5.7 Hemi Multi-Displacement System Problems – Complete Guide & Solutions

Owning a vehicle and protecting it is a tough job, but you need to be enthusiastic to keep your vehicle efficiently working. It is crucial mainly when you spend a substantial amount on your vehicle to get suitable spare parts. The same is the case with the 5.7 Hemi Multi-Displacement Engine.

This is the latest, finest invention by Chrysler. It would be best to stay concentrated, keep an eye, and regularly check the spare parts, including this engine and other vital areas of your vehicle, to check out any irregularity.

It is not as simple as you might be guessing. If you notice anything abnormal, go for the solution as soon as possible to prevent further destruction. Let us directly go on to the topic, which is related to strengthening the 5.7 Hemi Multi-Displacement Engine.

Some critical problems are there which are needed to be looked upon to ensure there is no problematic issue in the engine. We have shortened the primary issues that are generally noted and their possible solutions here to help you favorably go with your engine.


5.7 Hemi MDS – Problems & Best Solutions

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We are addressing the primary hurdles and their possible solutions that may come in between the efficient functioning of this engine.

1. Lifter Roller Failing

Most of the time, the lifter roller failing problem is not really easy to understand. Irrelevant engine light and misfiring of the engine, in addition to the ticking sound, are the most common reactions which your engine produces as a result of lifter roller failing. You can check it by using a stethoscope but putting it on the top of the engine and listening to the sound it is making.

Consider replacing the area where you are putting your stethoscope, and if the noise is the same at every part, that means there is an internal issue. Furthermore, after correctly diagnosing the problem, you can now go for the solutions.

If there is a problem existing in the inner side of the engine, there are chances that, most probably, P300, P301, and P308 are the codes you will get when you check for the codes.

Keep on checking other parts, precisely the spark first. Consider replacing the spark plug and then recheck the engine. If the problem persists, it means something serious is there. Now it’s time to check the lubrication level, and if you notice that location is not reaching directly to the roller, you need to replace it as soon as possible to avoid more loss and irritating noise.

2. Hemi Tick

It is the most common and most reported issue with almost every Hemi engine. Do not ever ignore this ticking sound as it happens because of the significant underlying problem. Most commonly, the wrong valve stem size or rubbing of the camshaft and stuck lifters, injectors, and impaired fuel quality are the reasons behind this Hemi ticking problem.

To solve this Hemi ticking problem, you can lubricate the motor and wiring of the engine properly. Moreover, always consider the option of taking your engine to the proper mechanic. In this way, you will be able to make your engine fresh again. Furthermore, keep on checking the level of the fuel in the engine and the quality of the gasoline you are putting in.

3. Dropping of Valve Seat

This is a common problem in many different Hemi engines. We can say that this problem usually arises on the engines which use Aluminium cylinder heads. Air pockets formation inside the cooling system are the fundamental and significant cause of this problem.

If the air pockets are not removed, there are chances that extremely hot air is moving inside the engine surrounding a valve seat. This will result in the displacement of the valve seat. After accurately diagnosing and checking the valve seat, you will need to replace it to get your truck back in functioning.

4. Irritating Vibration

This is the most annoying problem reported by many of the drivers of Hemi engine’s vehicles. They say that they feel an unnecessary and irrelevant vibration that annoys them and affects their driving while going down the road. The more irritating thing is that it happens because the Multi-displacement system is the reason.

What you need to do here is to go and get a tuner to help you turn off the MDS. Although it is an expensive purchase, it is worth purchasing for the betterment of your vehicle and a smooth-riding experience. Another option available for you besides purchasing a tuner is turning on the tow mode. This will temporarily disable MDS but make sure you get a tuner as soon as possible to avoid this fault.


hemi 5.7 liter
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What is the life expectancy of 5.7 Hemi?

These engines remain efficient in functioning only if they are taken care of and maintained properly. They remain excellent and consistent for up to 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles. You can increase the life expectancy of 5.7 Hemi with proper care and attention given to the maintenance of the engine.

Why do Hemi engines tick?

The most common reason for ticking in the Hemi engines is the bad quality of the fuel. High ethanol and low octane amounts result in lower lubrication of the fuel engines. This ultimately results in unnecessary ticking and tapping sounds.

How many spark plugs can be found in the Hemi 5.7 engine?

There is the presence of two spark plugs for a single cylinder. And with eight cylinders, we will have a total of 16 spark plugs available in the Hemi 5.7 engine. No doubt, the spark plugs are taken from the top grade quality and standardized functioning.


Here we have concluded the four central and most occurring problems of the 5.7 Hemi Multi-Displacement System Problems. We are putting our exertions into helping you maintain your vehicle in the best possible way.

What we require from you is to retain your concentration and read the article from top to bottom. This will help you in understanding the fundamental problems and what are the possible solutions you can attempt to improve the functioning of your auto. Understand the information mentioned above and maintain your vehicle at its best.