your life? Addiction to anything is detrimental to both physical and mental health.

For example, consider cycling when the weather allows, or at windy, snowy, or extremely hot weather at all costs.

It takes quite a bit to lose track of what is good and what is not. Can you imagine your close friends and relatives being judgemental for you? Or even worse, your coworkers? It’s really not enjoyable.

Of course, as long as you are a facilitator of everyday life, cycling is more than welcome. But you certainly would not want everything you do to be related to it.

Therefore, to some extent, it is perfectly fine to be committed to it, but in other circumstances, you may only make it difficult to socialize, socialize, and make decisions. And of course, excessive driving can lead to a tendency to certain injuries, so it would be good to put a limit on what you do during the day.

Pros vs Cons


Obsessive cycling should be an activity for you and those with similar interests. It is very wrong to try to impose your opinion. You may think that this is a harmless and naive obsession, but it would be good if you see how it affects your sociological relations. No one would want to associate with someone who only talks about cycling and puts pressure on others to do the same.

The good thing is that you at least play sports and protect the environment. But do it only for your own pleasure. Do not try to force others, as it can be unproductive.

So, it can be said that the biggest PRO is that you are healthy and take care of the environment. But the biggest CON is that you can go a little overboard and lose friends. However, it is up to you to decide what is more important in your life.


In the very end, we must say that it is not up to us to decide whether it is okay to be addicted to cycling or not. It is up to you to evaluate that. Consider all the contributing factors and decide what you want to achieve and do next. We are sure that you would not want to ruin your friendship just because of the bike. Well, our recommendation is to be moderate in what you do and be aware of both your own and others’ boundaries.

It may seem to you that we have taught you a lesson with this article, but we still think that it will help you decide how to behave and how to be moderate in your cycling activity.

Remember that nothing you do excessively can be good, no matter how good it sounds in theory.