Common Dodge RAM 1500 Transmission Problems – 2023 Guide

Traveling can be really fun but at the same time, it can turn into something hectic depending upon the type and condition of the vehicle. People who love to travel are mostly familiar with the issues that can arise during the journey.

Before you leave for the journey, you really need to get your vehicle checked by an expert so that the journey is smooth and comfortable. Dodge RAM 1500 comes with multiple advantages as well as some major problems too. In this article, we are going to talk all about the positive and negative aspects of a Dodge RAM 1500.

Before going into the details, let us just quickly go through some of the positive aspects of this vehicle. First of all, the biggest advantage that you get with this vehicle is its super effective emergency brakes.

These brakes are automatic in nature and come in handy in uncertain situations. Other than that, the super-advanced parking sensors are also there to guide you during parking. Plus, the suspension power of this vehicle is amazing. Apart from these advantages, the Dodge RAM 1500 also has some major issues. Let us now discuss that.


Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Problems: Everything You Need to Know

Dodge RAM 1500 Transmission Problems

Transmission problems have become really common due to the fact that people generally do not care for the vehicle’s maintenance. The engine is one of the most important components of a vehicle that needs proper maintenance but due to the busy schedule, people tend to forget.

This can lead to several issues. Transmission problems are of several types. For instance, you may face problems while you shift the gears, or the car may lose its grip over the road, and many such issues may arise as a result of transmission problems.

1. Issues While Reversing the Vehicle

This is one of the major issues that are the result of transmission problems. When this issue arises, you may hear unnecessary noises in your vehicle. In fact, sometimes the issue can become severe resulting in failure while you reverse.

Such issues can cost you a lot of money too because it is time consuming and not so easy to treat. If you want to avoid this problem in the first place then you need to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals. It is better to put in some effort beforehand rather than damaging the vehicle and facing trouble afterward.

2. Damaged Accessories

Damage to the accessories is another big issue that arises eventually if you do not maintain the vehicle. This means that certain components of the vehicle will start becoming problematic. For instance, the headlight may become problematic or the wiper may stop functioning.

These issues may seem small apparently but they reduce the quality of your driving experience. So, certain accessories are damaged when no care is taken. Plus, it costs a lot of money to repair the various components as well.

3. Poor Suspension Power Resulting in Sudden Jumps

Weak suspension power is another consequence of problematic transmission. In this case, the vehicle is unable to absorb the shocks on bumps while resulting in sudden jumps. Plus, it also leads to problematic gear.

The gear becomes really hard to shift and it is an issue because the gear needs on-the-spot shifting. Not just that but this issue may worsen with time if you do not maintain the vehicle.

4. Transmission Fixing

The replacement and repairing of transmission costs a lot of money and is a long procedure too. This issue of transmission is also solved by just changing the spark plugs. It is an efficient method that does not cost much and at the same time does not consume much time.

Spark plugs are basically a part of the engine that plays the role in generating electricity. Their major function is related to the combustion in the engine. After 30,000 miles it is best to replace the spark plugs to remain on the safe side. So, few simple techniques can help you get out of trouble.


5. Dirt in the Coolant

When the dirt particles accumulate in the coolant, it can again lead to several other issues. Coolants are responsible for maintaining the temperature of the vehicle. Therefore, it prevents overheating of the engine which can lead to severe problems.

Plus, it becomes unsafe too. If the coolant is blocked because of the dust, it can damage the engine badly. So, you can either get a new one or remove the dust from the existing one.


replace a transmission in a Dodge Ram 1500

How much does it cost to replace a transmission in a Dodge Ram 1500?

It depends upon the nature of the problem. If you want to change the whole transmission system then its cost may range from 1800 dollars to 3400 dollars. However, if you are planning to change some of the components such as the clutch then it may cost around 800 dollars or somewhat near this range.

Is it cheaper to rebuild a transmission or replace it?

Normally, replacement is more budget-friendly as compared to repairing. Repairing is a lengthy procedure that may or may not give you the best results.

Meanwhile, replacement means a new system is added that can last longer and is more effective. So, in this case, you need to take guidance from the experts and get your vehicle checked by the professionals too.

Why does Dodge have so many transmission problems?

The most common reasons for the poor transmission are basically because of the level of transmission fluids. When this level is low, it leads to multiple issues. Plus, if the level of transmission fluid is uneven, it can also lead to transmission issues.


We have talked about multiple issues regarding the transmission in Dodge RAM 1500. Along with all these problems, there are some outstanding features of this vehicle too. It is ideal for traveling off the road.

However, you first need to get your vehicle checked and monthly maintenance is also a good option that can prevent transmission problems. So, opt for the various possibilities that lead to the solution.