What Is The 5.7 Hemi Oil Capacity? – Complete Guide

7 Quarts/224 ounces is the simple answer to this question. The engine oil capacity refers to the amount of oil the engine takes.

The numerics are calculated, But that’s not enough; you need to know the Hemi 5.7 engine and oil capacity to pick the right synthetic oil for your vehicle. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know, so let’s begin!


Hemi 5.7 Engine

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The Hemi-5.7 is an overall exceptional engine. It has scored a great reputation in the market for its remarkable performance, reliability, and durability. It is a powerful engine with 370 horsepower, which is more than enough for heavy vehicles. I found 5.7 Hemi liter engines outstanding for vehicles like Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, etc.

Engine Oil and its Regulation

The second important thing which you need to know is “Engine Oil.” It is not wrong to say that the engine oil powers vehicles. The oil allows your car to work steadily. But that doesn’t mean just adding oil to the engine will improve the performance. In addition, there are several parts in your car that work in parallel.

Mostly, problems in vehicles caused due to oil shortage, which increase the noise, and result in abnormal car exhaust or higher mileage. To get rid of those situations, you have to change oil frequently. Please follow the guidelines from the manufacturer’s manual to do it on a proper schedule.

Many users, especially beginners, ask how often do you need to change the engine oil? The engine oil needs to be changed consistently to run your vehicle smoothly. Make sure to change the engine oil on recommended levels to get accurate results; otherwise, failure can lead to disaster.

On 1500 models, it is suggested to change engine oil every ten thousand miles. If you have 2500 or 3500 models, then change engine oil after eight thousand miles. Over that, please consider the suggestions given by manufacturers.

Mostly, car producers recommend checking the engine oil level on the ground once the vehicle has cooled down. Never overfill or underfill the oil level because it will become a big loss and damage the car engine. Considering manuals will help a lot!

The new engines consume extra oil than old-school engines. It is not an issue but a fact which doesn’t require any red flags! It would help if you considered the engine oil level at least every month or before leaving the city for a long ride. Also, check it once you shut off the car and the engine gets cooler. Making this a habit will expand the life span of your car engine.

Engine Oil for Hemi 5.7

Oil is the backbone on which the engine runs! Without oil, your car engine will definitely not work. So it’s essential to choose the right kind of oil for your engine. The Hemi 5.7 Engine uses synthetic oil, for example, 5W-20 oil. Never put the wrong oil in your engine; it will disrupt the engine and affect the motor adversely.

Manufacturers recommend changing the oil filter as well after you change engine oil. It is not compulsory, which means you can change the oil without replacing the oil filter. But keep in mind that the old filter won’t separate the contaminants, which is not healthy for the engine. Thus, changing the filter is highly appreciated as it will refresh the car’s engine, and your car will perform faultlessly.

Changing the Engine Oil – Guide

changing the engine oil
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Refreshing the engine oil is a tricky job to do because you can’t afford any mistakes. But, Don’t worry! In this section, I will be sharing details that make you able to perform it wisely. First, you need the following basic tools: a bucket to store the oil from drainage, a cardboard piece to work in a comfort zone, and a socket to detach the drain plug.

Before starting the process, make sure that your vehicle is shut off properly, and the engine is cool. Never try to change the oil while your engine is not cooled properly; it’ll hurt you. After that, cover the floor beneath the car because you will remove the drain bolt during the process.

Once you’ve covered the working area, take off the drain bolt by using a socket. The 12 mm socket is usually used for this purpose. Make sure you’ve placed the bucket under the bolt because as you remove it, the oil starts draining. Please wait for the complete drainage; it won’t take much time.

Moving on, it’s time to replace the old filter with a new one! Locate the oil filter (placed on top of the passenger’s side front axle) and place a bucket below. Spin it around to remove the filter and let the excess oil drain out. Now put in the new filter. Make sure to do this step as fast as you can.
You’ve replaced the filter; now it’s time to put in the engine oil. Uncover the engine and pour the new oil into it. Keep in mind that the 5.7 Hemi Oil Capacity is 7 quarts. You’re ready to go!


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Can I use 5w30 instead of 5W20?

There is no doubt that both of these motor oils are great and feature almost the same rating. But it is not a good idea to exchange the motor oil. The internal engine parts are developed to be used or work with specific engine oil, let’s say 5W-20, so if you use 5w30, it will damage the engine.

What kind of oil does Ram use?

Ram is an efficient and powerful product that has stolen the market with its remarkable performance. The Ram gasoline engines come with factory-filled Pennzoil motor oil. The Pennzoil is a trusted motor oil that enhances the performance of Ram vehicles.

Is synthetic oil better?

Yes! Synthetic oils are better than conventional oils because these oils are developed with an outstanding base. It is tested and verified that synthetic oils are chemically stable and will not get oxidized easily.

End Of The Discussion

Learning all these facts, terms, and figures regarding what is the 5.7 Hemi Oil Capacity is necessary to run your vehicle healthily.

Make sure to consider guidelines from the manufacturer, too, to understand more basics about it. Replacing the engine oil is not a big deal if you perform it wisely. So go through this article once and enjoy smoother rides!