Ford Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal Without Key – 2023 Guide

Removing the Ford ignition lock cylinder should preferably be done by the experts. However, if you are interested in learning the basics about it so that you are able to do it on your own, then go into the details of this article.

We are going to explore some of the easiest possibilities and basics of the ignition lock cylinders. There are general rules for all vehicles and you can follow them regardless of the vehicle’s company or model.

However, exceptions are always there. So, let us now talk about the simple methods of the ignition lock’s removal in detail.


Step by Step – Ford Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal

We have provided a step-by-step easy guide. Removing the ignition lock is not at all difficult, however, it does require some skill and efficiency.

If you do not have any such experience, let the experts do the job. You just need to go to the mechanics shop rather than experimenting on your own and that too for the first time.

So, given below is a list of few easy and basic tips:

1. Required Equipment for the Removal

Removing the ignition lock cylinder is not as difficult as it may appear. All you need is some right direction and the equipment. Two of the most important pieces of equipment for this procedure include a hammer and a screwdriver.

The screwdriver is used for pulling the ignition lock cylinder. You can also use the hammer to assist the screwdriver in this process. You have to make sure that the movement of the screwdriver is in the clockwise direction.

Other than hammer and screwdriver, you can also make use of drill machines as well as drilling bits.

2. Battery Removal or Disconnection

Before you indulge yourself in the process, the first step you need to take is to remove the battery because batteries are unsafe. This step is crucial for your safety because you cannot directly deal with the electricity.

The best way to go about it is to look for the negative cable terminal and then remove it. Such precautions are necessary before initiating this task may involve risk.

Once you are done doing that, the rest of the process is quite simple and easy to execute. So, do not forget to disconnect the battery beforehand.

3. Removing the Steering of the Vehicle

This is an optional step in the process. However, it makes the removal of the ignition cylinder easier because you get easy access to it without any hindrance.

Steering wheels contain an upper as well as a lower cover that you need to detach from the steering. After doing so, pull the steering so that it is lifted to a point where it is easily removed.

Keep all the nuts and bolts safe and do not misplace them because they are required when you put back the steering wheel. So, removing the steering is not a very difficult task. You just need to be mindful of the technicalities.

4. Removing the Lock with the Help of a Screwdriver

Ignition Lock

This is now the major step towards removing the ignition lock. In this step, the only thing you need is to put the screwdriver into the lock and put pressure on it by moving it in a certain direction.

For this purpose, you can make use of a hammer so that there is great pressure upon the lock. This step may also lead to damage to the ignition because of the rough treatment.

However, do not worry about that because the whole process is about removing the lock and replacing it with a newer one.

5. Requirements for Replacing the Ignition Lock

After you have removed the old ignition lock cylinder, you can replace it with the new one. The steps are almost the same as discussed previously.

However, in this step, you need additional equipment and that is a drill machine. This drill machine is meant to remove the cylinder completely but may also damage any other component of your vehicle.

So, you need to be really cautious and careful while doing it. The major idea behind this step is to reach the cylinder lock because it is related to the ignition and you need to remove that.


Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal

Can you bypass the ignition switch?

You cannot do it on your own because this is something only experts can do well. If you think you have enough knowledge regarding this subject then go for it. Otherwise, get the ignition switch replaced by an expert. This will save your time and energy too.

Why does nothing happen when I turn my key?

The major reason behind this issue is the poor batteries. If the battery is damaged or has any other problem then it is most likely that the engine does not respond because of the motor.

The engine is basically linked with the battery. So, if the problem is with the battery, it will automatically affect the engine.

Why won’t my car key turn in the door lock?

You can easily solve this issue with the help of any lubricant or greasy liquid that can help in removing the rust or any corrosion. The rust stops the smooth movement so treat it with a thick liquid.


So, in this article, we have discussed the basic steps regarding the ignition and the cylinder to help you get an idea about it. With practice, you can do it quite effortlessly.

However, problems may arise if this is the first time that you are doing it. If you still do not completely understand the procedure then it is better to seek help from an expert. It is not safe to indulge in experiments especially when you are a novice and have never performed such tasks.

Overall, you should know about it for the sake of your knowledge which may come in handy at any time.

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