How To Program a Ford Transponder Key With Only One Key – 2023 Complete User Guide

If you have a car, you must be aware of the scenario where you have locked yourself out of the car. Your Ford vehicle always comes with two keys: original and another duplicate. There are chances that you may lose or break one of your keys and end up locking yourself out of the car.

In such a scenario, you always want to get out of trouble, which could be possible with a programmed transponder key. Programmed transponder keys have now become a necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle.

It will save you significantly from the hustle and unnecessary stresses if you lose your car’s key. Keep your eye and brain to ensure you have learned every detail on how to program a Ford transponder key with only one key.


Programming a Ford Transponder Key With Only One Key

Here you will be able to learn the entire procedure of programming a Ford transponder key with the availability of only one key.

Things You Should Have

Certain items are essential to create and program Ford transponder keys with a single key. They are mentioned below; make sure you have all of them so you will be able to program the transponder key successfully.

1. Bluetooth OBDII adapter, suitably ELM327

FORScan ELM327


Which is the most suitable and recommended adaptor you can use to program the transponder key?

2. Personal Computer compatible with BlueTooth

This is a necessary feature, and you should have a personal computer that should support Bluetooth connectivity.

3. FORScan OBII Software Installed on PC

If you always install this FORScan OBII Software on your PC instead of downloading it on your Android or iPhone. Because in such cases, you will get less adaptability which will not be efficient for programming a key.

4. FORScan’s extended license

FORScan’s license is another important tool that you should have before programming Ford transponder keys. I will recommend you to get it right now because for now, it is free, and there are chances that shortly, it will cost you some pennies to purchase the license.

5. Keys

Remember to keep the keys with you; the one key which you already have, the original key, and others, the bunch of keys which you have purchased from the market.

Importance of FORScan Software

FORScan Software

You must be wondering why we have put so much concentration on using FORScan software. There are many reasons for selecting this software rather than other available options. The first and foremost reason for selecting it is that it is compatible with many other cars.

It would be beneficial for you to have this software because if you have a problem with your car’s keys and you have this software, then you can solve the issue on your own. Moreover, this software is very convenient to use and does not require any tricks.

Keep in mind that it is possible that your software will not work smoothly at the start. It will keep on reminding you that the key and program are not compatible with each other.

This is not a big deal, and you can resolve the issues by contacting the FORScan support service.

Erasing The Lost Key From Program’s Memory

There is only one possible way of erasing the lost key and adding the new key from the program’s memory. After reading and understanding the proper procedure of erasing and adding the keys to the program’s memory, you can perform the step very well.

Let us move directly towards programing a Ford transponder key by using one key.

Programming of a Ford Transponder Key

  • You need to start with the removal of the plastic end of the car’s key. I will recommend you to use pliers to make this more convenient for you.
  • Always keep in mind that during the removal of the key, you are not hurting the key’s teeth. If you damage the teeth of the keys, the key will not ignite the engine of the car.
  • After successful and careful removal of the key’s head from the plastic end, keep the key’s head nearest to the ignition.
  • Check if you have appropriately placed the head or not. If yes, then carefully enter the key into the ignition and check the car. If this transponder is correctly placed near the ignition, your car will directly start without any problem.
  • After the car starts, you can have a separate key and make a trial with your car.


Can you program a transponder key yourself?

Yes, it is not a big deal to program a transponder key on your own. You can do it by simply learning the correct procedure. It is not always necessary to take help from a professional. Keep in mind that programming is not challenging, but you need to be aware of your car’s type and its features.

Can you bypass the transponder key?

You can bypass the transponder key but need to have some basic knowledge related to electronics to be able to rewire your ignition system. You can also get a bypass kit, and it would provide you with a keyless vehicle option. Moreover, there are many other ways also present to bypass the transponder key.

How much does it cost to program a transponder key?

It depends on the sites where you have approached to program the transponder key. They will cost you somewhere around $300 to $400. Whereas if you do this procedure on your own, you will save a lot of money.


Programming of Ford Transponder key with a single available key is not difficult but tricky and challenging.

Make sure you have read all the descriptions mentioned in the above article carefully with concentration. If you want to do it without any professional and mechanic’s help, I recommend you not lose hope if you skip in the first hand.

Furthermore, with confidence and concentration, you will excel in programming a transponder key with a single available key.