How To Reset ABS Light Without Scan Tool – Complete Guide

Possessing a vehicle and maintaining it is a challenging task, but you have to perform it efficiently. If you are driving a car on the road and it provides you with stability and high traction control over the road, it means it is functioning correctly.

Whereas if you notice unnecessary changes, specifically the ABS light blinking and turning on during driving, it is a red alert for you to look for what is wrong with ABS sensors.

Here we are focusing on the anti-lock braking system, which is generally represented by ABS. In addition to other parts, you should also know ABS sensors which will help you understand the hazards and risks related to it.

Moreover, this article will also provide you with how to reset ABS light without a scan tool. In this way, you would be able to recover from your ABS problematic functioning on your own.


Easy Guide To Learn – Reset ABS Light Without Scan Tool

After reading the following mentioned page, you would be able to reset the ABS light without a scan tool with more knowledge and confidence.

Possible Complications Affecting ABS Light Functioning

The most commonly occurring chances of ABS sensor dysfunctioning are issues in the wheels, problems with the braking system, or speed complications. Moreover, there are other possibilities that can cause ABS malfunctioning, and they could be low fluid in brakes, damage of the light sensors, or defective sensors of warning light.

If your car encounters any critical problem because of the aforementioned reasons, these ABS lights will be turned on or show dysfunctioning. In this way, they will let you know that there is some danger, and you might need to look at that.

Do not ever leave such an indication as casual. You need to pay attention and focus on all other relevant parts of your vehicle, too, if you see ABS lights are unnecessarily on and flashing.

After detecting the correct issue, make sure to solve it as soon as possible so that the harm would not be increased. This reset the ABS light without a scan tool is also known as the Hard Reset phenomenon. In which you set the issue without making corrections to underlying problems.

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Procedure For Resetting The ABS light Without Scan Tool

You can take the following mentioned instructions for Hard Reset.

  • You must have a jump wire with you to follow the further instructions. This jump wire would be available on an auto parts shop, go out, find, and get one. Make sure you get the right product and select the one which should have DLC compatibility. This is a Data Link Connector. Keep in mind to mention your vehicle’s manufacturing year. In this way, you would be able to get the best suitable jump wire.
  • After getting the best DLC jump wire, look for the DLC connectors in your car. They would most probably be present inside the dash or beneath the glove box in the car. Before searching for DLC connectors in your vehicle, always turn your vehicle off to avoid any possible harm.
  • Now connect both DLC jump wires to the DLC connectors available in your vehicle. This is an easy task and will not take much of your time. After making proper connections, turn on your vehicle and check if the ABS lights are flashing or not. If yes, then follow the following mentioned steps very keenly and attentively.
  • Put pressure on the brake pedal without pressing the acceleration. As soon as you put pressure on the brake pedal, you will listen to a sound from the DLC region.
  • After listening to this clicking sound, press the break at least eight times within 2 to 3 seconds and not more than that. Keep it quick as much as possible.
  • Now the ABS light will not be flashing. But in case they are still flashing. Continue pressing the brake pedal as quickly as possible. After this, you will notice the flashlights are not unnecessarily flashing.

In this way, you have reset the ABS light Without Scan Tool. Remember to remove the wires from the DLC connectors which you have connected in the earlier stage. Now you would be able to take your vehicle on the road without any concerns of danger.


Should I replace the ABS?

It will not be the best suitable option if your ABS lights are not working correctly. Other causes may affect the working of your ABS, and by solving them, you can solve the problem. Keep this option with you at the last stage if no other solution is possible.

Can I drive with the ABS light on?

Yes, you can drive with ABS light on but always keep in mind to drive carefully and attentively if your ABS light is not functioning correctly. I would not recommend you to go out with problematic ABS lights, as they control the stopping. However, if you still want to drive with the ABS light on, it is still dangerous for you and others.

What can a faulty ABS sensor cause?

The ABS sensor when malfunctions affect the traction system and control of the vehicle on the road. It badly affects the stability of the vehicle, which at times results in severe dangers. Moreover, this lack of stability and control is harmful not only for you but for others too.


Knowing about the functions of a car’s interior and learning how to maintain them is pretty tricky but necessary. ABS lights are also an essential part of your vehicle, which functions for your safety. After reading this article, you will be able to know about an essential part of your vehicle which plays a vital role in your safety.

This article will enhance your knowledge about your vehicle’s ABS light and how to tackle it if you come across any malfunctioning. Moreover, there is also the How To Reset ABS light Without Scan Tool guide, which is known as the Hard Reset process. Understand the procedures and instructions carefully to make sure you are resetting your ABS light confidently and correctly.