How to Disable Ford Pats System: Simple Bypass Solution

The Ford Pats system is one of the most advanced security systems available for your vehicle. It was created by the company to make sure that your automobile is not stolen and to provide you with a sense of security.

If you lose your spare key, you need to know how to stop the Ford pats system. Do not panic if you do not like to pay money on a decent transponder key or even if you do not like to bother setting one up; we have got you covered.

We will explain the simple step by step bypass solution to disable the Pats system in this article. You will be able to get back into your cherished car in a matter of minutes without needing to invest money for the new transponder key.


What Is A Pats Program, And How Does It Work?

Whenever you walk right up towards where you had parked your automobile, but it is nowhere to be spotted, this is the worst feeling in the world. Auto theft has been a persistent issue for a long time, and carmakers have devised various solutions to combat it.

Pats is the most widely used security mechanism. Pats is a feature that automatically identifies whether you have the actual key or a cheap key from Walmart to propel the vehicle.

Around 1996, the technology began to make its appearance in Ford automobiles. Following that, the technology was installed in a large number of Ford automobiles.

When you lose your original key, you lose access to your vehicle. You can open a door, but no matter how many times you turn the ignition to the on point, the engine will not start.

Therefore, in this case, you need an actual key or you need to make a new transponder key, which is not that difficult task.

If you do not feel like doing it yourself, you can contact a shopkeeper and get a duplicate transponder key programmed for you.

How Much Does a Ford Key Programming Cost?


If you are out of luck and can not start your automobile because you have misplaced your transponder key, you will need to purchase a new one.

That’s when you will discover how to deactivate Ford’s PAT2 pats system. The key is quite inexpensive. Moreover, if you hire someone to set it up for you, the cost would rise.

That is just what you would like to avoid. For under $20, you can get a new set of keys for your Ford vehicle. The keys can be purchased on Websites like amazon. On those platforms, they are usually reasonably priced.

Most dealers will charge you around $250 to program a new transponder key if you use their services. It is always a good idea to keep a backup transponder key on reserve if you misplace the main one.

How to Disable Ford Pats System: Simple Bypass Solution


Do you feel helpless now that you have misplaced the essential key? But do not be concerned. We will explain the process necessary to go around Ford’s pats system.

You should only use this method until you receive a new transponder key from Ford. So that we are on the same page take the procedures below to bypass Ford’s pats system:

1. The Tools You Will Require

Before we get started, there are several things you need to know about how to go around the system. The components listed below will help you deactivate the Pats system.

A flathead screwdriver can be used to gain access to the inside of the key. But unless you do not have a screwdriver, anything with an excellent straight edge would suffice.

Please obtain a new set of keys cut to complement the originals.

Tape – once you have taken the transponder from the real key, you need tape to attach it.

2. The Keys Should Be Cut


The first step is to take the keys to a nearby manufacturer and have them cut. The new keys will be identical to the originals because they were cut.

You can securely insert the key into the ignition and start the vehicle this way. You will also no longer require the sheared key to start the car.

The keys are not going to be programmed. We will utilize the new keys to fool the system into believing you are starting the car using the transponder key.

However, if you wish to utilize the keys in the future, make sure you get them cut.

3. Remove The Transponder

You will need to retrieve the chip from the transponder when you have already removed the keys. The chip in the key notifies the car that you are the owner of the original key and have permission to use the vehicle.

You will not start the car without such a chip, which is precisely the problem we are trying to solve. Simply by removing the chip from the primary key, you have achieved significant progress. You can use the new keys you acquired with the transponder.

Time To Turn Off The Pats System

The transponder is the only method for the automobile to realize you have the correct key, which was eliminated in the first instance. We will install the transponder in the starter, so the automobile knows you are not a criminal.

As this transponder is close to the key, the automobile will assume you have the old key when you insert the new one. It requires a few attempts to find the proper position for the transponder, so do not get discouraged if you do not get it right away.

You may set off the theft alarm a few times during the procedure, but you must persevere until you discover the ideal location for the chip.


As you can see in this article, it takes a little effort to understand how to disable the ford pats system: a simple bypass solution, and you could do it even by yourself without depending on a technician.

Bypassing the Ford Pats system proves helpful if you can not find a transponder chip for your car. This strategy will also get anyone out of difficulty if you do not want to spend on new transponder keys.

Although that’s not the best option to have a spare key, you can use it this way on and off if you choose not to invest money on a new key for the automobile.